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Programming Hub is a great tool you can have on your mobile devices. Here, you can try to learn any coding lessons you want, from the great Programming Hub library, where thousands of different courses are collected, allowing you to fully participate in the learning experience.
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What is Programming Hub Pro?

This code and editing app is created using research and in collaboration with Google experts and provides a complete way to learn to edit. You will learn to make codes as a professional, and have fun as a game. Easy, fast, and fun!

Features of Programming Hub Pro
• Google Play editor option.
• Google Play’s “Best” of 2017!
• Recognize and support the Google launchpad accelerator.
• No Ads.
• Learn Java, R Programming, HTML, Javascript, C ++, C Programming More.

What is it?

For those of you who love the art of coding and editing, then you will surely find this fun mobile app Programming Hub is a great tool you can have on your mobile devices. Here, you can try to learn any coding lessons you want, from the great Programming Hub library, where thousands of different courses are collected, allowing you to fully participate in the learning experience.

And most importantly, with this fun mobile app, you can enjoy your mobile learning experience, which is extremely accessible and suitable for mobile users in most cases. Now, you can enjoy a quick talk while you are on the train to work or do some solid exercise in just a few minutes. All of this should keep you focused on the learning experience while minimizing the time you spend.

Feel free to learn any programming languages ​​you want, or explore the world of computer science in a variety of fields. Everything will be included in the Programming Hub and well explained to fully understand it. As a result, you should be able to do all you can with the Programming Hub.

Fully integrated and advanced built-in connector

And for those looking for a tool that can use your completed multilingual programs, Programming Hub also offers its own built-in integrator, which is compatible with more than 20 programming languages ​​available in the app. Here, you can enjoy making your plans and checking them out completely, thanks to the efficient and satisfying performance of the app.

Accurate and accessible images following lessons

To make in-app lessons easier and more accessible, Programming Hub also provides attractive illustrations, which will add some features to the visual comprehension of current courses. As a result, you should find yourself more interested in the lessons and be able to truly engage in what you are learning.

Progress quickly with a collaborative learning experience

In addition, for those of you who are interested, you can continue to engage in interactive learning experiences in the Programming Hub, not just for fun illustrations, but many learning materials including content. This should make it much easier for you to fully understand the lessons and make the most of your efforts.

Regular updates will introduce new content

To ensure the quality of learning materials and lessons in the Programming Hub, the app also comes with regular updates, which should be available from time to time. Here, you can easily access the learning experience with many new planning examples and courses available. All of that needs to be reviewed along with previous lessons.

Take new in-app modules

Also, to make the app more efficient, Programming Hub also introduces many new in-app modules to test. Each of them should open up new features and functions for your encoding links. Starting with a test and review module is important for making sure you write codes correctly. You can now use many other modules to improve your performance and learning skills.

Get real certificates of completion

And whenever you finish your coding and programming courses, it is also possible for Android users in the Programming Hub to take certificates to complete them. So, you can find something to include in your CV. Feel free to verify your certificates, share your progress, and have the necessary qualifications to complete your studies.

Enjoy self-disclosure without ads

For those of you who like it, the app offers its own self-awareness without ads so you can really participate in the lessons. As a result, you will not have to worry about getting into your chosen subjects and resources. Here, Android users should find themselves completely satisfied with their in-app feeling.

Download the open app on our website

Also, if you like the open version of the app, we also offer a modified app on our website, which includes unlimited in-app purchases. So, you can enjoy the Programming Hub in full without paying anything. All you need to do is download and install the Programming Hub Mod APK on our website, follow the instructions provided and you will be ready to go.

Start writing the first lines of code

If you are looking for learning to plan but do not know where to start, the Program Hub is here to help you. The app offers hundreds of lessons, scientifically designed to help students quickly understand how coding lines work.

Opening lessons are very simple. It does not have many anonymous words and phrases. How to write a code is also carefully defined. This will make it easier and faster to get closer to the system.
Normally, for those who are just starting to plan, they will learn C ++. Their syntax is simple and intuitive.

This way, you can start writing down the first lines of code and integrate them directly into the app. Apart from that, you will also get closer to the concept of OOP (object-oriented program) – the world’s most widely used concept design concept, used for writing and designing software.
Generally, the Programming Hub will tell you what you will learn, what you will learn, and what you can get from the course. Let’s start writing codes and completing the tests in the system!

Hundreds of courses to choose from

First, we will include the details of the study. Their content is based on the history in which the language was produced, syntax, usage conditions, and much more relevant information. You will learn by entering information into the system, and then provide answers to each question. There are many ways to respond, such as choosing the right answer, and arranging the answers in order, …. As a result, you can understand the concepts of that planning language, including how it works, and how it is put together.

Present on the Programming Hub

Programming Hub is an application from the Coding and Programming publisher. They specialize in producing applications that work on the process of improving the designer’s work at the moment. Some self-improvement languages ​​such as Learn C ++, and Learn Java, have found great love in the developer community around the world.

Programming Hub offers users many editing lessons so they can freely choose the language they want to learn. And the most special thing, with the Programming Hub, users can learn while on the go, which is very simple and easy. For example, you could learn a lesson or do an activity in just a few minutes. Because everything is designed for users who do not have a lot of free time.

Start with the basics

There are many people who want to learn how to write codes for a good job, but most of them do not know where to start. Let the Programming Hub help you do this faster. This app provides hundreds of useful tutorials to help you add the required information. Basically, the lessons in this app are simple and do not include many abstract words. Otherwise, the way the code is written is well marked.
If you are new, start with the C ++ lesson first because its syntax and structure are simple but very logical. This will make it easier to write simple first programs right inside the app. After acquiring basic knowledge, users will learn about the concept of OOP (object-oriented program) – one of the most important principles for today’s program planners. Generally, the Programming Hub will guide you from the most basic things to the most complex information, so don’t worry.

Lots of lessons

So the information they bring is very complete. The main content of each lesson will revolve around history, syntax, usage, and related situations. Users will learn by carefully reading the information displayed on the screen, and then give their answers according to their thoughts. Of course, this app does not require users to respond 100% correctly so please feel free during the learning process.
The next special feature is that all the subjects have many different levels. So, if you have no experience, choose a simple level to lay the foundation for the lesson you want to study. Alternatively, the average difficulty level will be suitable for program planners so the queries will be more detailed and include coding.

Translation support

Not only does it offer great lessons, but Programming Hub also gives users the ability to integrate the best into their mobile devices. The integration feature included in this app supports more than 20 popular editing languages ​​worldwide. As a result, users can easily create their own programs and test them quickly. Yes, if the integration fails, the screen will display a detailed list of errors so users can easily fix them.

Official certificate

After completing any course, students with high scores will receive a certificate commensurate with their achievement. Of course, Programming Hub is a world-renowned program learning program. So this certificate is completely valid and is seen in many places. This means that you have gained a lot of knowledge and completed your studies. However, the certification feature appeared only in the PRO version. If you want to use the free PRO version, please click on the link below this article.

Show visual connector

The Programming Hub interface is an important highlight that makes it popular in the modern era. The interface for this app is a very modern design, as well as the ability to edit details promises to bring users the most enjoyable feeling from the beginning. The colors in this app are also displayed in great harmony to create a beautiful overall yet ensure all the key features.

Currently, there are very few apps for learning programs on social media. But many of them do not have many outstanding features. But the Programming Hub does a really good job with what it offers. This app has everything a designer could want from knowledge to practice. Here, you can learn all the language-related editing lessons you want with a large built-in library.

Programming Hub 5.1.51 APK + MOD [Pro Unlocked] Download

The organizers of the program are one of the hottest projects in the world right now. But with that, many things are needed to help you become a better editor. Therefore, using the Programming Hub app on our website will greatly enhance your editing and thinking skills.


Now, along with Enki and a few other great apps, Android users should find them enjoying this new app from Coding and Programming. Here, the app offers many features and functions to better learn many planning lessons. And most importantly, with the open and free version of the app on our website, you should find yourself fully enjoying it.

What's new

  • The search bar and read tab have been updated
  •  A new test and review module has been added
  •  Pro upgrade issues fixed
  • Design development
    - Bug fixes and performance improvements
    - New study modules


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