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The lightning QR code scanner app for Android devices to scan QR code. It supports all QR/barcode formats! 👍
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QR Code Reader MOD Apk: Barcode Scanner – It is much easier to exchange information in order to work in the service industry. With QR Code Reader and Generator support, it’s easy to do this in today’s technological era. This application allows you to create various types of QR codes for your work. This application allows you to quickly scan QR codes and barcodes for the most accurate and relevant information.

About QR Code Reader MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Everything can be shared easily with a simple QR code or barcode that you can scan with your mobile device. use the QR codes to scan product information, unlock links, log into accounts, share information, and many other applications.

LookAndFel Lab has created a mobile app that allows Android users to scan QR codes and generate the codes they choose. All the features of a fully-featured mobile application that allows you to do everything with your QR codes.

Our comprehensive reviews will help you learn more about this app for QR code readers and all its features.

What is it used for?

Android users can find the best QR and barcode reader apps here in QR code reader. It is easy to scan any code type and it is always available. You can also use it for generating codes of any type and providing different information. It makes data sharing super simple.

Enjoy dozens of implementations using QR and barcodes. QR code reader allows you to share your phone number and links with other QR code readers. The app has a fast code reader that scans all QR and barcodes within seconds.

Quickly save your codes and easily share them with others. Use the flashlight to illuminate codes in low-light conditions. These features should make it easier for Android users to use their QR codes more often.

Key Features of QR Scanner MOD Apk

  • This application can scan all codes. It scans both QR codes as well as barcodes. The application provides fast results and high accuracy.
  • This application can be used to generate many types of QR codes.
  • The results are immediately available, which is very convenient for people who do business and need lots of QR codes.
  • You can connect the QR codes to the application and share your contacts with colleagues or friends; they’ll get your information right away.
  • This application supports a flashlight to scan low-light areas. You can use it to scan code regardless of where it is and when it’s dark.
  • You can verify the authenticity of the codes that you just scanned. Without fear of being sold a fraud, you can tell the difference between genuine and fake application information.

Features of QR Scanner Mod Apk


There are many code scanning apps on the market today, but QR Code Reader and Generator are the most popular. This application is becoming increasingly popular due to its recognition and the variety of utilities it offers. You can scan any code, QR code, or barcode, and get the most accurate and fastest results each time.


This app allows you to create multiple QR accounts at once. QR Code Reader and Generator are quick to generate QR codes. It takes just a few seconds to generate the code using this app, and it usually takes less than one minute.

This application is trusted by many because of its speed and accuracy. It is ideal for business people to create the codes needed for their products.


This application will allow you to save time and maximize your productivity. This application is great for communicating with your colleagues at school and work. You can share contacts with QR codes quickly for many reasons. You can easily share your information with multiple people using one code. It also makes it easier to connect with people.


QR Code Reader & Generic can be used by users to aid in many jobs. It can be used anywhere and anytime, even in the dark. This application can support flashlights for all locations, so it is able to work with light in the dark. It is light-insensitive, so you can use it at any hour of the day. This allows you to clearly see and scan all the codes that you have.

Verify the reliability of SCANNED COD

There are so many models and products on the market, that it can be difficult to know which product you should trust. This app will help you. Simply download it and scan any product that you are unsure about. It will quickly give you results and verify that the products you’re using are authentic. You can shop for unusual items today with confidence thanks to reliable verification by scan codes.


You have likely transacted many QR codes to meet your work needs. QR Code Reader & generator records every transaction and code scan. Simply scan any code that you have and the app will save the information as well as the code number that you received that day. You can either check back later or copy the code and send it to everyone.

Mobile devices: Quick and easy code reader

Android users with QR code readers will be able to access the quick and simple code reader for their mobile devices. This allows them to quickly read QR codes on products and share QR codes in a matter of seconds. You just need to open the app and give the camera access permission. Then point the camera at your codes.

The app will automatically detect and give you any additional information. Scan QR codes at the supermarket to find barcodes for products, or perform quick web searches using the shared codes. You can also share and read the location QR code to allow others to track your current location.

Also, scan QR codes in low-light environments with the flashlight option of a QR code reader.

Multiple applications can be created with a QR code and barcode

use the QR code reader to create QR and barcodes with multiple implementations. Select the content and generate codes. save your codes or share them with others.

The QR code reader is a tool that allows people to create QR and barcodes for their phones, predefined SMSs, and links to websites. It also lets them send custom messages, email messages, Vcard contact details, important events, location, clipboard content, and other information.

Explore the many applications available in the app and make great use of your QR codes with a QR code reader.

Share and save codes with others

QR code readers can save all generated codes and view them later in the History menu. also, share your generated codes with others via the quick sharing options on messaging apps or social media platforms.

Download QR Scanner Apk MOD – Latest Version

Last but not least, if you are interested in the QR code reader, you can download the unlocked and free version on our website. You just need to download the QR code reader Mod APK and follow the instructions to get started. or Get it from the Google Play store.

Android users have the option to unlock the premium, unlocked app and enjoy an ad-free, optimized experience. enjoy anonymity by disabling any app trackers and analytics. also, ensure complete privacy by removing all unwanted files and permissions from apps.


It has many useful features and can be used for multiple purposes. use it to access shared data and collect important information. You can also create your own codes and share them with others with a QR code reader. Its many applications will be a big hit with mobile users.

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