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Over the course of history, there have been hundreds of kings who were once the guardians of land across the world. But today, other than their names, they are nowhere to be found. Legend has it that Fusion Cube is an artifact guarded by the Himiko Family for generations. It is said that the kings of all ages will bow down to the one who unlocks it. And you, are the chosen one......
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Valkyrie Force: Reborn – Have the courage to face a series of daunting challenges in Rising Valkyrie. You have become a team leader from a common hereditary character where you have the courage to stand up and collect and tackle the Valkyries series about your team – advanced king control as you offer more action strategies and easier dealing with enemies.

Today’s world is always embracing new variations of the RPG genre for players to explore and, at the same time, enrich their knowledge. One of those varieties is Valkyrie Maker, which is designed in a unique but new and appealing style for many people.

About Valkyrie Force: Reborn MOD Apk

Its outstanding feature is clear, magnificent, captivating graphics to create an impressive world so that players can immerse themselves in their countless actions. Above all, the players will become the owners of organizations called Valkyrie, where they will fight against them and join them in countless battles.

  • new cultural empire – Valkyrie
  • 3 Valkyrie families
  • 17 esteemed ladies
  • 10 Wanderer templates, each with back lines

MOD Features of Valkyrie Force: Reborn


Valkyrie Maker game is very different from the usual RPG, where everything is self-made and gives players a complete relaxation experience throughout the game. In addition, all game activities are related to many issues, and players can freely design everything according to their direction.

Best of all, all content and playback are done in stand-alone mode, making it easier for players to interact with the environment. It does not end there, and it introduces many exciting missions for players to build the strongest Valkyrie army and win all the battles. It adds an extra fairy tale to the game to enrich the game with its fun stories.


All the fighting units are called Valkyries, and they are all women with incomparable beauty and great power. Therefore, the Maker of Valkyrie will present a work that allows players to collaborate and design them with outstanding and very impressive styles.

Not only that, but players can change their appearance, power, and many other features. In other words, all Valkyrie upgrades will be done with the Maker program and provide players with a lot of interesting features found in building the strongest army or party across the server.


Apart from the system that makes up Valkyrie, players will be able to access exciting events and activities, and the rewards from them are rich so that players can improve many things. In addition, it is also an opportunity for the game to introduce new content, such as maps, bosses, weapons, and more.

They all have impressive features, and players will have the opportunity to collect them by playing very well. What is impressive is that all the work has equal power, making the stadium attractive so that players can compete with each other during games. Meanwhile, the event will be long-lasting, but its rewards vary, even introducing powerful Valkyries for players to collect.


Valkyrie Maker will make things more fun and enjoyable with the PvP program and introduce more attractive systems. Each participant has his or her own level, and as they continue to fight, the level will gradually grow and give them more positive rewards. In addition, the game will open a PvP store, and players will be able to purchase unusual items based on the achievements in the game battles.

Valkyrie Maker is a variation of the RPG-type novel, in which players build their powerful team, collect rare items, complete clones, and fight with other players in stand-alone mode. It will also use an impressive graphics engine to draw everything, giving the game a lot of hidden power for players to explore.


Do not hesitate to join Rising Valkyrie – a special tower defense game featuring the classic game. Players will be able to explore the various dimensions of the game as they go through 12 story chapters equal to a series of different battles.

Each story will bring you a real-life experience of terrifying battles. Don’t forget to choose the most powerful combination of equipment before you start your journey to discover the “Falling Stone.”


I believe you are always amazed at the new challenge we offer. Players must familiarize themselves with the “Sniper Elites” to begin a journey full of dangers. Along the way, you will meet and maybe rent new Valkyries. Yes, combat skills will be carefully trained through challenges in each tavern. Make hundreds of weapons of mass destruction to strengthen your army.


You should know that everything and event in that secret state will change over time or based on what you do. Especially the conditions that lead to your self-sacrificing journey are constantly changing based on each season. Even better, if you find the changes in secrecy, you will be rewarded with wonderful gifts.

New Valkyrie troop line 

A line of newborn infants only, based on Sturgeon shield wall tricks, and the addition of high-level archers based on the Battanian archery.

Add a village, two castles, and a few villages on a map within the Sturgeon area, or you can use existing Sturgeon settlements instead.

ATC configuration to allow players to regularly hire Valkryie or to arrange vanilla-like behaviors

Common weapons/materials use vanilla properties (especially Sturgeon)
The clothes you choose use the MC Amazon Body + MC Amazon Armor

KEY FEATURES of Valkyrie Force: Reborn

  • Gather and recruit more Valkyries with special skills to join your army to help fight other missions.
  • A special tower defense game that will take you to the world with more than 12 chapters of horrible demands and battles.
  • Prepare yourself with the most powerful combination of resources to begin your journey to discover the truth of the lost “stone of Paradise”.
  • Make hundreds of powerful destructive weapons to strengthen your army, and devise a plan to do better.
  • The Secret Kingdom will have issues that change over time based on your strategies and secrets.

Download Rising Valkyrie Apk MOD – Latest Version

Valkyrie is a fully formed empire with all the kings and armies of women.
They are based on the lines of the Sturgeon army with an emphasis on heavy artillery and special archers.

They can read well (as much as possible!), With superstitions surrounding the settlements, families, and kings found in the game.

In the latest version 1.2.0, I added the option to use Revel and Ustokol Castle as the first Valkryie location, thus making this mod compatible with other map change modes (hopefully).



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