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Reface – Today, photo editing apps are gaining popularity. You can get the image you want in one app, instead of the complicated and sophisticated Photoshop software. If you want to make funny pictures, FaceApp and REFACE are decisions that would not be better suited.

A short time ago, FaceApp created a tradition of changing young people into adults. Every day, when we check the newsfeed, we can easily see the people we post and share such photos with. Now, a new trend has taken over the throne when REFACE – the face change app has been released for Android. Let’s take a look at this article!

What is REFACE Mod Apk?

Get ready to enjoy this amazing powerful AI mobile app from NEOCRTEXT, where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of deep photography with many exciting and exciting experiences.

Feel free to use the app to turn your face into a great agent movie, pretend to be a professional chef, dance with your favorite MVs, or simply swap faces with your friends. Using advanced deep fake technology, REFACE will allow Android users to enjoy playing with great options within the amazing mobile app.

Enjoy creating face-to-face videos with all sorts of interesting settings and additional viewing effects. Or customize your photos with a fun face swap where you can see no one. Have fun with this amazing mobile app whenever you want to use your portable devices.

What does REFACE MOD Apk do?

Deepfake technology has always been a great forum for art lovers to talk. Some argue that they present certain threats that, if not properly managed, could lead to serious disruption and loss of recognition among the community. At the same time, you can not deny the ingenuity and interesting applications of technology. And with REFACE, you will be able to enjoy the great use of deep fake which will bring you great laughter. For those of you who love the fun art of facial deception, you can enjoy this amazing REFACE app with its many useful features. With REFACE’s deepfake AI unique, users can enjoy the amazing use of the app and enable its amazing features.

Features of Reface MOD Apk

Use advanced AI technology to combine your daily sources of videos, photos, GIFs, or photos with your ingenuity. Create interesting and exciting images with an amazing visual experience, which will keep you connected to this amazing mobile app and its features. Enjoy working with this amazing mobile app and use its amazing features, which will keep you attached to smart videos, photos, and photos of your choice. Freely select the faces of different characters, customize your surroundings, and customize all videos and photos with your creative face-changing effects.

Video-changing face app

As the name implies, REFACE – face change is a key feature of this application. Specifically, you will use your face to change the faces of celebrities and artists in available videos.

After selecting your face (either by taking a photo with the camera or using a photo available in the gallery), you will see many of the videos available. Let’s try one. The process of changing the character’s face in the video begins, waiting a few seconds for the result.

Want Miley Cyrus in the music video for Wrecking Ball? It’s very simple. Search for the artist’s name and select videos provided by this app.

Get a face in a smart way

REFACE is based on artificial intelligence technology. It will automatically scan the image to see all the details on the face. From there, it replaces the character’s face in another video on your face.

It is worth mentioning here that the REFACE image analyst has many details. It will examine each pixel, and decide whether to change that pixel or not. So your video becomes more real than ever.

Videos are updated according to trends

In the Home section, you can find thousands of videos, and cut scenes from popular movies like Titanic, Marvel, or the Game of Thrones series. They are divided into small sections so that you can easily find the location and the character you want to play.

Alternatively, try a video series from celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Jack Sparrow, Selena Gomez, or Taylor Swift. You have the opportunity to translate your favorite characters.

There are also fun gifs from Tenor. Sure, you’ve seen them somewhere, haven’t you? Yes, they are widely used on social networking sites.

Simple and easy to use

From the outset, Android users on REFACE will find themselves enjoying a simple and easy-to-use app, which will ensure that they can work comfortably with the app and its features. Just take your pictures and choose the face you want to use later. Then, feel free to access many special features in this amazing mobile app, which will allow you to swap faces and create fun deepfake effects.

Edit both your photos and videos

First and foremost, you can enjoy working with REFACE transition features so you can easily work on any selected images, GIFs, or videos, which will make every feel even more enjoyable. Let yourself stand next to your favorite celebrities on magazine posters. Enjoy interesting movie scenes in your presence. Also, allow all kinds of REFACE results that will impress and surprise your friends.

Enjoy different switching options

For those of you who are interested, you can start working with the app by using many useful switching options. Enjoy changing your face and others within a group photo.

Adjust all faces to the details and enjoy customizable visual effects. At the same time, try again with a unique sex change option, which will allow you to appear in any selected video as the opposite sex. So, creating creative content is very fun for viewers.

Make natural changes to your face

At the same time, you also enjoy the amazing Deep Fake Maker and Face Changer, which will allow you to adjust all the details on your face. Try to create and enable natural changes in your facial features, which will gradually improve your appearance. At the same time, subtle yet fascinating changes will make the videos more believable. Therefore, it allows you to enjoy working with your creative content.

Save quickly and share your works of art

Also, to make the app more fun, Android users can enjoy working with accessible storage and sharing options, which will allow you to easily save edited videos to your Android storage. Or just share files via email with messengers or any selected social networks with the most appropriate preset settings. Enjoy working with the program and its exciting features that will impress you.

Enjoy working with new content every day

Here at REFACE, you can also enjoy working with new editing tools every day, thanks to a constantly updated library from NEOCORTEXT. Enjoy working with new videos, GIFs, and photos posted every day. Express your creativity freely and enjoy the app with this content available. Enjoy playing with all the features and organizing the content to your liking.

Download the Latest version of REFACE MOD Apk

Although the app is free for users to enjoy in the Google Play Store, it still includes ads and in-app purchases that may bother you.

So, if you do not want to unlock these for real money, it will be the best option to install a modified version of the app on our website. Here we provide an open app with all the features of Pro for free. All you have to do is download and install the REFACE Mod APK on our website.

Every day, shortcuts videos, and gif files are being updated. You can follow and find the hottest trend in the REFACE newsfeed. In the meantime, visit the app, choose unique videos to create memes, and share them with your friends.


Those of you who love the popular FaceApp will find you even more satisfied with this amazing REFACE mobile app. Here, not only will you be able to change your face in photos but you will also enjoy in-depth smart features, which will also apply to your videos. Enjoy the best visual experience within the app and enjoy playing with your ingenuity.


What's new

A huge update for the home tab is here! Now it’s easier to navigate and browse even more content in a newly designed way. Specifically:
- swap faces in videos in one tap;
- explore content collections by themes;
- browse songs & phrases to animate your photos;
- discover top collections every week;
- access exclusive collections for pro users.
Enjoy your next-level entertainment.
We are always striving to improve our app and the quality of your experience.


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