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SmartTube Next Apk is a new app that allows you to watch YouTube on Android TVs and media boxes. It is an open-source, unofficial YouTube client.
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SmartTube Next MOD Apk – SmartTube Next Apk is a new app that allows you to watch YouTube on Android TVs and media boxes. Smart tube next is an open-source, unofficial YouTube client. It prioritizes the stability and speed of its work. also demands that there is no advertising.

About SmartTube Next MOD Apk

SmartTube Next mod Apk features a multilingual interface and requires at least 4.3 Jelly bean installed on your device. This is a free download.

Why didn’t you develop the Smart YouTube TV app but instead created a new SmartTube Next? This is due to a number of factors. The code changes are frequent, as well as slow launch and navigation speeds. And, most importantly, there are problems when adding new functionality. It was enough to rewrite the entire application.

The beta version 4.6 of the application allows you to modify various settings, like video player settings, and subscribe to or dislike videos. The entire subscription channel’s content can be viewed. Searches can be done by usernames, titles, and tags.

Features of SmartTube Next MOD Apk

Smart Tube Next is the latest work of Smart YouTube TV’s author. This optimizes Youtube’s viewing experience on your TV box. Users can also use the remote control to operate the interface. The APP is open-source, even though it was developed by a third-party developer. It is maintained by a small group.

What’s the difference between the Smart YouTube TV TV and the older version? Smart YouTube TV is the web-based YouTube version, while Smart Tube Next is a fully refactored project using java.

The performance is superior to the older version. However, there are some issues with development. Uploading is more difficult, so compatibility with Smart YouTube TV TV is less good. Smart Tube Next is compatible with the Google service framework. Support mainstream TV boxes such as those used without frames. box, Amber box, Qianxun box, Small box, etc.

Easy Browsing

Smart tube next allows you to browse all your favorite content, including Browse News, Games and Music, History, Subscriptions, History, Playlists, History, and more.

Playback List

SmartTube Next offers Playback service. Browse without ads, all unlocked. You also have many options to use this tool with your remote control (no matter what model).

Search Bar

SmartTube’s next app for android TV application includes a search bar that allows us to view YouTube Premium on our Android-based TV. Smart tube next beta has been optimized to work flawlessly on Smart TVs with Android systems. Although it can be used on mobile, certain functions won’t work because the application was designed for Smart TV.

Free news viewing

SmartTube Next’s news system is free for you to access at any time. All news will be centered on entertainment topics within your country. All foreign words will automatically be translated into your language. This is a great feature that will transform the way you view the news each day.  save information about videos and data you’ve viewed. search for them again, and even view them if you lose them. create playlists that you like to listen to while working or for pleasure.

Play games and listen to music

SmartTube Next is not only a place to watch videos but also a place where music products can be found. The music of many well-known artists will be available to you. There is no doubt about the quality and albums. Music is an excellent choice for those who don’t like to watch videos. To feel better and learn more, relax to get healthier.

This TV application integrates many small games. It is a great entertainment tool that can be used by all ages. You will have many wonderful moments with your family and friends.

Download SmartTube Next Mod Apk – Latest Version

SmartTube Next will still offer recommended videos on the homepage. Next, I’ll talk about the installation section. To select the videos you want to watch, use your remote to scroll through them. Other functions of the remote work as normal while you are viewing. You can adjust the volume or speed, change the playback speed, and fast-forward and reverse the videos.

Visit its official website

Full-screen viewing is recommended to ensure you get the full experience. You can not only watch recommended videos but you also have the option to search for the videos you desire in the search bar.


Smart Tube Next is the latest work of Smart YouTube TV’s author. It optimizes Youtube’s viewing experience on the TV box, so users can use the remote control to operate the interface.

We hope that you enjoy the information presented to you. We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or new information.

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