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The app helps you to use three lessons: cycling, swimming, and running. All your training will be fully recorded and clearly matched for easy tracking. Use your phone or smartwatch to view and remember your continuous running or cycling.
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About Strava MOD Apk 

The app helps you to use three lessons: cycling, swimming, and running. All your training will be fully recorded and clearly matched for easy tracking. Use your phone or smartwatch to view and remember your continuous running or cycling. Users can try new ways with millions of other healthy people based on the Strava tracker. You get to feel the integration of the instructions, and as a result, everyone’s health improves.


How Strava tracker offers to help users exercise more systematically and intelligently. The app automatically remembers and tracks running distances, swimming speeds, altitude obtained, and calories burned. Create a mathematical map for running routes, running speed, and swimming. Users can also check the route they are running or ride a bike on the app map, with various challenges to help them train better and compete with others.


• Provide effective and appropriate training methods to all users to help them achieve the most effective training results.
• Remember, to track each running distance, swimming speed, and calories burned and set detailed statistics and charts.
• Set challenges and clear plans to make and improve your body more.
• Share activities with people around you, make friends, compete with them and follow the best training.
• Actively participate in activities organized by clubs and agencies in both exercise and community

MOD APK version of Strava

Some subscription features are on:
• Maps: categories, routes, saved
• Recording: stored tracks and bacon

Strava recommends differently from other dating apps

I used to run every morning and to be honest, self-motivation is really hard. Even installing an app and comparing your miles with other online users does not make the situation any better. But now, Strava has found a great way to get your inspiration. It’s a process of moving away from self-awareness >> Feeling happy when you notice changes >> Recording doctor’s routes / running routes with effective indicators such as a percentage increase compared to the previous time and calories consumed >> Creating a system like a road for users >> And ultimately create challenges between users in the same system.

You can see that in addition to running as fast as using other software (from mileage running to comparison with other doctors), Strava took the necessary steps to “go over” first and come to the competition later. The central features make the training process more enjoyable, which allows the physician to be pleased with his results first, and then when he can compete with another person.

The effect of each element in Strava

The first is the ability to track and evaluate the effectiveness of the exercise routine: By running, walking, or cycling, Strava will track the distance with GPS positioning, thus directly comparing it to your previous performance, and giving appropriate credentials or reminders. Metrics to compare speed, speed, total distance, altitude, and over time.

Following the route mapping feature, it will record the entire journey you have taken and suggest some new routes depending on the physical progress of the doctors. Strava also has a unique ability: the proposed and planned route can be for one sport or a combination of two or three sports.

For example, you usually record yourself swimming at 2-3 pm on weekends, sometimes, you just run early in the morning before going to work. Then after a week of tracking fitness performance with Strava, the app will directly propose a new route that is right for your job and exercise program. For example, there will be 4 days of running a week, 3 days of running from home to the swimming pool and swimming for 30 minutes, and then running back home. On weekends, you run in the morning, swim in the afternoon… And you continue to record your performance when Strava once again offers you the right routes and schedules.

The last big thing is to push yourself and compare your performance with other users. Strava can locate and list active statistics for public users in the same region. It’s like seeing cars near your location. You can also choose whether you want to participate in such competitive shows or not. Believe me, this works well for you to inspire yourself when you see where you are at the level.

What types of games does Strava use to measure performance?

That’s a very long list. Do not think that Strava is just about simple tasks, it grows into many types, even the most unexpected ones. At the popular level, there are activities that everyone loves to do such as swimming, mountaineering, marathon running, indoor running, cycling, hiking, Yoga… boat, surfing …
Strava also interacts well with world-famous social media platforms such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram … to feel free to use the features listed above and share your plan, route, and exercise results on these sites. When you meet like-minded people or distant friends and use the same app or even the same competition with you, it will be very fun, right?

Track Your Qualification Goals

There are many games today that you can play and enjoy. You can enjoy many sports today as many of them can be played like netball, soccer, swimming, soccer, tennis, running and much more. No matter what sport you play, you will still need to exercise a lot to get better.
So, if you want to improve on your favorite game right away, you do not need to buy expensive equipment. You can easily download Strava Premium and track your performance on any Android device today.

With this app from Strava Inc, you can easily track all your runs, your rides, and your performance today. With GPS enabled, this app will work anywhere so you can easily track your records by running and cycling, and swimming.

Here, you can easily see your speed, speed, and data for later analysis. You can record your cycle route, make a map of your favorite routes and see the times you take to complete certain routes!
The app also allows you to get customized training techniques and use it to see the calories burned while working out!


Training to become an expert in three sports swimming, running, and cycling for users. Strava tracker helps your skills improve significantly. With the monitoring process, create effective programs to increase efficiency. The mile counter becomes your personal trainer, helping you along the way.
Users can find different types of exercise that are not as tiring as regular exercise. Strava tracker provides new and exciting workout routines to keep everyone happy. And you know the distance you run and the calories burned after each exercise. This will create more motivation for the user and make them more interested in exercise. After hours of stressful and stressful work, these strenuous activities help you relieve stress, job stress, and learn.

health and community development.

How can you stay fit and healthy at this critical time?

Exercise comes in many different forms. But in this critical time of the covid epidemic, more focused activities such as running, walking, and cycling… become more appropriate. These courses all have the same features: they can be done at any time, they are suitable for all ages, and genders, do not require sophisticated equipment, do not require specific exercise assistants, and most importantly, do not require human interaction.

But one of the great difficulties of these types of exercise is self-control and self-motivation. If someone urged you or trained you to exercise, it would not be so difficult. But here, you have to do it alone. However, at this point, I think there is no better and easier way than to use an app that works specifically in this area.

Strava is an app that helps you keep track of your favorite fitness activities, create a scientific route, and rank challenging training levels. With it, the expert is able to work well on each type of sport, day by day, week by week, and month by month, and you get more motivation to win. All this is well done with the mobile screen with this app.

Download the Strava MOD APK for Android

Strava is a great app with an easy, easy-to-see interface, easy-to-understand statistics, and great motivation features, which works really well. I highly recommend Strava if you want to stay in good shape at home this holiday season.

You can enjoy many apps today that can help you with your fitness journey. But Strava Premium lets you enjoy the world’s largest fitness and sports app today. Here, you can enjoy tracking your performance, recording your routes, and analyzing data.

You can freely view your records at work, swimming, and even cycling with this app. Feel free to enjoy the distance tracker so you can see your performance over time.

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