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Relay to Reddit (Pro) – Relay For Reddit brings features that allow you to access the content on Reddit quickly. You have access to a web interface with user-friendly features that you can modify the layout to suit your needs. In addition, you can search for the subreddits that you want to locate and block those you don’t want to see. You can receive alerts and respond to messages sent to your inbox.

About Relay for Reddit Apk MOD

While it’s not as popular as Facebook as Twitter, Reddit is still considered to be one of the biggest social networks with regard to the number of active users. It’s not even forgetting that Reddit is appreciated by a lot of Internet users, including users who are already established on other platforms. They find it for being very engaging and informative at the same time. This is why people are shifting to accessing content via social platform instead.

However, since Reddit’s Reddit UI is quite classic and not very unique it is likely that you certainly like to change the look to enhance your online experience. Also, Relay for Reddit professionals will take Android users to an upgraded and improved browsing experience by introducing a brand new overlay to the old UI on Reddit.

What does Relay for Reddit do?

With the app for mobile, Android users can easily improve the user interface on the Reddit pages. It is possible to load the site using Relay for Reddit. The application will work as an ordinary web browser. When you open it, it will alter the appearance of your Reddit pages, with a variety of stunning and easy-to-use design options. Take advantage of the fresh and clean interfaces of the app for mobile devices. Try to make maximum use of your browsing experience by using the available tools.

Key Features to enjoy the content of Reddit:

  • Users will be presented with an easy-to-use interface, with tabs for features that they can locate and begin reading the content they are seeing.
  • Subreddits can be easily searched and the elements you do not like or have already read are kept secret.
  • There are a variety of media you can discover on Reddit and you are able to make use of multiple accounts at the same time.
  • You can modify the user interface to your preferred theme, and also change the layout so that you can view the content in a more convenient way.
  • The notifications and the messages are delivered to you. You can easily access the messages to continue conversations with other users.

Features of Relay for Reddit MOD Apk

Enjoy working with the most beautiful and easy Interface that is filled with beautiful animated transitions carefully designed elements, and more. You will enjoy working with advanced comment navigation tools so you don’t get lost in the abysmal Reddit posts. Take advantage of the additional options if you’re a moderator in order to enhance your Reddit pages more user-friendly. Lock various notifications, make gorgeous thumbnails, and more.


Once users are able to use Relay For Reddit, they will eventually come to its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. There are a variety of videos and content that you can view and select any feature you like. Additionally, the program is divided into several tabs to allow you to easily navigate and locate the content you want to watch or read to enjoy. In fact, you’ll be able to comprehend the function in these tabs.


The fact that you’ve read a particular article will be marked as a bookmark which is helpful when using Relay For Reddit. You’ll be able to see what you’ve read and continue searching for new articles This feature comes with a feature that allows you to filter read posts. Therefore, based on the requirements to read your posts you can choose to hide the posts or leave them unread. It is certain that this will be an option that any user will always use.


Users can look up specific content to stream on Relay For Reddit through the subreddit search feature. It is possible to type any search term you’d like to connect to the subject you’re trying to find information or entertainment.

In addition, you can filter out those subreddits you don’t need to find to make your search simpler. There will also be numerous elements that you can look at using the app.


Apart from the features, you’ll discover inside Relay For Reddit, there are a variety of other sources to play with and amuse you in a way. In particular, you can enjoy videos GIFs, videos, Youtube, and many other types of media.

It is said that due to the wide variety of media available, viewers can easily access diverse and interesting information. You’ll be completely immersed in the constant learning of new information by swiping.


If you are using the app it is certain that you will get notifications regarding specific posts or messages sent by other users. The application can help to collect messages to allow you to come and look them up whenever you’d like.

You can also respond to other users on topics you’re talking about with them. In addition, users can access an advanced search feature for comments which allows them to search for comments that are interesting to them.


The most notable thing that happens for users who use the app is that they are able to make use of multiple accounts simultaneously. It’s beneficial to them since they don’t have to install any other software which is included to run two accounts at the same time.

Additionally, the process of switching from one account to the other is quick and makes your experience smooth. Thus, the fun factor can be different in the event that two accounts are utilized in different ways.


Modifying the interface is a must desired by any software, so this program will do the same for you. Particularly, users can change their themes as fast as dark themes based on their use time and personal preferences. It is also possible to alter the layout of posts you read so that you can see images with greater clarity. The program also allows changes to size and font styles.

Experience the refreshed UI with stunning and easy UI

For starters, Android users can enjoy using the stunning and easy-to-use interface of Relay for Reddit. It was created from Material Design. Explore the amazing animations and the smooth transitions that make the app more enjoyable to play with. Take pleasure in the amazing mobile application and make the most of its features to appreciate the new interface.

You can easily control your Reddit pages

To ensure that Android users are able to enjoy the app experience, Relay for Reddit comes with intuitive and easy-to-use browsing options that you can use quickly. In this case, comments and links load simultaneously and you simply swipe to open each of them.

It is possible to work with the advanced navigation of comments that will permit Android users to effortlessly browse between threads, locate keywords or keywords, etc. The most important thing is that the preview options inline for videos and pictures, as well as GIFs, will let you browse the internet more effectively.

Gain access to more functions as Moderator

If you are moderators for certain threads or pages You can now have fun using new features available in Relay for Reddit. You can use the app to search for distinct posts, enable sticky posts, or band users. These options will be more easily accessible than you would expect.

Have fun creating amazing themes

If you’d like to experience new visual experiences for the Reddit pages, you are welcome to allow stunning themes on Relay for Reddit. You can have fun with the many different options you can choose from. Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful nighttime mode that lets you work comfortably to improve your visual experience, especially at night.

It is possible to use multiple accounts.

In Relay for Reddit, Android users can enjoy using multiple accounts. So, you’ll be able to use a number of your Reddit accounts with no restrictions. You can enjoy a similar or personalized visual experience with the updated app UI.

Communication with other members is easy and quick.

If you need to get in touch with your friends, or anyone else in this community, then you are able to effortlessly send messages straight to one another. Respond to messages from other users straight through your Inbox and enjoy chatting with your friends in Relay for Reddit. The app also allows notifications, messages from mods, and mod queues, which are crucial for users to be able to work with.

Make sure you have a comfortable experience 

To ensure that all Android users enjoy an enjoyable browsing experience Relay for Reddit now offers a variety of thoughtful features to enhance you Reddit pages. You can now easily remove subreddits you don’t enjoy. Also, you can avoid spoilers from happening by following the warnings from Relay for Reddit.

Customize the interfaces at your own discretion.

To make the application more exciting It is possible to alter the interface using new functions and features. You can enjoy a variety of modifications that allow you to easily alter the font style and size on every Reddit post. You can unlock different compositions that best suit your left-handed needs and views. The list is endless.

Download high-resolution thumbnails

You can also look at high-resolution thumbnails on Relay for Reddit, which makes the content much more interesting. If you’d like to download the images, you are welcome to get the photos in the highest quality they can be.

Add friends and search options

Along with full search and friends functionality, Relay for Reddit offers several new features you typically don’t get on the original application. Users can interact more with fellow Redditors, and also make simple searches to find their preferred content.

Some interesting icons to use

In addition, thanks to the new images taken from Rageface along with MLP emotion, Android users can have more fun commenting on different posts. Participate in fun and engaging chats with friends anytime you’re up for it.

Download Relay for Reddit MOD Apk

Then, last not least, with the unlocked and free version of the app accessible on our website, Android users can enjoy the professional edition of Relay for Reddit, without paying anything. You can enjoy the ad-free, full-featured app whenever you want. Just download Relay for Reddit Pro APK, and install it on your device Relay for Reddit Pro APK Follow the instructions, and you’ll be ready to go.


With Joey from Reddit, Android users will get yet another fantastic mobile application to personalize their Reddit experience. You are welcome to participate in the amazing app and make the most of its features simply by soaking yourself in your totally altered Reddit pages.

Learn how to make simple changes and add a certain level of personalization to your application and get the most out of its capabilities. Also, using the free as well as unlocked versions of Relay for Reddit Pro available on our site there are additional reasons to love the app.

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