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Jun 21, 2022
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Quran Majeed MOD apk – Quran Majeed can be used to help users have amazing religious experiences. This application is perfect for those who have great faith and faith. This application will allow users to pray extremely quickly from their mobile devices, anywhere and anytime.

Quran Majeed – A great app for Muslims

Islam is a very popular religion and is widely supported by people around the globe. There is a large Muslim community in India and many other countries. It is therefore imperative that an application be made to support Muslims such as Quran Majeed.

This app is published by Pakdata and falls under the category Books and References on Google Play. This application will support the user’s basic prayer requirements and provide useful information about Islam. It has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times and received a rating of 5 on Google Play. This application is easy to use and you will love it.

Key Features of Quran Majeed MOD Apk

  • Prayer application featuring the most inspirational and beautiful voices from around the globe.
  • Many languages have been translated for immediate use.
  • There are many sound options that can be used to enhance the
  • memorization and comprehension of sutras.
  • We will use different modes, themes, and colors to inspire our prayer.
  • Use the search and filter features to find scriptures quickly, even if you only have one word.

Features of Quran Majeed MOD Apk

Audio recordings of Quran reciters are well-known

For any religion, audio recitation is an essential part of their daily lives. Islam is no exception. Quran Majeed knows that the application strives to provide users with beautiful voices and easy-to-understand voices. The audio clips used in the application come from well-known prayer readers all over the world.

You will recognize names such as Sheikh Abdul Basit and Sheikh As Sundays, & As Shrym, Mishari Rashid, and many more. A clear, easy-to-understand voice will make it easier to absorb the information and make memorizing much simpler.

Customize audio listening mode

Quran Majeed allows users to customize audio listening modes and recite Quran Majeed with attractive voices. You can optimize your memorization by choosing the right mode. You will find it easier to memorize if you use familiar modes like repetition, repetition number, speed, and repetition. To achieve maximum efficiency, you must persevere.

Prayer timer

Quran Majeed is a firm believer in sharing the core values of prayer with users, so this app cannot be without a timer or statistics list. You can view World Prayer Hours (Salah/Namaz), with various notification options, when you use the application.

This will solve all problems related to different prayer times in different countries. The notification will be sent to your device just in time to allow you to start the prayer process right away.

Find information

For any new audience of prayer, it is difficult to remember long passages of text while praying. This application provides users with an easy-to-use search engine that instantly finds the correct text. This application also solves the problem of language barriers.

All translations to many languages have been supported by the publisher for ease of access by all users. There are currently more than 45 languages that can be used immediately. The next updates will add many more languages to suit everyone’s needs. This application is very user-friendly and can be used by all types of users.

Intuitive, customizable interface

Quran Majeed has received a lot of support because of its intuitive interface. A good interface makes the prayer process easier and more enjoyable. The application offers a simple interface and a lot of features.

You can choose from a variety of themes to customize the interface to suit your preferences. The most common themes are Green, Classic Blue, and Night Mode.


A person who can recite the scriptures clearly and with a clear voice is something every Muslim wants. A good recitation is a great advantage, even for people who are new to prayer. This application will allow you to hear famous recitations from all over the world.


It can be difficult to memorize long texts if you are just starting out in prayer. How can beginners locate passages within very long texts? This application allows users to search scriptures using only one word that they know.


The application should allow users to access the scriptures in their native language. The developers of the application have done their best to provide four translations in English, the most widely used language in the world. Users can also use the app with 45 translations in other languages around the globe.


Prayer time is a key factor in ensuring effective prayer sessions. This app will give you a Worldwide Prayer Time (Salah/Namaz), clock with Athan alarm options. You will also find the different prayer times that you can use for your prayer meeting.


It is important to remember scripture passages and pray. The application also offers a variety of audio methods that can be used to improve your memorizing of scriptures. You can memorize scriptures better by using modes such as repeating surah, ayah, number of repetitions, and interval.

There are many themes to choose from

The interface feature is essential in order to create the best possible prayer app. Your users will be more excited about praying if they have a great interface and visual experience. The app also offers many different theme modes, including Night Mode, Classic Green, Night Mode, and Light & Brown.

How to Install Quran Majeed MOD Apk?

Before you download the application, ensure that your device has not previously installed any other Quran Majeed versions. If so, delete it.

Step 1: Download and install the Quran Majeed app (MOD Version).

Step 2: Once the download is completed, click on the Install button to continue with the installation. Once the download is completed, the app icon will appear on your home screen.

Step 3: Now, just touch the icon to instantly start the application.

Download Quran Majeed MOD APK Android

Quran Majeed is not only available to a select few Muslim target audiences, but it has made an impact and attracted many users. The best features of this application make it easy to pray and reach the Islamic faith. or get it from Quranmajeed. app

You can also use the MOD version, which is below the article, to access more advanced features. It’s also completely free and easy to install.

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