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★WPS Office-Free Office suite for Word, PDF, Excel, is an all-in-one office suite that integrates Word docs, PDF, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, Forms, Cloud Storage, Online Editing, Template library and Sharing. Access various WPS Office functions through mobile devices, such as scan PDF files, edit slides, convert spreadsheets, or view documents anytime, anywhere.
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About WPS Office Apk MOD 

WPS Office is one of the most popular apps to help you work with office files and has complete support features. You can view many different types of files, and of course, you can edit them using a portable computer. In addition, the conversion feature is also an important factor to help you choose the right file type to send or save.

With office apps running now on your Android devices, you do not have to carry portable computers to handle certain production tasks. However, you will still need to look for the right app among the most common products in the store. And to put it bluntly, WPS Office is undoubtedly the best mobile app for any office user.

Feel free to use the fully customized office suite that includes all the essential software like Word, PDF reader, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, and many other convenient resources within the app. Enjoy the useful features offered by the app and always make full use of it when working with WPS Office.

What WPS Office do?

Here at WPS Office, Android users can try to work on their production tasks by making full use of useful office tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Forms, and many other common services. At the same time, use the power and capability of mobile devices, through Cloud Storage, Gallery Templates, and Online Planning and Sharing features, which will make the app extremely accessible and usable.

Also, for those of you who are interested, you can learn to work with the in-app professional features, which will help you complete certain tasks as quickly and cleanly as possible. From remote computer programming, online tutorials, office tasks, or E-learning, the WPS Office can help you with all your tasks while maintaining a completely comfortable internal system experience.

Awesome Features of WPS Office

It is compatible with other standard office suites

First of all, Android users in the WPS Office can work comfortably with their powerful, efficient, and fully compatible tools with other common office suits. Feel free to enable the app on your Android devices and you can start working with all available files from MS Office 365 or Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Slides.

Globally compiled documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF files will be very accessible to most of you, making the application usable.

And speaking of it, you will be able to open many standard office file formats from many different applications, using WPS Office.

A powerful PDF app for your Android devices

To make the app more attractive, Android users can now take full advantage of their powerful PDF program and enjoy many advanced features. Start by having the app scan your entire system to view PDF files available on devices. Free PDF Reader can also convert all office files into PDFs, making them ideal for viewing and printing. You can even scan books and convert them into standard PDF files using WPS Office.

And to put it bluntly, WPS Office supports many useful editing features for Android users to work comfortably in enhancing their PDF files. Start by making specific annotations in many parts of the document to better understand its context, users can then add signatures to certain files, or even add and remove watermarks easily.

Additionally, to make certain files more organized or easier to work with, you can make simple editing, such as extracting, splitting, merging, or converting your PDF files.

Useful PowerPoint features on your Android devices

For those who love each other, you can now enjoy the PowerPoint tool fully integrated into the WPS Office, which offers many useful and practical options that you can even find in PC applications. Feel free to customize the layouts, animations, transitions, and other effects on your slides.

Also, use the touch-sensitive laser indicator and Ink feature to start accurately drawing your presentations. Additionally, you can also create PowerPoint documents using WiFi, NFC, DLNA, and Miracast, which are very useful for remote use.

Sheet and forms fully integrated for mobile users

To better deal with Spreadsheets or Forms, Android users can make full use of their WPS Office tools to create simple and basic settings or enjoy working with advanced in-app features, which will make it much easier for you to complete certain pieces. for editing in your files.

Add useful formulas for data management and calculation. Or create a questionnaire with different themes on your forms. In addition, two tools can be fully integrated with each other. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy working with a fully installed and simple application.

Share documentation bookmarks

When working with documents, users can also enable bookmarks for their multiple selected documents. Just create bookmarks on specific pages of your PDFs, words, slides, books, and other files, which you can easily visit later.

Simple file management options

To manage certain files effectively, you can always use WPS Office to quickly manage selected content. Feel free to extract archived files from your system, merge all selected files, and use the many features available in the app. And for those of you who like, you can enjoy working with reduced file sizes across all your documents, thus enabling more storage space for your devices.

Useful photo editing options

And for those of you who like, you can enjoy working with photos in the WPS Office. By enabling the conversion option, you can quickly convert any images into Docs, Sheets, or appropriate PPT files. As a result, you can enjoy fast and efficient editing with the mobile app.

Never lose your files with WPS Office

To ensure that you do not lose your files even if you have not backed up, WPS Office will provide its recycle bin to keep your files temporarily deleted. Therefore, you can easily make them if needed. In addition, unconventional files can be edited in the WPS Office, thanks to the intuitive file editing option.

Customize your learning background

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy customizing the study domains in the WPS Office with the many options available. Feel free to change the horizontal or horizontal field, and use the many features provided to effectively edit or adjust content views.

Simple online working solutions

Here at WPS Office, Android users can enjoy working with the appropriate office tools with online features. Here, you can get up to 1Gb of free cloud storage at WPS Software, which will allow you to easily store and share your files. Feel free to enable team planning to work with teams in the WPS Office. Also, feel free to share your documents with different instant messaging or email forums.

Work well with other online drives

At the same time, WPS Office can work well with other online drives, thus, allowing Android users to work comfortably in accessing and editing their files on Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, and many other cloud drive resources. . All your edited documents will be automatically saved so you do not lose your settings. In addition, the available cloud services will make the documents more accessible to different platforms.

Select your preferred languages

For those who are interested, you can enjoy working in more than 51 languages ​​in the WPS Office, which will ensure that you can always run the app with your preferred language options. Feel free to choose between 51 local applications and make full use of WPS Office with intuitive UI and program.

Get access to many productive assets from the WPS Office

In addition, to make the app usable and easy, Android users can try to work with many in-app products from the WPS Office. Start by checking the different Font Packages so you can easily convert selected documents into any font settings you choose. Enjoy working with helpful Presentation templates that allow you to easily create your slides. The list goes on.


Players will get a nice feature of the WPS Office as they are able to open any standard file format for a complete reading. It is the same when using a laptop for work. Since then, Android devices have become a useful tool for most people if they can go anywhere to manage tasks and organize files easily. You can customize the documents yourself with a variety of important and useful features that you can use.

The app provides editing features for four types of text: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. These are great documents used for office work, and you will not miss any of the required documents. Additionally, if you are a frequent user of Bluetooth keyboards for organizing documents, the app also fully supports to help your operating system to stay smooth. Yes, you will also find many other file formats that the app can open.


Users can access four types of standard files supported by the WPS Office, and of course, they will not work independently. You can get file type modifications to suit your business objectives and related security features. From there, you will not need to find another app to do this. At the same time, you can also combine smaller documents to convert them into larger documents without having to save too many files.

Download WPS Office MOD Apk

Although the app is currently free for Android users to use, there are still ads and in-app purchases that you will need to deal with. So if you do not want to pay with real money, it is always better to go to the modified version of the app on our website.

Thus, it allows you to make full use of the mobile app. All you have to do is download and install the WPS Office Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and you are ready to go.


For those of you who can afford a fully installed but expensive MS Office 365, the WPS Office can make another great option for your daily production use. Enjoy working with all the usual office tools and use the new features in WPS Office to enjoy a simple mobile app.

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What's new

Version 16.3 is available:
You can now use interlaced mark to highlight the spreadsheet cells. Calculation results can also be marked with "Display Accuracy".


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