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Fishercat is a game of cat and fish. Our cat friend loves to eat fish and hunt the best fish in the sea with his own hands. Therefore, he is not afraid to use all his skills and use his capital to hunt fish under the sea every day.
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About Fishercat Mod 4.3.0 Apk

Fishercat is a game of cat and fish. Our cat friend loves to eat fish and hunt the best fish in the sea with his own hands. Therefore, he is not afraid to use all his skills and use his capital to hunt fish under the sea every day. Later, the cat will also be equipped with a number of unique human features such as a spacesuit, popular long-range guns, or a shotgun that can fire underwater.
The life of this lovable, independent cat is centered on activities: receiving letters from friends, hunger, hunting, enjoying delicious fish dishes, selling fish for money, and developing tools. Months have passed since a series of experiences gathered in the fishing industry, our cat has become an expert fisherman. He is also rich and has many tools.

If you want to find games that you can enjoy, Fishercat is the best option right now. It’s a new product from LoadComplete – A publisher that focuses on producing fun games. Currently, this game is very hot in the gaming community where it owns over 1 million installs and 4.7/5 rating points on Google Play. Other than that, it is free to play and can work well on Android devices.

A game play

The trick to hunting fish is simply to touch the screen to drag and turn to direct the fish that are worth hunting. If you aim directly, take your hand off the screen and the cat will catch it quickly.
From the beginning, our feline friend has nothing but time and cunning hands. With these skilled craftsmen, the cat has developed many weapons to catch fish. Not to mention later he will raise money to sell and buy more powerful weapons. The striped catfishing weapon is as distinct as knives, nets, guns, bows, and arrows … When you play, you will feel clearer. Usually, the cat must have so many “weapons” because, on this arid island, fishing is no joke.

There are more than 150 species of fish large and small of all kinds in the game. But the strange thing is that they are always walking, not one of them standing waiting to be caught. Our cat needs to go out to sea in a sturdy boat, using a combination of different weapons to catch fish. Sometimes you have to slide down the aisle instead of just sitting comfortably on the boat.
When you catch fish successfully, you will be able to choose to bring the fish home for sale or put it in an aquarium designed by the cat itself. If you sell fish, you will earn money and spend money to improve your products. And when you conquer enough challenges and gain more fishing experience, you will gradually unlock new seas to continue your exciting journey.

Relaxing cat

As you dive into the sea and begin your fishing journey, you will find that it is not just the fish below. You also do not have to work hard to catch fish. Feel free to enjoy the glittering beauty of the underwater world: exotic fish, coral reefs, seaweed, and cool water. Let everything be visible, swim freely to explore everything, and watch each school of colorful fish before catching the net.
However, the cat also knows how to enjoy life. After being in the water, and catching a large number of fat fish, the cat will head straight for the boat back to its green island. This is where many cats are waiting to play in the clear sun. This life is the dream of many people.

In addition, with the number of fish caught, the cat also thinks of all sorts of hobbies without selling them. You will make beautiful tanks, where there are many rare and colorful fish found in the sea, as well as a variety of ornaments collected while fishing. However, it is now no longer called a tank, but an aquarium. The process of collecting fish and decorations for this “Home Aquarium” is also extremely fun in this game.

Unlike any other fishing game you have ever played, this cat and fish game is fun and plays with beautiful colors, logical details, rhythmic movement, lovely fish, and lots of fishing gear. In particular, the sea area is glorious.

With fun gameplay and great graphics, Fisher cat is recommended for players 3 years of age and older. So this game can be a gift for your kids to have fun and encourage ingenuity. The content of the game is really rich, with vivid graphics and powerful sound. These promise an indelible impression on the phone. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

Become a new cat

In the game, players will join a family of excellent cats with a fishing job. Every day, you will take a boat ride to the beach and prepare the most fun fishing parties. The theme of the game takes place mainly in the cool blue sea, where there are hundreds of different species of fish, squid, and shrimp. It even has lush vegetation, rocky outcrops, and exotic sea plants. Therefore, it would be good to check out for many hours without getting bored.

Your cat will be fitted with a special diving helmet. This is the most unique fishing experience you have ever encountered. Sitting under the sea, watching the scenery, fishing, and enjoying the music, what could be better? Fishercat will provide many opportunities for gamers to do just that in countless levels and exciting activities.

Prepare your beast and weapon

To go fishing, you need a lure to catch fish. But also do not forget to prepare other fishing gear without using your hands. When they get to the beach, the players will dive down to find a comfortable seat.
Then, use available tools such as nets and amazing guns to catch your favorite fish. The use of the tool is limited, so find a way to catch more fish. For example, gamers can use bait to catch fish, and then cast the net to catch more fish in one place.

Catching fish is very easy on The Fishercat. Players just need to drag the screen to aim, and then release to shoot. The fish will enter the net and your score will automatically increase. Besides, the game will give gamers a third-person perspective on the universe. They can therefore easily observe the movements of the fish to perform faster and more effectively.

Hundreds of unique fish species

A collection of more than 150 species of fish on Fishercat will surely confuse gamers. Those are strange fish that you may not have seen before. Each type has a different shape and movement. Some species are small in size but have different colors, some have striped skin, and some have spines. It even has dolphins, sharks that look good and are often bigger. Not only fish, but the marine world in this game has other species such as shrimp, seaweed, squid, octopus.

The vast expanse of the ocean opens before your eyes and allows you to grasp it fully. With a special fishing rod and bait, you can fish this whole sea. It’s nice to have some great family cat adventures, isn’t it? Learn how to fish to help cats catch more fish and enjoy shopping bonuses.

Stunning graphics

Fishercat offers a bright background, which clearly reflects the colorful ocean landscape. Besides, the picture of sea creatures and game characters is very different with many different designs. The colors in the game are consistent, the sounds are playable and the results are clear. And much more exposure to complete mobile information.

As for the visual interface of the game, it is very simple with the basic operating buttons that come with different types of fishing tools. Just click on them and swipe and drag on the screen to play with both hands. Therefore, it is easy for players to play the game from the beginning, even for children players.

How to install Fishercat MOD Apk

To play the Fishercat MOD APK, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download (APK or MOD) version of Fishercat to MODDED-1.
Step 2: Go to your device’s “settings” and enable anonymous installation. It helps MOD versions to work well on Android devices.
Step 3: Open the file and install it, then play it quickly with the best MOD features.

Download the Fishercat MOD APK for Android

The most beautiful world in Fishercat is sure to keep you happy. Join in to become a cat and learn to fish in the ocean. You only need a fishing rod, a hook, and a net to catch your favorite fish, from the smallest to the largest, from the seas to the sharks. In addition, players can play and enjoy fun music to relax at the same time. These great times will now be found in the link below.

These days, when kids do not have the opportunity to go out and explore our amazing world, you can use these types of games to teach them about life. At The Fishercat, children will have the opportunity to learn about the underwater world and the many creatures that live in the water. From here, they can learn a little bit about how to love and protect this Earth.

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