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WhatsApp Gold, a modified version of WhatsApp, is gaining popularity recently. It is an illegal app and includes the latest features that WhatsApp does not have. People are interested in this app but are skeptical about its security.
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WhatsGold mod apk

WhatsApp Gold, a modified version of WhatsApp, is gaining popularity recently. It is an illegal app and includes the latest features that WhatsApp does not have. People are interested in this app but are skeptical about its security. WhatsApp Gold Payment has been updated and updated, and with new features, you can freely download WhatsApp Gold and use it with all its great features.

The WhatsGold APK is also known as the WhatsApp Gold edition which is for other people’s opinions only. Some online sources have said that it is infected but that it is not actually the app in any way. You do not need to worry about your privacy, at all.

What is the WhatsGold APK?

In simple terms, the WhatsGold APK is a modified app that allows you to use many features that are not available on the official WhatsApp Playstore. And it will be added to the latest developments or whatever is presented by the officials.

WhatsApp Gold is developed by Altornedo7 aka Nasser. Follow him on Twitter to know the latest updates and news about the development of WhatsGold.
At the same time, he also released WhatsApp Plus Version according to user needs.

More Features of WhatsGold

  1. You can Hide your Internet status
  2. also, Hide Green markers / Second marker
  3. Hide writing/recording mode
  4. Hide Little Green Phone / View Status
  5. Enable Anti Withdrawal – Sender cannot delete your messages.
  6. Custom conversations
  7. Message Editor – Send a message by setting the time and date
  8. Back up all messages like titanium backup.
  9. Pause and keep visible
  10. Automatic Reply – set any message in the text field as well.
  11. Themes and colors.
  12. Customize chat screen, main / chat screen, pop-up notification and widgets.
  13. Lock complete application or close separate conversation.
  14. Change launcher icon / chat bubble style / tag style
  15. Always shows up online when you close the app.
  16. Disable voice calls.
  17. Able to select video player in WAGOLD.
  18. Hide media in the gallery
  19. Choose a language from Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.
  20. Swipe to respond
  21. Stickers are on
  22. Group calls are turned on
  23. No transfer tag when you send a message.

Introduction of WhatsGold mod apk

One of those features is hiding your last visibility on Whatsapp so that other people do not know when you last worked. While we can always change our privacy settings, it is not a good idea because it will limit our friends from seeing our pre-existing status.

Application Story

WhatsGold is a functional and straightforward tool that allows you to customize the status of your WhatsApp account automatically. Additionally, this app will allow you to set a time for your last visit, which means you can hide your online status at any time and prevent others from seeing you while you are online.

This feature is useful because it allows you to choose from online or offline. So if you want to be online with friends, family, or coworkers from time to time, this handy tool can be helpful. Additionally, you can use the WhatsGold mod apk to show off your offline status so that others do not know when you last worked on WhatsApp.
As you read this, millions of messages are exchanged via Whatsapp messages. It is the most widely used app in modern times.

We can’t argue that Whatsapp has some great features, but a few components are not yet available, which would be helpful if they were available.

Features of WhatsGold MOD Apk

WhatsGold mod apk is a modified apk file for the first Whatsapp app. The file we will make is a WhatsApp edition of gold, a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. In this article, we will guide you on how to download and install the WhatsGold apk on your android device.

WhatsGold modded apk is an Android app that lets you send and receive messages from your friends and family members for free. It has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular free online messaging apps.

Modified Features WhatsGold modified apk:

Unlimited Gold and Diamonds: We all know how important it is to have gold and diamonds in a game because you can’t do much without it. That’s why we created this amazing mod! With the help of this app, you can get unlimited gold and diamonds in your account.

IOS Jailbreak: Our program works on all iOS devices, whether jailbroken or not. If your device is locked in jail, you do not need to do anything else because the App will work flawlessly.

Android Origin: Android root is not needed here, so you don’t have to worry about that! This app will work well on all Android devices with version 4.0 and above.

Game Caregiver: We have used this great app in our system because, with it, we can easily connect to the game server and modify your account data. Game Guardian will not be available because it has too many restrictions installed on it!

No download required: You do not need to download files from us to use our generator!

Mod features of WhatsGold

  1. Premium feature
  2. Gold Features Unlocked
  3. Ads have been removed
  4. Open gold features
  5. License verified
  6. Uncheck
  7. Privacy settings
  8. Themes
  9.  Internet calls

Features of Whatsapp Gold

Hide Internet Status

The main feature of this app is that you can hide your status online, and it does not show that you are online on WhatsApp. Therefore, you can use the app and text with people without showing that you are online. Therefore, the internet connection is always hidden, and you can use WhatsApp at any time.

Green Tick Privacy

The blue and second markers in the text are also hidden, and you can view any text without showing anyone that you have seen this person’s text. The blue tick privacy is required for all WhatsApp Gold users to make it better for users, and you can see all texts without replying to them. Overall, this feature is set in this modified version of WhatsApp Gold for better communication.

Hide Recording Status

The app also deserves the user to hide texting and audio recording in conversation. You can easily hide and keep complete privacy to control yourself from your side and respond to people at any time. Additionally, you can use the app to send text and share data at any time without the restriction option.

Withdrawal Option

It is a complete selection of features in this app that make it easy to use all the time. The Anti-Revoke enabled system is best for making sure that other people are not able to remove the text from you. Therefore, if the other party sends you a text, they cannot delete any text. Therefore, you should use the scheduled version of WhatsApp Gold and share all data in complete privacy.

Last Visibility Privacy

These features are also useful to give you the ability to use WhatsApp Gold for full communication. The last-sighted concealment is a prominent feature of the last-seen monster, and it will not be shown to anyone. All in all, the planned version of WhatsApp Gold is best for all users to offer more security and privacy.

Anti-Ban Mod

The scheduled version of this Apk is for use at all times without restricting it. So, you can download and install the app on your android and mobile system to use it easily without any problem. This app is useful for setting up more privacy for use and gives higher usage power at all times.

Hide Status Option

The status option is also set in this program so that all users can provide easy-to-use functions. Thus, you can hide the status of any friend on the list. This app is best for all users to keep great privacy at any time, provide comfort for users, and set the status to display it to the person of your choice. In addition, the app is also better for you to offer the option to check the status of a person who has already added a contact to the list of hides. You can also quickly check this person’s status.

App and Chat Lock

It is the best fit for a user to enter a number and lock any chats immediately. In addition, a complete application key is set to provide easy-to-use functions. So, the developer has set up a complete setup of this app to add a lock option to lock your WhatsApp Gold apk easily and lock a different chat for anyone. Therefore, the app is perfect for all users to use with a high level of privacy.

Send Large File

Using WhatsApp Gold is best for setting up multiple data sharing capabilities quickly, and offers a high level of sharing and sending large and easy files. This app provides a complete option to share additional data at low internet speeds quickly at any time. So, you can use this app to share your data from one to the other easily.

Golden WhatsApp Update

After a while, the best feature is that most engineers add new features to this edited version and make it much better to use all the time. So, this app is not available in the google play store. In order to do this, you need to use a third-party website to install it. But, when it comes to updating its option, you can download the first one and select the updated version of Golden WhatsApp and install it on your android system for use all the time.

Theme Setting

WhatsApp Golden is also the best to show the best display and setting and select multiple themes without touching the app. Moreover, the themes are also customized easily without difficulty in Apk.

Top Image Editing

The app is also useful for displaying high-resolution images with a clean setting. Therefore, you can share a photo with a contact with the power of full resolution. In addition, it is enough to show the video with full control and high clarity.

Complete Language Program

Gold WhatsApp is also featured with many uses to display multiple languages ​​with a simple error option. So, you can take a cheating style and make all the fonts in different languages.

Notification settings

The gold app is also essential for displaying and sending notifications. Therefore, a notification appears when someone in your contacts list changes the profile picture. In addition, it also gives you a piece of information when someone shows up online on WhatsApp. You can add a notification option in the new status, change the profile, and it is suitable for all users to maintain greater privacy.

Group Call System

The app has been updated and has a very good team call function and is enabled and disables this program at any time. So, use the Golden WhatsApp version on your group phone and make group chat easier. The feature is advanced with WhatsGold design and makes it more powerful to use at all times without problem-solving.

Customizing Home Screen

The best thing is to make an eye-catching home screen and chat screen to set it up with a complete background image system. Additionally, you can add any theme and wallpaper to the system to make it easier to use. You can add a new and appropriate theme for this app to make it suitable for use at all times.

Block Phone

And it’s a great feature in this Apk of Golden to make incoming calls to the block option. Therefore, you can select any contact numbers and enter this in the full privacy settings, and restrict dialing. In the usual way you can stop any contact just to get a call, just send a text, you and you are showing online status when you are also offline. Therefore, try to apply for full-time use of the privacy call option.

How to download and install

1. Download the apk from this site

2. Go to your phone settings -> security -> enable anonymous sources (check that it is turned on)

3. Go back and open the whats gold apk file downloaded and complete the installation process

4. Open the App and sign in with your mobile number and confirm it- Just like you do on normal WhatsApp.

5. You did it! now enjoy all the great features of the latest version of WhatsGold on your Android devices

Download WhatsApp Status

It is a complete feature and excellent function of this app which is ready to use WhatsApp and download instantly in any situation. Therefore, it is suitable for the user to quickly check any situation and save it in the android app gallery. So, try using this WhatsApp for these functions, and you do not need to install the status download.


This software allows users to send messages, photos, videos, and other files at no cost to you. Most people love this feature because it makes them feel safe when uploading files online. With this app, users do not have to worry about viruses infecting their devices. In addition, they will not have to worry about their personal information being stolen because this is a safe and secure way to communicate with others.

The app comes in two versions: a free version and paid version. The free version is limited in terms of features and functionality, you can go to the paid version for more features. This has many tools available compared to the free version, such as voicemail, video chat, email sending, and file transfer via Bluetooth.

You can download other apps like WhatsGold from our website Gloriousmodapk.com

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