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XBrowser MOD Apk - Xbrowser is the search engine that users are searching for. The application provides all the information needed to give users a clear view and gives them an objective view. 
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Jun 20, 2022
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XBrowser MOD Apk – Xbrowser is the search engine that users are searching for. The application provides all the information needed to give users a clear view and gives them an objective view. The application is constantly updated with the latest and greatest features to meet each user’s needs. Users can choose from a variety of useful features in the application to suit their specific needs. Get t from Google Playstore.

About XBrowser MOD Apk


The application will be chosen by users to help them find relevant information. The application will offer a large range of information that is related to your search terms. It is simple to choose from a variety of information that will satisfy your needs in the field.


Voice search is supported by the application. You can choose from many search options, but the most popular is still voice search. This form is quick and easy to use.


One of the most important features of the application is that it doesn’t contain advertisements that accompany searches. This allows the application to limit false information and prevent the theft of unneeded information.


A series of interfaces have been added to the application. reduce battery consumption, the application will always recommend that you choose an easy-to-use interface. To meet your needs, you can create a new interface.


It has a modern, fast-reading mode that is easy to use and it works for everyone. Users can also choose to be able to read important articles. This will allow you to quickly read the information and filter it out. Information filtering creates unique effects for users.


This application contains an absolute security feature. It is possible to limit the information that is being stolen. Users can select from a variety of security options, including fingerprint scanning, scanning barcodes, and scanning ID addresses.


You can choose to save search results immediately. This allows you to save important search information in a later view, so you can quickly find it again. The application supports a top-secret saving mode, which allows you to protect your own personal information and other important information.


To make it easier to search, users can create their own shortcuts on the main screen. This shortcut can be used to back up documents, read articles, and even provide information, so users can make a choice immediately.

  • Offers all the useful information and a variety of suggestions for users to select from.
  • Don’t cover spam and advertising to reduce the risk of confidential information being stolen
  • Stop false information from appearing on the information search page.
  • Searches can be processed quickly to make it easier for users to choose the right option.
  • Keep your search information secure so you don’t have to reveal your personal information.
  • Use to find information efficiently and provide a helpful reading mode for the user’s work.
  • You can easily modify the interfaces to meet your needs or choose the interface that you want.

Key Features of XBrowser MOD Apk – Mini & Superfast

  • Super Fast
  • Small Size – Less than 1M
  • A powerful Ad-Block
  • Intelligent Search
  • Help us Download an Instagram Photo
  • Reading Offline
  • Very few background permission requests
  • Night Mode
  • Super Fast

A super-fast browser that is lightning fast thanks to an optimized strategy.
Intelligent Auto-filled: Suitable for entering website URLs and automatically adding Web suffixes. This is easy for any website visit

It is small in size

Less than 1M, X browser provides more browsing experience, smaller body, and powerful ability.

Effective Ad-Block

You may mark web elements as AD to prevent them from being blocked next time. Compatible with certain ABP rules.

Intelligent search

Intelligent hot words, smart recommendations,s and assistant input for search.

Humanized browsing

Pull up to enter full screen, and pull down to invoke the search box. Very simple, fullscreen experience.

Reading offline

Keep the webpage open for future reference, without worrying about internet access.

Night Mod

When browsing in dim lighting, it is important to protect your eyes.
We request very few background permissions: We ask for the least amount of background permissions from your mobile browser among all other browsers.

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What's new

Change user avatar with cropping support
Improve the help documentation
Optimize the compatibility of Grease Monkey scripts
Grease Monkey scripts and normal user scripts use different icons for identification
Improved compatibility of blocking rules.
Optimize the background color of the auto fill password
Solved the problem that Grease Monkey scripts may be repeatedly executed in some cases


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