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War of Rafts MOD APK is i.o. a real game that incorporates stickman features. We will cross the green sea, look for pieces to increase the size of the ship, and assemble a stickman army.
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About War of Rafts MOD Apk

War of Rafts MOD APK is i.o. a real game that incorporates stickman features.

We will cross the green sea, look for pieces to increase the size of the ship, and assemble a stickman army. All in preparation for the coming great war with the enemies also in this sea.

In the game, you can choose the color of your ship. If you play in multiplayer mode, the task will be more difficult because you need to find the right color list to match the boat.
And the fighting games of any kind will always have values ​​along the way.
The game also has a multiplayer mode

Additionally, it can add your name to the game’s prestigious leaderboard.

The game features War of Rafts MOD Apk

– An attractive game in the .io genre!
– Famous naval battles!
– Beautiful & colorful graphics!
– Intuitive interface!
– Easy controls!


If you choose this game to experience it, one of your favorite game genres will undoubtedly be IO. For today’s game players, the IO version gives them a very nice and attractive feel, so the game maker has chosen this style to use. But one of the game’s most outstanding features over its competitors in the market will certainly be a battlefield at sea.

Unlike world wars where players can face rivals, this game will also wreak havoc on naval battles in a realistic way. At the start of the game, you and your rivals are carrying small equality. And from there, you and your opponents will try to expand your little island into larger areas by collecting more rafts.


One of the points producers need to pay attention to with IO-type games will definitely be graphics. A game of this type will need to have different and beautiful graphics in order to be able to describe what is happening inside the battle, in particular. Besides, the color of the game is also an amazing point that will bring players a truly special and exciting experience.

Apart from graphics, one of the features made by game designers is a very good visual interface. A good game will need to have a consistent, simple, user-friendly interface. And those are the features of the War of Raft’s interface that will be able to bring player experience within the game.

A game with IO type has always been and will give players an exciting and attractive feeling. With the advent of War of Rafts, players will experience intense, beautiful, sharp battles, detailed graphics, and an easy-to-use visual interface. Everything is set up within the game so that players can hear it immediately after logging in.

Freedom at sea

War of Rafts is a game with a simple and attractive game. You can roam freely in the game area and look for a team of more staff. When you lead more employees than your rival when you fight with each other.

When fighting against your opponents, do not forget to be aware of those around you. Because they can attack you suddenly, making it impossible for your team to respond on time. But if you have a large number of sailors and space you can fight comfortably. There is no need to be afraid of anyone.

A new situation

The characters in the War of Rafts game are created in a funny way. Instead of the full details, War of Rafts has created a completely new style. With just a round head, a perfect and careful body is placed outside the hands and feet. He managed to create a funny character in War of Rafts.

Although the character is simple, it is popular with many people. War of Rafts also gives you many different colors of characters. By coming to War of Rafts, you can freely choose the color of the character you want. War of Rafts will be the place where you feel the best because of the new creations combined with various colors.

Chest of incomprehensible wealth

The war game War of Rafts will be very boring without the precious boxes. So the treasure chest from here is much needed. The characters have new looks and different colors that you wish you had. Also, collect as many coins as you can to purchase as many coins as you want.

War of Rafts will be the perfect game for those who love to conquer the sea. Love the feeling of fighting people on the big and clear ocean. Play with your friends and get together to capture the opponent’s location. Download the sublime War of Rafts mod Fight with friends on the island.

Bright Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer games have emerged as a necessity these days. People seem to be craving more communication as we face this epidemic. As a result, multiplayer games have increased in numbers and downloads every month. But today, we will look at the IO game that makes waves – literally! The game is called War of Rafts and is a water-based military game.

Here, you will try to build a large raft with many people as time goes on. It’s the same with Slither.io but the only difference is that you’ll be building rafts here. Initially, you will start with a small square raft with only one person on the board. As you travel around the area, you will find survivors to add to your army.

Then, you may have to contend with others who have fewer employees than you to increase your ransom size!

Here you will enjoy collecting survivors and even defensive towers to help you fight off others. This is the last multiplayer game you can enjoy today as you will enjoy falling into the water. This is a very different game that allows you to increase your attacking and defensive abilities.

War of Rafts Features

Rafts are important if you want to survive. In War of Rafts, these are your main ways to navigate the water today.

Light Battle Royale

Not surprisingly, multiplayer games are increasing in numbers and players every year. Today, you can enjoy one with millions of players on servers. But in War of Rafts, you will enjoy a battle of strategy and ingenuity. In this battle race, you will try to increase your raft and numbers by rescuing various people at sea. Then, you will fight other sailors to win prizes today!

Besides, you can even get flamethrowers and even defense towers to help you eliminate other enemies. This is a fun game that includes some real players in real-time. Thus, you will be happy to make your raft as big as possible so that you can fight against many other players. Set new records today and customize the color of your rafts for a fun experience. If you like IO games, this makes no sense!


In this game, you will need to find sea survivors who ask for your help. If you help them, you can convert them into part of your army on the raft. There are plenty of survivors who need your attention here. The more you help the survivors, the more people you can get on your rafts.

Fight Other Rafts

Here, you will fight against other rafts smaller in size and number than yours. This way, you can expand your area and defeat all the enemies around you. Increase your points and prizes by clearing a lot of rafts today! These saves are owned by real players all over the world which makes this a very satisfying game to play.

Customize rafts

You are also free to customize your rafters to change the finish paint here. There are blue, red, yellow, orange and many more to choose from. This will help you to easily separate your rafts from others today.

Simple controls

Here, you can easily navigate the water by controlling your anchors. You do not need to control it with both hands as your men will automatically fight those who come in contact with your raft.

Download War of Rafts mod – Fight on the high seas

When you first enter the War of Rafts, you will have only one person in the white arena, alone at sea, and many other players. You will have to traverse the buoys floating in the ocean. In those huts, there will be someone. If you beat them with that wool, that person will be in your field. In addition, you should also collect white squares in the sea.

So that you can expand the area. But the best way to expand the area is still occupied by others. When you hit someone, the number of squares and the number of people in that person will be yours. also, Download War of Rafts from Playstore Google and try to defeat everyone in the ocean.

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