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Pure Tuber is an android ad blocker that helps you skip annoying ads during video streaming. All types of ads, such as hijackers and banners, are prohibited to improve user experience.
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About Pure Tuber MOD Apk

Do you want to avoid seeing ads while watching videos? Then download the Pure Tuber MOD apk now. Pure tuber MOD APK is a free ad program and free paid app. Additionally, you can block ads while watching videos.

Today, free apps are everywhere, but they also come with a series of advertising videos that waste your time and interest. Pure Tuber: Block Ads on Video is a good solution for you when you are suffering from ads. With outstanding features, this app guarantees to help you finally remove all ads from videos and apps and supports you to watch the most enjoyable videos.

What is Pure Tuber?

Pure Tuber is an android ad blocker that helps you skip annoying ads during video streaming. All types of ads, such as hijackers and banners, are prohibited to improve user experience.

You can continue to watch videos in the background while performing other tasks such as browsing other social media platforms and more.

Video editing can be customized from 144p to 8K, depending on your hardware and internet speed. You can bookmark your favorites so you can get back to them quickly without losing any continuity.

Our mod version offers VIP Unlocked, no ads, and much more for free. So download it now.


There are no videos the app can control. Any ads uploaded to online videos will be blocked, which ensures that video views are very smooth.

When you visit any website, you will sometimes encounter annoying and confusing relevant ads, sometimes underground ads under 18+. These problems are not only annoying but also affect the battery performance of the phone. With Pure Tuber, the app will block and remove all unnecessary ads from the browsers, and the app will also support preventing hijackers.


Have you ever been in a situation where you were watching a video on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, or WhatsApp,… but you need to switch to another application? Now, by using this app, you can finally trim any video you watch, then watch it and switch to another program at once. This will make you more likely to miss your great videos.


Video windows shrink in the corner of the screen; you can also easily adjust their appropriate size. Please select the correct size, and move it to any suitable screen angle; this will give you more flexibility in viewing and using other applications.


Once your device is verified to have a solid configuration, Pure Tuber will be able to play your videos in 8K quality. Of course, in the case of stable internet or low configuration, you can also select 144p, 360p, or 480p resolution,…


The app does not require any additional apps and does not require access to many device functions. Application performance is straightforward to understand; just go through the instructions so you can use it quickly.


Removing annoying ads not only saves a lot of time when watching videos or accessing apps but also supports your device in an amazing way. You do not watch advertising videos, so there will be no repository for these promotional videos, which saves the device memory available. Released background ads will also help you save battery, save device data.


Pure Tuber also offers you a large video store with a variety of titles, especially without ads. These videos can be about music, movies, or science, … and are updated regularly according to the latest information.


Sign in to your account. This will help you to maintain all your video viewing processes in the app. This saves you a lot of time when you go back to watching old videos. Even if you switch devices, this view will be remembered.

Block Ads for Free

Blocks all types of ad formats such as banners, hijackers, and videos. So you will get a better user experience by using it.
In addition, it includes many YT videos, so you can enjoy YouTube Premium for free.


You can create your own playlist and add tons of amazing videos from around the world to watch for a treat. In addition, you can also share it with your friends and family to have fun together. Apart from this, there may be many customizations such as play order and so on.

Ultra HD Player

You can watch all videos in Full HD, Ultra HD, and even 8K quality. You can choose video resolution from 144p to 8K based on your internet capabilities and the high resolution supported by your device.

Go to Fast.com to find out about your internet speed and then go to Settings> Display> Configuration to find out your answer. To avoid all of this, you can simply set it to default mode to choose the best quality you can.

Trending Videos

To use the Pure Tuber MOD APK you must-have for any Affiliate Promoter any program. That means the reason for placing ads in the video is that you will be given to watch these ads. Pure tuber app is a google play store where you can download and watch your favorite videos without advertising.

Features of Pure Tuber MOD Apk

  • Some applications may run while the video is playing.
  • Direct video can be downloaded here
  •  You can reduce and enhance the video quality as you wish.

This app has a background play so you do not need to make background settings.
Block Video Ads without purchasing a premium.

The program algorithm is so powerful that over 99.98 percent of episodes are played without problems, and there is no advertising in it. Another important factor is the elimination of emerging ads. These ads, which are more annoying than video ads, are easy to remove and will never appear unexpectedly.

Play videos in the background

When we watch a video or a short clip, our friends send us various messages via Whatsapp or by phone. If we wish to reply to these messages, the video will play automatically, and we will have to call the clip player app again after sending a reply. However, one of the most important and widely used features of Pure Tuber – No Ads Tube and Free Playback Advanced after streaming videos.

Choose the video quality you like

The internet, which we use every day for communication, has a changing speed.


Pure Tuber app – No features for ADs Tube and Free Profit with the power of its developer released for free. Dear friends, you can now download the latest VIP version of this unique team without having to limit access to resources on our website Gloriousmodapk.com

All in all, we have compiled all the detailed information about the Pure Tuber MOD APK. This app is 90% similar to the YouTube program. You can watch all YouTube videos with many attributes. Generally, YouTube contains ads across all videos. Use this app to watch all YouTube videos without ads. Never buy a premium and a family package. Download the latest version of the MOD app to enjoy all the videos.

You can Download Puretuber or other apps from our website Gloriousmodapk.com

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