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Web Video Caster® allows you to watch on your TV videos from your favorite websites including movies, TV shows, live streams of news, sports, and IPTV. It also lets you cast local videos stored on your phone. Photos and audio files are also supported. Subtitles are detected on the web page, you can also use your own subtitles, or you can use the integrated search of OpenSubtitles.org.
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Web Video Cast MOD Apk – Web Video Cast is an application that lets you stream content on the internet on your Android device to bigger screen televisions. It is possible to choose from local files or web-based files to enjoy it in your own way. Additionally, you will be able to find TVs this application can support to ensure that the connection is successfully established. In fact, you’ll be able to choose the type of entertainment option which is suitable for you.

What is Web Video Cast MOD Apk?

Web Video Cast is a simple and user-friendly software for casting videos. Web video cast will help you cast your favorite television shows, films live news, sports, and IPTV to television for the best watching. It can also help you project local videos that are stored on your phone.

If we see subtitles on the website it is possible to utilize your subtitles. Also, you can utilize Open Subtitles integrated search. This program supports a wide range of television brands on the market. This means that you don’t have to be worried about compatibility problems. If the TV you own doesn’t support your model and you are unable to contact the brand or model that you are using feedback for to modify it.

Web Video Cast is a conscious application that is complete and easy to use. It is an essential tool for a party with drama. Our website provides users with no-cost downloads of the latest MOD APK Version of Web Video Caster. The most advanced features of the application have been made available and users can now use all features of the application.

About Web Video Cast APK Mod

Web Video Cast lets to watch your videos and files from your phone on a larger screen. It is possible to do this by connecting your smartphone to the television. Web Video Cast has features that make it easy to accomplish. You can also stream different kinds of TV shows using it.

Download videos on your phone or on the internet. Also select the TV that this application can work with. So, you can choose the method you prefer to view videos.

This is extremely useful since you don’t need to download the videos to your television. But, the official version of the software isn’t without its limitations. We found an unlocked and not Google version of the program and are offering it to you. It comes with all the features you can use with no limitations.

How to Use Web Video Cast?

There are many software available that can wirelessly project images, but they are unable to put resources in their apps. They have a limited amount of resources and this makes people quite unhappy. For those who are always on the internet, they can load the contents of the browser onto it since there are many sources for this. It’s not yet feasible with software.

The Web Video Cast project mapping tool is a tool to show our most-loved content on the set-top box of our TV. It is a built-in web browser, and we can utilize it directly. The browser searches for sources we need to deliver. It could be much better than other screencasting applications. In addition to the news, or TV shows that are available on the site and also upload audio and photos, as well as mobile phone local video and photographs. I

n terms of the methods used to deliver it is compatible with nearly all broadcasting protocols wirelessly, including the most popular streaming devices like DLNA or Chromecast. It is possible to connect and download them as you wish.

If you want to play the video you’re watching, Web Video Cast can project TV shows and movies via streaming on the Internet onto streaming devices as well as Smart TV Set-Top Boxes. It’s not just a simple mirroring, but it grabs the URL for the video from your web browser and then sends it straight to the set-top box. This feature could make use of the power of the phone. It will find subtitles on websites and then add subtitles on your own that are extremely powerful.


The purpose you can make with Web Video Cast is to locate the exciting TV shows you’d like to watch and stream them onto big televisions with large screens. The process is easy by using the same process of searching for videos that you would use for your internet browser , and set up connections to the television you wish to watch the show on. If your process is successful then you’ll be able to watch exciting events which you will not want to skip.


In addition to the search function Alongside the search function Web Video Cast, you are not ignoring the ability to play local files. You will be able to enjoy a vast range of content since you are able to watch any media file that is available on your computer.

In addition, you can also benefit from subtitles you’ve made in advance in order to understand the content of the video being played. The application also offers an option to locate the subtitle you’re looking for.

Stream Videos Online

You can watch anything you like on your TV using a web Video cast and compatible TV. So, you’ll be able to select what you want you would like to see on a larger screen. It’s not difficult to connect your devices. Furthermore, playing videos or other features that the device can support is a fantastic opportunity to be entertained.

After downloading the application, it’s simple for you to join your television. The device you’re using will require this application, as well as your TV, will require another application known as Web Video Caster.

Once you have both programs Open them using two devices. If your process is successful, you are able to view your most-loved shows either on your web browser or on your device.

Plenty of Supported Devices

There are numerous devices you can download apps as well as connect with the web. All of them have one thing they all have in common: they utilize an internet browser. The televisions you have could be Chromecast, RokuTV, SmartTV, and occasionally PlayStation 4 web browser.

Be aware of the type of TV you have and be sure that it has the proper features to connect.

This program is compatible with all televisions that are available. This means you can make use of it to watch your most loved shows or to access the files you save. However, when you’re using the app, be sure to remember a few aspects you should be aware of.

Convenient Streaming Way

You can stream every video you want to watch on the Web using Web Video Cast. This means that you can view your most loved films on a larger screen and appreciate them more. Sharing your videos with others can be fun too.

You can also watch videos others have created or videos about things that you’re interested in. There are many different types of videos that you can stream on your TV.

Your device contains pictures and sounds that are presented clearly. It’s a way to regulate what you do to have pleasure. Television will display the same content you can see on other mobile devices however it will show visible on the TV’s screen.

If you intend to use your smartphone to display something on your TV, you’ll need to be aware. The TV is designed for presentations, therefore your phone is the bridge. The files that you would like to display on the TV have to be opened successfully by the phone.

These files, like movies music, audio, pictures, and a variety of videos that are available on other platforms need to be compatible with your device. The majority of the content you wish to watch on your TV has already been successfully played on your device previously.


After you’ve learned about the two major features Web Video Cast can do and you are aware of the platforms it works with. The first thing we must not overlook is Chromecast is DLNA. Other devices that can be linked to are Roku TV, Amazon TV, and a variety of other smart TVs. However, you must know the connection methods of certain devices, such as DLNA which needs two gadgets to connect to a single wifi network. Or, you’ll need to connect the Chromecast gadget to the TV.


One thing that users will be able to notice while making use of Web Video Cast is the videos they can watch. Particularly, you will be able to view TV shows including MP4 videos, as well as IPTV formats.

Furthermore, it is likely that there are not just video files within the local file, but as well audio and images. You can also listen to your favorite tracks or show your friends the beautiful photos you have taken. It has entertainment options, which allow you to select your own content and share it with others.


Like movie-watching apps, It is unlikely that you wish to be irritated by things like advertisements. If you are watching this on your TV, be aware that control is via the control of your Android device. You can also manually play, rewind and much more while you watch. It is not a good idea for your video to stop because of an advertisement and the feature to remove ads will be available on the Premium version.


Another excellent feature that is included in this premium edition is the history function, and you can locate the films you’ve seen within the section for history swiftly. This feature is commonly used in movie-watching apps and performs its task well.

Additionally, it supports the bookmark feature. both features will complement one another to play your favorite video content faster, with just a few clicks.


Chromecast, Roku, DLNA receivers, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Smart TVs: LG Netcast and WebOS, Samsung, Sony, and more, PlayStation 4 – by using its web browser. The majority of web browsers can be accessed by visiting http://cast2tv.app (PS4 and Smart TVs, various consoles, and set-top boxes). and more.

HLS live streams are available in M3U8 format. This format is they are supported by your streaming device, including TV and movie shows, M4 video Sports and news live any HTML5 videos IPTV (M3U8 W3U, RSS, M3U) Images Audio files that include music.


Find the film or song you want to stream to your TV using on the internet or by using the local file browser.

If the audio or video can be found on a site Try to embed the audio or video within the website’s page. If it’s a photo you can cast it by pressing the long-press button on your computer keyboard.

Join your device to stream audio, video, or a picture using your personal computer.


Web Video Cast is a browser that lets you cast TV shows, movies as well as other media videos on the Internet on smart or streaming TVs as well as to media players. Network video projection. Copy the URL of the video on the page, and then send it on the media streaming device, such as Chromecast, Wire TV, and Roku. Then, play the video directly by navigating to the URL source.

Web Video Cast could eventually save the power of the mobile phone. It also recognizes subtitles on websites. The application doesn’t provide these videos because the app isn’t a mirroring program. Web Video Cast is also able to play local video files stored on mobile phones and tablets. It also lets users download the video. Begin the download process from your video listing screen.

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