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U-Dictionary becomes a learning and translation tool with many growing features. This is a functional but free foreign language learning app, which opens up the possibility of finding foreign languages ​​near users. In addition to translating text, pictures, and conversations, it allows you to correct your grammar if it is incorrect.
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About U-Dictionary MOD Apk

U-Dictionary becomes a learning and translation tool with many growing features. This is a functional but free foreign language learning app, which opens up the possibility of finding foreign languages ​​near users. In addition to translating text, pictures, and conversations, it allows you to correct your grammar if it is incorrect. Collins’ Advanced Dictionaries, Online Glossaries, and more are available for adoption in the world’s leading language-learning world.

U-Dictionary MOD APK Oxford Free Dictionary Now – has released the latest version of the Android app for all devices running the Android operating system. Software style is a dictionary. The U-Dictionary MOD APK Oxford Free Dictionary is now able to translate sentences and words into 38 different languages. All you have to do is copy a word or phrase so that the program can translate it quickly. One of the obvious features of the app is the ability to work offline.

The U-Dictionary MOD APK Oxford Free Dictionary is now loaded with voice recognition software and provides a comprehensive definition of words. The U-Dictionary MOD APK Free Oxford Dictionary Now Translate Best English Dictionary dictionary gives you the correct pronunciation of words in both American and English pronunciation.

Features of U-Dictionary MOD Apk

• Offline translation in 38 different languages
• Say the words in English and American symbols
• Translate into toolbar without opening the app
• Voice recognition and voice translation system
• Translate texts and words by copying
• Has a daily vocabulary section to learn a new word every day
• The ability to memorize words is important and is often used


Here you will find an unfamiliar word, but we will give you more information and vocabulary. Obviously, a list of synonyms and antonyms is designed to help you become familiar with new words, using a variety of words. At the same time, it will be excellent support for you in the trials that come your way to find the words that contradict your ideas.


Not only that, U-Gloss is not just a standard dictionary, but it has evolved into professional levels to help users easily absorb information. As long as you learn the vocabulary and its meaning, in the future, you will not be able to use it in certain situations and make mistakes easily. Therefore, under the original meaning of the words, we provide examples that are easy to understand and clear.


When you get to U-Dictionary, it not only displays empty words but also gives you all the fun entertainment. You can freely play word guessing games, or solve puzzles, while learning and playing will stimulate brain memory many times over. In addition, it also helps you to know more about health information and social skills besides the words you need to learn. Videos cover a wide range of fields, and much interesting content attracts you to help you practice pronunciation and rhythm when speaking more accurately.


In addition to learning foreign languages, it can also support users with accurate, fast, and effective translation work. Currently, it has three exciting translation forms, namely, for the first time, allowing you to use text translation easily. You just need to type the text and press the search button, and the app will release the results immediately. Alternatively, you can use the camera or gallery to provide photos for the app to translate. Lastly, when you turn on the microphone and speak directly to the device, the voice translation system will recognize and process you accordingly.


Learning a new vocabulary is not enough; you need to learn additional grammar. Select and read daily for complete information, is easy to apply for future work. At the same time, add a very useful grammar feature when writing essays and essays.


Learning another language is a daily task that can be done quickly, so U-Dictionary provides every user with a screen lock feature. Specifically, you will be given a choice of difficult words, or need to remember them, want to read, pin them and look at them daily. After that, it appears every time you touch a cell phone, it catches your eye and will slowly penetrate the user’s memory.


• Oxford Dictionaries are available in 12 languages. A large number of authorized word definitions and example sentences are available to help you learn!

• Track what’s happening with celebrities on WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Without limits, you can chat and read.
• Follow audio and practice to quickly learn a new language! 6 Essential Conditions and Hundreds of Daily Feelings Covered!

• Choose from 108 languages ​​to translate among them.
• Download to translate any text in your local area. It understands 93 different languages.
• Between 49 accents and 35 languages, voice-to-word translation is available.

• Check for English text errors and correct them quickly. Enjoy writing a flawless book.
• Unless you open Dictionary U, you can translate in less than a second.

• Offline packages in 44 languages, as well as Synonyms, Antonyms, Collins Advanced Dictionary, and WordNet dictionary, are available for free download.
• Offline Translation Packages in 58 languages ​​are available for free download. There are no network limits.

• On the lock screen, display the words you have selected. You can expand your vocabulary at any time.
• Copy and paste words or phrases into any app for quick reference. (Note: Due to access restrictions, Android 10.0+ is inaccessible.)

• Keywords should be kept in a different directory. From time to time, look at what you have done.
• When you switch to night mode on your phone, the U-D dictionary will appear in black theme.
• Complete English Pronunciation: Real British (British) and American (American) symbols. Pay attention and write notes.

• Sentences from well-known news websites around the world.
• Play a game of finding the same words and spelling game. Play and learn at the same time.
• Just open the app, search for a word in your language, and add it to your personal list. You will be able to refer to this list for future use and update it with new words that you are learning. However, searching for new words can be a daunting task if you find yourself reviewing dozens of lists and guidelines as you get lost in the traffic. One way to simplify the process is to highlight words in this app, once you have read them.

• Can be used as your offline dictionary as well as a fast, efficient, easy-to-use, and no-need translator. Users simply click on the word they like to get the full meaning in both English and the source language.

Intuitive interface

A very important feature of U-Dictionary is its precision, design, and features that make it easy to pick up and start using. It makes word comprehension easy and fun with an intuitive interface. You can choose a name on the board, and tips, and as top navigation, it is easy to get used to. Feel free to find the meaning of all your questions with a few clicks and improve your vocabulary.

 Camera translation

If you talk to someone who does not speak your language, you may not be able to understand each other even though they both speak the same language. U-Dictionary has a camera translation feature that allows readers to learn in-depth knowledge of everyday words by simply taking a picture and asking for an explanation. Users can find an accurate translation of every word or phrase they want to read.

Interpreting in various languages

You can translate not only text but also voice, handwriting, or editing texts. It is the world’s first multilingual translator supported by more than 108 languages ​​and is growing. U-Dictionary translates text using a built-in dictionary and can understand text in your mother tongue, with the added ability to translate into more than 100 languages.
It is a great tool that makes learning new vocabulary easy, effective, and fun. The more you use it, the more useful it becomes and the easier the translation of text becomes.

Correct system errors

As English readers, we write unnecessarily for hours without checking that our paper or essay is grammatically correct. Now, with the U-dictionary app, we can simply swipe words and get instant updates to what sounds right. It helps you to learn from mistakes and correct your grammatical errors in an outstanding way.

Some of the features that make this app stand out from the rest of the app as well as the auto-adjust feature that gives you a lot of confidence.

Mod APK version of U-Dictionary

• U-Dictionary Mod apk is a modified version of the official U-dictionary application where there are no usage limits and restrictions on translating content.

• VIP Unlocked – In U-Dictionary Mod Apk, you will find a VIP Unlocked feature that finally allows you to access all the main features of this app without spending money on in-app purchases and removing ads from the system.

Download the U-Dictionary MOD Apk for Android 2022

The U-Dictionary Mod Apk is ideal for those who struggle with a conversation with people of other languages. Your accuracy means that the character’s attention is not only very accurate but also ensures that you understand them. OCR technology, or Optical Character Recognition, automatically detects text.
With this useful feature, you have the ability to quickly search for words without analyzing the misinterpretations that are really irrational.

Frequently Asked Questions About U-Dictionary MOD Apk


What's new

• Effective answer: let's learn and win!
• brand new design: clean and fresh.
• You need to know the idioms: a new level of learning so that you can learn a new language quickly by following the sounds and exercises!


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