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Rescue Dash is a fascinating city rescue game ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿš’ A began in the city is plunged into real chaos: all the animals in the local zoo have escaped! ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฆ˜ Seals, dogs, rabbits, raccoons - all of them must be rescued and returned home! The rescue team led by the brave Jessica is in a hurry to help everyone and help the city to regain peace and order! ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿš’โ›‘๏ธ Walk the whole adventure with her and acquire new friends and a cheerful mood.
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Rescue Dash is a game you have to play as a rescuer. You will try to find as many resources as you can, get things out of the way, and reach the rescue goal. At the same time, the number of characters that can participate in the search will grow to help you accelerate the completion of your application, and it will certainly bring you challenges.

About Rescue Dash MOD Apk

The Rescue Dash MOD APK creates a variety of scenarios to give you the opportunity to prove that you are the savior of a city full of chaos. Your goal is to use all the tools provided in accordance with your ultimate ability to solve any problem, bringing peace to your city.

There will be many complexities in life, sometimes with disastrous consequences. And do you think you will be a savior, solving those problems? Rescue Dash will be your place to accomplish your mission.

Do to save the city from panic, and find a peaceful life. Things happen randomly, people try to escape. She will play the role of Jessica and the rescue team to help people find peace. Ensure that the rhythm of city life returns to normal, with no instability occurring.

KEY FEATURES of Rescue Dash MOD Apk

  • Be a hero to save your city with many challenging rescue situations.
  • Rescue everything from humans to endangered species.
  • Explore many beautiful scenes with rich images and vivid colors.
  • Collect as many bonuses as you can freely dress up and make friends.
  • The game pack is completely free, play anywhere.


To enter the game world, you must perform rescue tasks according to the challenges required by each level. You have the task of rescuing and collecting food and kits from the city road. However, you should pay special attention to the time limit that completes the challenge, once the time is up and you have not completed it, you will not be able to unlock the next level.

Win high scores

For gamers, when they participate in a game, always pay attention to the points. Coming to Rescue Dash is the same, doing it all is to get high scores. Otherwise, all attempts at the beginning will be in vain. Instead, devise a smart plan to deal with problems before they arise. Be aware and act quickly, and improve all your abilities.

Difficulty gradually increases through the scale

Rescue Dash will bring many challenging levels to players. This will require advanced skills and smart tips from the player. In addition, it will also be more fun, avoiding causing boredom. Each level will be a maze full of difficulty that you need to stretch your brain to solve.

The rewards are also great you will have when you achieve great achievements. Increasingly difficult and it is an opportunity for players to show off their skills.ย  Enjoy the fun of finding victory, and bring fun to the city.

Increase the strength of the characters

Demands will increase and the character will fade. Use the earned bonus to purchase additional resources and increase power. If the character has more power, the productivity of the work will also be improved. Dealing with the job will no longer be an obstacle. At the same time, you can also coordinate team collaborations and find team partners.

All will soon be done away with through the collective efforts of many people. Most importantly enjoy the feelings and the joy of achieving the results you want together. Let us help them save the city in peace, the people no longer live in fear. Download the Rescue Dash mod to be a brave rescuer.


In the world of Rescue Dash, players will play as a rescuer given the task of resolving problems that arise within the city. The game opens when the player will see problems occurring within the city, and the level begins when he sees a rescue character near the car. So, when you start the game, the first task is to get the rescue order and fully prepare what you have so you can start doing your job in the best way possible.

When a player starts a quest, you will see many things you can share to complete your quest. The journey is not difficult for players to get where they want to go quickly, and that saves them some time on the go, and the game offers a lot of time challenges that you will need to overcome.


In one level of Rescue Dash, players will see resources and goals. In particular, resources are things that you can collect and use to solve future obstacles. Goals are people you will need to rescue or stray animals in the first place. Also, you will be able to easily track your progress in the goal area and continue to save before the time runs out.

You will need to follow a certain amount of time to complete the task at each level. Therefore, you will choose the right travel strategy to collect resources quickly and clear obstacles along the way. You will see many resources appear, and their use is completely different. At the same time, you will need to clean up your act so that you can clean yourself up.

Different Levels will Bring Excitement

The most common app you get for this game is a hamburger that gives you enough power to clean things up or fix things you need. At the same time, new resources will emerge over time and provide you with challenges such as toolboxes to help you adjust any item or shovels to help you dig for hidden items. Therefore, a number of different levels will bring excitement to the players.


It can be said that the number of levels you will need in Rescue Dash is completely different, so it is necessary to use what you have in the right way. If you fail a level, you will need to restart it. Of course, you will have a certain number of heart figures to use, and of course, they will be fully collected after the waiting period. You can also get prizes at the beginning of the game.

One of the most important help you can get in a game is to add supporting characters. You can call them if certain conditions are met, and they will speed up the collection of resources and troubleshooting problems. So it will create some profit in the game but it will require your concentration when managing two characters will be very difficult and will need to continue when assigning them specific tasks.

Players will experience exciting gameplay related to rescue in this game:

  • A player-controlled rescuer will complete the requests he receives in a timely manner and overcome many obstacles.
  • They will find a wide range of resources with different roles, and among them, hamburgers are a common occurrence on the levels.
  • You will need to have enough resources to solve the obstacles you face in order to reach the rescue goal and overcome many different levels.
  • In some cases, you will also be able to test the level with a certain heart rate, based on the number of hearts you currently have.
  • The number of characters that can participate in the demand will grow and requires you to take care of them and give them a job.

Download Rescue Dash mod – Take the city out of panic

The city is currently facing a dangerous situation. Wildlife seems to threaten children and sweep everything. Jobs become stagnant, people are unable to continue working to earn a living. They are always afraid, seeking refuge in order to escape the onslaught of fearsome animals.

This journey will require hard work, effort, and courage. In addition, some animals will not stand so you can attack them. There are many obstacles to overcome. Whether a city can return to its original condition depends on your ability.


What's new

New Rescue Dash update!

- New levels at Jimmy Nonka's factory! Marshmallows and jelly are still drawing visitors into their traps. Plus, someone is stuck on a raft in the middle of the yogurt river! Toss the victims a rescue rope before they float too far away!
- Added new levels to the To the Rescue! event
- Gameplay has been optimized.

Let's get rescuing!


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