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Wonder Zoo - Animal Rescue Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Well-known poachers and their followers threatened the survival of wild animals by stealing them. The exciting adventure for the player will begin when you join the hunt to free the animals. Welcome them to your dream zoo and create a safe and healthy environment for them to grow with the help of a high-tech team at Wonder Zoo for Android.
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About Wonder Zoo MOD APK

Wonder Zoo – Animal Rescue Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Well-known poachers and their followers threatened the survival of wild animals by stealing them. The exciting adventure of the player will begin when you join the hunt to free the animals. Welcome them to your dream zoo and create a safe and healthy environment for them to grow with the help of a high-tech team at Wonder Zoo for Android.

Wonder Zoo for Android is a fun and attractive game to connect with adults and kids who love free games, dinosaurs, or animals. Thanks to the excellent game and the simple things, you and your friends will definitely enjoy this game for a long time.

Wonder Zoo MOD APK – Wonder Zoo is one of the best kids’ games with an animal theme. A notorious criminal and his followers’ endangered wildlife in the wilderness. And you will be on a campaign to help free animals by hunting. Wonder Zoo Cheat APK redesigns the zoo setting with many beautiful creatures using amazing 3D looks, plot, and an interesting story. There are famous objects, such as unicorns and phoenixes.

Key Features

• Wild: The game continues! Follow the main thrilling story using a bunch of fun machines. Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics that help to create the story – as well as the great landscapes, beautiful animals, giant dinosaurs, and your dream park – come to life.

• Wild World Safari: Explore the wilderness on 7 special maps: savannah, forest, mountain, paddock, and polar. Find and rescue a variety of animals and dinos, and welcome them to your amazing zoo.

• Create Your Dream Zoo: Collect popular species of animals like Unicorn and Phoenix, raise them, and create a happy family. Decorate your zoo with plants, desirable fountains, great gift shops and restaurants. There are tons of customization options to give guests the best social experience… with dinosaurs!

Game overview

The Wonder Zoo Cheat APK is a great offering in the category of simple intelligence games. There is nothing like this game. Create a fictional story where users can own pet animals from all over the world in one place. Now it has become a reality because of this amazing game. Download the free zoo game and get started right away.

The developer supports Wonder Zoo on game farm and park management ideas. The goal of the player is to build the best park possible. Players will collect animals in the forest, such as leopards, leopards, deer, hippos, and monkeys, as in many park-building games. Wonder Zoo MOD APK Unlimited Money, on the other hand, will not be limited to the number of species and species.

This means that players can collect all kinds of animals, including extinct dinosaurs. Their place of residence has also been restored, which is a unique feature. Create a realistic and beautiful scene. Each type will have its own cage and private area.

The game also gives the player different tasks. Everyone will work together to create a beautiful park. The fact that the game is available in different languages ​​is what attracts most gamers. Pictures of real animals from life are included in the game. There are many pictures, movies, and drawings showing dinosaurs.

What is the Wonder zoo MOD APK?

Wonder zoo MOD APK is one of the most effective kids’ games on the animal team. A notorious criminal and his gang threaten animals in the area. You will also find a campaign that requires half the search to free the animals. marvel menagerie re-creates the environment with a few beautiful animals with excellent 3D graphics, a plot, and a desirable story. There are units especially popular objects like unicorns and phoenix.

Wonder zoo MOD APK brings players to the dream of an animal shelter wherever animals live and grow safely with the help of perfect staff and animal lovers. Players can find the novel’s journey through a plethora of exciting missions and Participate in a realistic Nursing menagerie. There is a place that includes the spread of beautiful animals such as dinosaurs, elephants, rhinos, zebras, and animals.

Wonder zoo MOD APK brings the wild world with seven unique maps of the desert, forest, alpine, farm, and arctic. It links everywhere with the search and rescue of animals and dinosaurs. Then, decided by the personal manager. Players will need to use the machine to return to the archosaurian era. Then, reintroduce yourself to the current menagerie, decorate, and upgrade the menagerie with several models of landscape design.

APK Features of Wonder Zoo MOD

Outside the Wilderness

The game continues! Pursue a bold basic plan with a series of exciting machines. Enjoy beautiful 3D graphics that help to create a story – as well as amazing scenarios, fascinating creatures, giant dinosaurs, and your dream stop – life.

Safari In The Wild World

Explore the desert with seven different maps: Savannah, desert, mountain, fenced area, and arctic. Discover and save various critters and dino types before downloading them to your Wonder Zoo Mod Apk.

Collect Coins

It takes time to earn coins, complete animal breeding, and complete other tasks in the game. You should, for example, wait for the animals to finish breeding, for the buildings to be ready for collection, and so on. However, there is a strategy to avoid this altogether without causing problems in the game or disrupting your ability to raise money over time.

You were born to be free

Make it a goal to return to the game every day at about the same time to make use of all the payments made by game designers to you. You will receive a free daily cash prize, fuel cans, nuts, and silver Lottery opportunities if you do so … through that program. These prizes are accumulated, so do not miss a day or you will be relegated to the lowest price category. You should also stand near the helicopter, where the Lottery Copper, Silver, and Gold prizes are distributed. You will receive one Bronze Medal a day, and while they are just decorative, they are free and help to make the place look beautiful.

Create Your Dream Zoo

Collect amazing animals like unicorns and Phoenix, breed them, and create a happy family. Plants, desirable resources, good blessing stores, and cafes are all used to decorate your zoo. There are many customization options available to provide guests with the best social media experience possible with OSA dinosaurs!

Friends For Fun Around Every Corner

Go on safari with your loved ones; be social and combine your skills like Trackers, Handlers, and Scouts to increase your chances of finding a creature or dinosaur. Connect with friends, visit them, and help each other create a real Wonder Zoo Hack Apk full of happy pets at your station!

Unlimited Money

In this game, you can get unlimited gold or Unlimited Money and enjoy your game. For unlimited money, download the APK Mod for the game. Animal Rescue is an Android simulation game. Download the latest version of Wonder Zoo and earn unlimited money.

Anti-banner (100% Safe)

This game is against the ban, so you can enjoy it without any worries. Don’t worry about keeping your accounts as secure as possible. So! Don’t worry about any kind of restriction.

  • Unlocked Apk
  • No Root
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Anti-Ban

Game Tips – Wonder Zoo 

What you do is start the breeding process, collect construction data, and so on. Then, on your iPhone, iPod, and any other device you use, go to the date and time settings and set a time in advance for any time you need to collect it. Return to the game and collect money or place a newborn animal in a cage. Then, return to the game and reset the date and time to normal, and everything will be as it was before you reset the time to normal. This is a trick you can use over and over again.

Dusty roads will be built automatically next to each new animal enclosure you build. If you need more space to put buildings together after this, go to the store and go to the “edit” option. Once there, start by tapping on the dirt roads until you reach the center icon, which will save them. Do this on all dirt roads, and start moving buildings so that they are closer to each other to free up more space.

How to play Wonder Zoo?

Wonder zoo MOD APK is an excellent automaton game that revolves around fighting and monitoring wildlife. they need to be a unit of space on the brink of extinction amidst the vicious hunting of notorious animal hunters. As a science man associated with Animal Protection Nursing, you will begin your career by embarking on a campaign to create and develop an amazing menagerie that will raise and protect animals within the Red List.

In addition to having a lovely architecture line and an excellent 3D graphics system simulation game, marvel menagerie also owns a series of engagement options. Players need to explore the realm of science, large maps such as pickup, forest, alpine, grassland, and polar.

Go back in time with a tour of the prehistoric world, note and save the animals and dinosaurs, and bring them back to your amazing menagerie. Collect famous animals like Unicorns and phoenixes, and raise them to make a proper menagerie. Lastly, decorate the menagerie with a variety of decorative items such as trees and shops.

Wonder features of the MOD APK!


The game continues! Pursue a bold basic story with a series of exciting machines.
Enjoy beautiful 3D images that help bring the story – and thanks to beautiful objects, lovely creatures, giant dinosaurs, and your dream stop – life.


Explore the region with seven completely different maps: Savannah, desert, mountain, fenced area, and polar.
Discover and save a variety of creatures and types of dino before adopting them into your amazing Mod Apk menagerie.


Collect unimaginable species as imaginary creatures so Phoenix, raise them, and make a satisfying family.

Crops, custom fountains, favorite restaurants, and restaurants often adorn your menagerie. There are a variety of customization options on the market to produce guests with the most effective community craftsmanship… by dinosaurs!


Do you like animals? Have you ever been untrue about running your zoo? Be a part of the Wonder zoo MOD APK for iPhone and iPad to make your dreams come true. The game can take you to amazing places to rescue abused animals, restore health, and take to a place specially designed for animals.
To make your menagerie rise, you will build buildings and decorate them, raise unusual animals, and play with your friends. These rare animals can be the heritage of their people and produce significant benefits in your menagerie.

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