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Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. One of the world's top 10 most downloaded apps with over 500 million active users.
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About Telegram Mod APK

There are many reasons why it is better to use Telegram because it is the default messaging system for your Android system.

First of all, they have a really large community. After eight years of development, the app has attracted more than 400 million live customers per day. A very large number. Next, do not just contact your partners in your country and overseas. With the Telegram, the geographical distance is not a lower case.

Second, Telegram X pays special attention to customer information security. They use the MTProto protocol as a messaging platform. Clearly, this developer often refines his work environment to avoid the “unnecessary disruption” of employees who often commit themselves to not bringing consumer knowledge to a cooperative government with any party. Information is encrypted in a few layers before posting, which ensures that no one can read your information.

Why use Telegram on Android phones?

First, they have a completely large network. After 8 years of development, the app has attracted more than 400 million healthy customers a day. A large number approximately. Therefore, you can easily contact your friends from overseas and overseas. With Telegram, distance is now no longer a major problem.

Second, Telegram can pay special attention to customer information security. They use the MTProto protocol as a messaging concept. In short, the engineer often changes his office to avoid “unwanted disruption” of staff and commits himself to no longer being able to provide customer statistics to the government or any agency.

Data is encrypted in more than one layer before shipment, which ensures that no one can read your data.

Apart from its security reliability, Telegram does not require your phone to be overheated. You can also use the app smoothly even if you own a mid-range smartphone. The app may also send messages to areas with an unstable initial level. All this is thanks to the Telegram servers deployed worldwide, as part of a distributed community.

Lastly, to make it easier for users to interact with Telegram anytime, anywhere, cloud synchronization software allows you to log in and chat on all platforms including iOS, Android, computer systems, computer device, and tablets.Telegram

Features of Telegram Mod APK

Excellent Telegram works

Many companies select Telegram for communication purposes and to report sensitive news. The goal is that Telegram allows you to create chat companies with a maximum capacity of up to 2,000 people. This variety has greatly improved in different applications in the same category as

Messenger, WhatsApp

Many users have been impressed with the Telegram stickers. Conversations become more fun, humorous, and bitter when you see how to choose funny stickers instead of the words you want to say. Precisely, stickers are constantly updated according to major international development with complete themes about sports, films, artwork, and animals, … You will no longer feel the “expiration” when using the Telegram.

Free Text Messaging

Apart from Messenger, Telegram is the best messaging app for your Android phone. This communication app with over 400 million users worldwide was developed by the Durov brothers. Before starting the Telegram project, they built the Russian communication platform Vkontakte (known as VK), which was later acquired by

The app has many powerful, simple, and useful features, which help users to make calls and send messages every day. Many countries have encouraged their people to use the Telegram for communication purposes, including South Korea.

Some Outstanding Features of the Telegram

  • Create discussion groups with up to 200,000 members

Many companies select Telegram for communication purposes and to report important news. The reason is that Telegram allows you to create discussion groups with as many participants as up to 200,000 people. This number is completely higher than other apps in the same category as the messenger, WhatsApp.

Send funny stickers to friends and family

Many users have been impressed with the Telegram stickers. Conversations become interesting, funny, and heartwarming if you know how to choose funny stickers instead of the words you want to say. In particular, stickers are constantly updated according to world-class styles with full themes about sports, movies, art, and animals, … You will not feel “out of date” when using Telegram.

Edit photos and videos right in the dialog box Telegram

You want to send the photo you just took to your friends but then realize that the photo contains details that you do not want to share with everyone. No third-party editing software is required, Telegram allows you to edit image details in detail and easily. Easily cut, merge, zoom out, zoom in, and rotate your photos.

Add color filters and fun stickers to make your photos more attractive. If you want to hide an ugly face, use a small icon that will make you both look good and help you to hide spots.

Upload unlimited size files

Telegraph lets you upload any file to the dialog, including multimedia files such as mp3, mp4, jpg, m4v.

Apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp usually limit the size of downloaded files (25MB of messenger and 16MB of WhatsApp). You can even upload a movie in the chat box to share with everyone. After successful export, if the files are not deleted by the owner, they will be permanently stored in the cloud.

private messages and calls

If you have private conversations, you do not want a third party to read them, you should use the Telegram private chat box. All chat content will be deleted after 30 minutes, leaving no history or clue. The secret call feature works the same way.

The minimalistic interface is elegant

Although there are many powerful features built into the app, Telegram retains its original, balanced and beautiful interface. There are not too many items on the app’s big screen. Do not interrupt while chatting and sending messages, and avoid touching unwanted features with your hand.

Share your location

If you have an appointment with friends or colleagues, you can easily share your location with just one touch when everyone communicates via Telegram.

Dark mode

The evening is a good time to chat with friends and family. In particular, if you have friends in another part of the hemisphere, you can only chat with them at night. Please choose the dark Telegram mode to reduce the green light, to help protect your eyes.

This app has no ads

Two brothers Durov committed to users Telegram is developed based on a nonprofit model. The app has no on-screen ads, which gives you a much more comfortable experience during use.

Download Telegraph APK & MOD for Android

After years of development, Telegram has become one of the leading Android mobile chat apps. Conversations are very useful, fast, and fun with the fun stickers of this app.

With so many amazing benefits of speed, protection, and powerful functions, Telegram is perfect for becoming an automated word exchange app for your Android phone. Please download the MOD APK for this application using the link given on our website.

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What's new

Notification Sounds and Much More

• Turn any short audio file into a custom notification sound for any chat.
• Disable notifications from any chat for a custom period of time.
• Turn off sound without disabling notifications.
• Quickly set up Auto-Delete and add a custom duration.
• Watch videos in the redesigned picture-in-picture window.
• See which forwarded messages are replies.
• Use powerful web-based interfaces for bots.
• See the full list of changes in the Telegram app.


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