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Stellarium Plus - Star Map is a planetarium app that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars.
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Apr 24, 2022
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Stellarium Mobile Plus- Star Map – Stellarium Mobile Plus is a great app that you can trust to deliver. This popular open-source app allows you to view the star map.

About Stellarium Plus MOD Apk

Stellarium Plus Star Map is an app that displays exactly what you see as you look up at stars.

Just by pointing your phone at the sky, you can identify stars, constellations, and planets as well as satellites (such as the ISS), in just a few minutes.

The astronomy app has a simple user interface that is easy to use. This makes it a great choice for children and adults who love to explore the night sky.

The Plus version is sure to please even the most ardent astronomers thanks to its large collection of sky objects (up to magnitude 22 versus magnitude 10) and advanced observing features that allow you to control telescopes and prepare for observing sessions.

What is Stellarium Mobile PLUS – Star Map?

Stellarium Mobile Plus, the best mobile app for star maps and learning about the Milky Way, is Stellarium Mobile Plus.

Because the application is based on the Gaia DR2 data database, which contains more than 1.69 million known stars, all known comets, and planets, it has a powerful data source.

This data is derived from a catalog of over 2 million galaxies and nebulae, which is more than any other application. It allows you to see familiar constellations, spot planets, and track artificial satellites as they move through the sky. Many users love the ability to zoom in on the images and see the details.

Features of Stellarium Plus MOD Apk

  • You can view a night sky simulation that accurately simulates the stars and planets at any time, date, or location.
  • You can dive into a variety of stars, nebulas galaxies, star clusters, and other deep-sky objects.
  • Find out how people in other parts of the globe see stars by choosing the shapes and illustrations for the constellations.
  • Track artificial satellites, such as the International Space Station.
  • With realistic sunset, sunrise and atmosphere refraction, you can simulate the landscape and atmosphere.
  • Explore 3D renderings of the major planets in the solar system and their satellites.
  • To avoid darkness adaptation, observe the sky in night mode (red).
  • Explore the limits of your knowledge with a huge collection of stars, galaxies, and star clusters.
  • All known planets, comets, natural satellites, comets, as well as many other minor objects of the solar system (10k asteroids).
  • The most well-known deep-sky objects: A combined catalog of more than 2 million nebulas or galaxies
  • Zooming is almost limitless when zooming in on high-resolution images of deep space objects and planetary surfaces.

Observe the field even without an internet connection with a reduced set of data: 2,000,000 stars, 2,000,000 Deep Sky Objects, and 10k asteroids. You can control your telescope via Bluetooth or WIFI. Any GOTO telescope was compatible with NexStar, SynScan, or LX200 protocols. Prepare your observation sessions with the advanced observation tools to predict celestial objects’ observability and transit times.

Stellarium Plus Star Map was created by the original creator Stellarium, an open-source planetarium that is a well-known and highly regarded application for astronomy on Desktop PC.

To protect your eyes from the darkness

You can also view the planets and stars in another mode if you’re new to night-visioning. To protect your eyes, this app allows you to choose between night and red. This mode allows you to see the planets clearly and without any eye pain. This will allow you to see the galaxy in a completely new way.

The advanced monitoring tool will help you prepare for your monitoring sessions

This app will use advanced tools to identify what you see in the sky when you look at stars. It will identify different stars and planets, as well as comets, satellites, and skies. You can take pictures of other planets by simply pointing your smartphone at the sky.

If you spot a star in the sky that you don’t recognize, you can use your phone to locate it.

Follow the International Space Station (ISS) and artificial satellites

You can not only see the images of the planets but also the movements of the artificial satellites. It allows you to see the movements of these artificial satellites and their actions. This application also provides a view of the satellites and allows you to see how they work. You can also track satellite movements and images.

Unlimited image magnification

There is an almost limitless zoom available if you are interested in a star or planet and wish to view its surface or other features. This app allows you to see the exact sky or surface of any object.

It also allows you to simulate the atmosphere and landscape with realistic sunset, sunrise, and atmosphere. It allows you to quickly view the 3-D renderings of major planets and satellites within the solar system without having to worry about blurring.

The simulated night sky can be viewed at any time.

This app allows you to see 3D images of the planets and stars on any date, time, or place. You can open the app at any hour of the day to see the stars in the sky. The app allows you to view images of stars, galaxies, and star clusters as well as objects in the sky.

You not only know the planets, satellites, and comets in the solar system but also have access to all other planets. This will allow you to expand your knowledge of astronomy. It is possible to see the stars using the illustrations and shapes of the constellations in many celestial cultures.

The app can be used via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Stellarium allows users to control their telescopes using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Users can also control any GOTO telescope with the NexStar, LX200, or SynScan protocols. Stellarium Mobile Plus is a reliable and robust star mapping app that is easy to use, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced astronomer.

The interface is simple and intuitive

Stellarium offers a reliable data feed and a minimalist interface. This will allow you to stay far away from your computer when you need it. To maintain your eye’s adaptability to shadow, the red night mode is utilized.

It displays hourly angles and descending metrics as well as other information that advanced users may need.


Although this app is paid, you get many benefits by using it to help you see the stars in space. This app is well worth the money. It offers a data warehouse that allows you to explore the solar system. Let’s download the app now and start enjoying the night sky.

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