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Speech Assistant AAC is a text-to-speech (TTS) app designed for people who are speech impaired, for example due to Aphasia, MND/ALS, Autism, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy or other speech problems.
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Speech Assistant AAC is an application used for subjects with communication disorders and communication difficulties. They can communicate with others by inserting transcripts. At the same time, the number of words stored in the content can be increased over time to save text typing time. An app to translate text into speech for people with disabilities to speak,

What is Speech Assistant AAC?

Transfers message and audio text content. Suitable for people with speech impairments, such as dyslexia or aphasia. The user can enter text and choose to read aloud or type. This app allows you to customize and create sections, phrases, and messages. It can also save the words you entered for context.

The easy-to-use interface of Speech Assistant AAC makes it easy to use. The app allows users to add text to the app, and the list grows in size as time goes on. Users can even search for a specific word or phrase. If the word is not in the list, users can type it in-person to read aloud.

About AAC Speech Assistant

Speech Assistant AAC provides users with a simple and useful feature when fully submitting text content and audio attachment. This app is perfect for people with communicable diseases.

Speech Assistant AAC is an application used for subjects with communication disorders and communication difficulties. They can communicate with others by inserting transcripts. At the same time, the number of words stored in the content can be increased over time to save text typing time.


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Features of Speech Assistant AAC MOD

Allows you to enter text yourself

The app offers the option to enter text manually or via chatbot. Designed for those who have difficulty communicating. It has many features and works well on most Android devices. It is an excellent choice for those who cannot read. Those who use the keyboard will benefit from this application.

In addition to providing voice service, Voice Assistant AAC also offers a list of optional words and phrases. Then read the text to someone else. If you have trouble typing, you can simply click on the speaker icon. This is a good option for people with limited or no knowledge. The AAC Speech Assistant is designed to allow people with limited speech to communicate with their family and friends.

Text editor

The text-to-speech app can make speech accessible to people with different speech and language problems. The Speech Assistant AAC mod allows you to easily add words, phrases, and paragraphs to create speech text. You can record them yourself by saying these words, or make the device use its own voice to say them. The app can be customized to include more commonly used words. There are many aspects of assisting people who need speech assistance.


The app is easy to use and has accurate connections that work well on portraits or landscape screens. The app also has buttons placed alongside text that help you navigate the app easily. For example, you can click on the A-button or the arrow to make someone else see the words and sentences you have created. There is also a search function, so you can find the words and phrases you are looking for.

This app is designed to help people with speech problems type texts and paste audio. This application allows you to type texts and sounds to communicate in audio environments. You can also save words and phrases so you can refer to them back in context.  It is a good choice for people with speech impediments and other communication challenges.


The feature you can get from AAC Speech Assistant is simple as you will be able to communicate easily with others no matter what your situation. It is absolutely true for many people, such as aphasia, autism, and many other disorders that cause communication. difficulty. At the same time, the application is accessible to an audience that you can read quickly and add the words you usually use in the app.


The first impression you will get from Speech Assistant AAC is an easy-to-use interface during first impressions. It can be used on portraits and landscape screens to enter texts and communicate easily. At the same time, there are feature buttons on the side of the text that help you use the app effectively. It might be helpful to turn on the A-shaped element and the arrow because it will help the other person to see what you will say if you both face each other.


An interesting point that any user will like when using Speech Assistant AAC is text. Specifically, there will be a list of words that you can touch and combine into meaningful sentences. They will be read as soon as they become meaningful sentences, or you will get a speaker icon. At the same time, you can also enter the text yourself if the text you want to say is not in your device’s library.


Text in AAC Speech assistants will usually be very rich, and the number will grow over time. You can add these texts and see the add button at the bottom of the list of texts you can use. Also, there is a list of sections that contain text types depending on which you will use right. So you will easily find the text you use after adding it instead of constantly typing content.


An interesting point you can find in this app is the adjustment of some text-related elements and paragraphs. You can easily adjust the text layout in each section to make a search or follow the path you want. At the same time, the number of these categories also continues to grow as you can add or edit other related features, such as removing some items that you feel are not needed.


You may see regular readers’ content sounds similar to those used by Google. If you do not like it, you can completely change the word using settings and download another word that you think is appropriate.

  • An app can ultimately help more people easily communicate with:
  • An app can ultimately help many people easily communicate with them:
  • Users, especially those with communication disabilities, can easily transfer the content they want to others.
  • Content can be manually added or compiled based on words stored in the app, and the content can be mixed with audio.
  • The app interface is very easy to use to enter text, search for appropriate text categories, and edit specific features.
  • You can customize other text-related features and categories, such as adding text that you often use in different situations.
  • The voice in this app can be changed completely to ensure content transfer and follow user preferences.

Download Speech Assistant AAC MOD APK 

Speech Assistant The AAC MOD APK is divided into sections. Users can back up recorded messages to iCloud, Email, and AirDrop. It also supports voice streaming during FaceTime calls and sessions.

Download Speech Assistant AAC MOD APK with the full open version.


What's new

- New setting to pause and resume speaking by tapping the speak button again. This feature works best with voices from 'Speech Services by Google'.
- The pause between sentences can now be set in the app's speech settings.


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