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Most of the time, Android users found themselves able to copy most of the text content in their messages, browsers, and other applications, thanks to the universal remote compression option.
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About Universal Copy MOD Apk

Most of the time, Android users found themselves able to copy most of the text content in their messages, browsers, and other applications, thanks to the universal remote compression option. As a result, all you have to do is grab a piece of text and start selecting the copy areas you choose with the adjustable on-screen indicators.

However, with most other text content, you will find it very difficult to copy directly, as there are no options for this. Therefore, you will not be able to copy certain sections to your mobile applications, photos, or other unsupported forums. This is why many Android users can find it annoying while browsing apps or photos with their devices.

What is Universal Copy MOD Apk?

For those of you who like, you may find yourself enjoying the powerful copy options in Universal Copy because of the useful features of the program. With the installed and enabled app, you will be able to do more with your long-term pressure options. Just find Universal Copy options in the notification cabinet whenever you need them and enjoy its features.

Also, with the latest updates, the app will allow you to customize your text to images. Thus, to make it entirely possible for you to copy this unsupported content

Latest Features of Universal Copy

Here are all the amazing in-app features that the app can offer:


After successfully installing Universal Copy, the first task you need to do is to grant permissions to the app. You will be directed to different features, and you will need to adjust the application accessibility so that it can interact with other applications easily. So, once everything is installed, you can use the app features shortly thereafter. Depending on the features of the platform, you will choose different coping methods.


In this app, users will receive a standard copy, universal mode, and OCR copy feature. The standard copy feature is often used in forums that easily copy content they see. At the same time, in part of the universe, you will copy what you want to platforms that do not allow you to copy using the same functionality as normal mode. Additionally, OCR mode will help you capture what you need and copy it immediately afterward.

Copy any text into your applications

For those of you who need a global duplicating tool, Universal Copy will impress you with its helpful copy features. Just select any text content you want to copy to any of your mobile apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. The app will allow quick and efficient copy options for any texts you have easily selected. Therefore, you can collect some content that was not previously available.

Collaborative and accessible features within the system

And to get started using the app, all you have to do is access the Universal Copy and enable one switch on the app. Open in-app features and you can start to see the Universal Copy notification bar in the notification center. Here you can enjoy exciting features from Universal Copy by simply tapping the power button. Then, proceed to select any documents you want to copy to specific applications or files.

Select any content you want to copy

Once you have opened the app, Universal Copy can access any of the text content currently displayed on your mobile device. All you have to do is pick them up and try to copy any text that you find appealing.

Use the black theme to enjoy the perfect feel

For those of you who are interested, Universal Copy also offers its black theme option, which you can enjoy whenever you want. Just enable options and you can change the color rendering from your Universal Copy app to a cooler. Just select three dots in the top right corner of the app to easily switch between modes.

Copy the text even from your photos

And now that the OCR feature is available in Universal Copy, Android users will find themselves enjoying the performance of the final copies. Here, you can easily convert your text from certain images to editable content with the available OCR button in Universal Copy. Feel free to use the powerful features as you progress to the app.

Enjoy the full version of the free app

To make the app more interesting, Android users at Universal Copy will now find themselves enjoying the full version of the app on our website. Here, you can download fully unlocked content with all premium features in the free app. Just download the Universal Copy Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and you should be ready to go.

Unwanted ads while copying

Although useful and innovative as it is, the app still bothers many of its users because of the unwanted ads that pop up when you make your copy. This makes it very annoying and difficult for users to use their mobile apps.


In the new version of Universal Copy, users can discover four new languages ​​added to the OCR system, including Devanagari, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. So you can use the app to copy multilingual texts on different platforms. Some errors occur when copying text by application, such as enhancing text editing. This is truly a tool any user can ignore.


The feature users find in Universal Copy is understandable, and it helps them to copy different text easily and use it quickly. With the various ways that the app supports you, you will surely find the content you see with a few taps and direct attention when you use it. This will definitely be a useful tool for most users if it is possible to find the right content without spending a lot of time re-installing it.

Download Universal Copy MOD Apk

In these cases, you may want to check out the popular copy universal app, which will provide a copying function to any text content available on your mobile device. Therefore, you can easily copy texts from your web pages, applications, or images, using their powerful features in them.

Also, Download the latest version of Universal Copy Google Playstore.


With its many interesting features, the Universal app brings a game-changing experience to any of you who are interested in copying content to other apps. And thanks to the free and updated version of the app on our website, you will find yourself having many reasons to enjoy it.

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