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From the team behind WatchMaker, the largest watch face design community in the world - get ready to make your home screen unique with widgetopia!
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(Widgetsmith) Widgets Color Widgets + Icons – One of the most popular widget-maker apps is Widgetsmith. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to add a single image to your main screen or make a unique widget using hundreds of options, it gives users the possibility of customizing your home screen to meet the needs of your individual.

About (Widgetsmith)Widgets Color Widgets Apk MOD?

It’s this flexibility that has created Widgetsmith extremely popular for home screens. Different color pages have been made to display colors and icons. The designer added decorative elements with the Widgetsmith app.

The widgetsmith application allows you to set up widgets in accordance with established rules. You can turn on widgets while in the field by pressing on them. The information ‘visual’ can be downloaded from apps such as Calendar, Photos, Reminders, and Health.

Home screens can now be personalized as never before by Widgetsmith.

Begin by customizing the vast variety of widgets that include the time, date, weather, astronomy, and much more. You can adjust the settings of each to ensure they meet your needs.

Your home screen will be dynamically rescheduled so that it displays the set of widgets in accordance with the rules you set. A widget for an activity ring is an example. It could show the weather forecast in the morning and your work calendar and your current performance on the weather widget when the day comes to an end. The home screen can be used to the fullest potential.

An Apple Watch is required to utilize the widget for activity

Alongside this weather application, it includes a time zone converter as well as a calendar and other tools. Depending on the widget that is active they can be launched in a sequence.

What Widgetsmith App can provide

  1. For Sports: Step Count, Activity Bar, and Precipitation %.
  2. Conditions such as sunrises, sunsets, and conditions to photograph, and pictures included in albums.
  3. There are tide charts, tide clocks as well as sunrises, and sunsets for sailing.
  4. Four aspects to astronomy: moon Phase, The Starfield sunset, and sunrise as well as more prosperous conditions.

Premium subscriptions of Widgets Color Widgets + Icons

It’s not mandatory for widgetsmith to connect to Apple Health. If you choose one of these widget types, the information can be utilized to show your steps and activities. Apple Health supports the control of Widgetsmith’s access.

Premium subscriptions are offered on Widgetsmith. A monthly or annual subscription is offered for this service. The amount you pay will be taken out of your iTunes account when you choose to buy the subscription.

If you don’t cancel your subscription within 24 hours prior to the expiration date of your current time period the subscription will automatically renew. The App Store’s Account Settings allows you to disable auto-renewal at any time after you have made the purchase.

Widgetsmith Premium customers are the sole ones that are eligible for Weather and Tide-hosted data.

Customizable Widgets

There are a lot of options to do with the smartphone of today. Because of these phones, we have access to many exciting things today that aren’t possible with smaller phones. Today, you have numerous options to enjoy by allowing you to freely alter your phone’s wallpaper and themes.

You’re free to try all the things you want right now since numerous apps let you do this. One of these is Widgetsmith which lets you customize and use numerous widgets!

With this app, you will have a lot of enjoyment as you are able to make use of various widgets available in the present. There are many widgets available, such as meteorology, date, weather calendar, time zone, calendar, and many more.

Customize a variety of aspects of your smartphone. Also choose to have specific apps to be displayed at specific time periods. You can do a variety of things to use these apps and also make use of them on multiple gadgets!

With Widgetsmith it is possible to become more productive throughout the day since you can use the many widgets.

Personalize the phone

You have a wealth of apps now, which you can download to your smartphone. If you’re one of those who enjoys apps, then you’ll want to download the majority of them right now. There are numerous types of apps, including streaming entertainment, social media games, and much more.

It’s free to download the majority of them, however, If you’d like to personalize your phone, download Widgetsmith today! It’s an application that is free to download immediately.

Many phones nowadays have built-in widgets which can be used. But, there aren’t many of them and most of them are sloppy and uninspiring. However, with Widgetsmith you are able to easily use a variety of widgets that can be useful for all users.

This app lets you use various widgets, including meteorology, astronomy, calendar dates, time zone converter, and others. You can easily alter your home screen with this app today! It’s a fun, free app that you can get right now.

There are tons of widgets

with Widgetsmith you are able to install a variety of widgets for your phone with ease. While many phones already come with widgets built-in, however, this one is totally free and offers the most effective one available today.

There, you will find widgets such as a time zone converter as well as weather, date calendar, and others. You can personalize your home screen using these widgets since there is a myriad of them available. You’re free to use the entire collection today on your smartphone so that you’re more productive during the day.

Customize your widgets to suit your needs

Thanks to Widgetsmith it is now possible to customize your widgets according to your location, and others. It’s free to allow widgets at specific times of the day according to your preferences.

The app was designed for users to access all they want during the day. Through this app, you’ll be capable of personalizing your widgets according to your location and other personalization. There are a variety of things you can accomplish using this application.

Free Free The greatest thing about Widgetsmith is the fact that it’s free! It’s available to everyone and is free to download start using it today.


It is possible to download the latest version via third-party websites. They could have archives of apps of all versions, and you can download the version you require.

The download process is quick unlike the Play Store there is no requirement to wait for the verification process, etc.

There will be an APK file on your memory card or system memory when you have downloaded it. You can then uninstall and re-install it many times, without downloading.


The apps downloaded from third-party sites generally aren’t vetted by Google. It could cause harm to your device.

APK files may contain malware that steals information from your phone or alter the phone’s settings.

How To Download And Install?

The best choice is to download it directly through your web browser. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to downloading APK files.

  • Click on the Download button beneath.
  • You will then be taken to the page to download. There are two options for downloading APK files, download the APK application or install the app via the Play Store.
  • Tap on Download APK.
  • A confirmation message will appear depending on the preferences of your browser.
  • Then, tap Download once more to save it to your device.

Download Widgetsmith APK – Personalized Widgets

Most people love engaging in various activities on their phones. Because of these devices, we are able to do a variety of activities like playing games or listening to music, streaming movies, and more.

There are a lot of things that we can personalize on our phones such as games, wallpapers, themes, themes, and many others. If you’re a fan of customizing your phone, you should download Widgetsmith right now and start enjoying the fun of being able to customize widgets.

Through this app, you can customize the various widgets, including calendars and weather, time zone clocks, and others. You can personalize your phone in the same way as you add additional widgets that you will frequently use.

You can modify the widgets in a way to the point that you can make them visible and disappear at certain intervals. This is a powerful application that you can utilize on any device now if you have one. You are able to enjoy this application that lets you personalize your home screen right now!

Highlights of Widgetsmith

If you’re someone who enjoys making your phone more unique, you should download Widgetsmith today and start enjoying it.

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What's new

- Bug fix on selecting photos for slideshow
- Fix help graphics for adding widgets


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