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In the life of each one of us, everyone will ever hear, focus on music, and enjoy it to the full. And to continue enjoying your favorite music quickly and easily, come to the PLAYit mod apk. This is an Indian music player app that integrates everything online and promises to bring you many great experiences. Many cool features like video player, music player, video downloader, music downloader, etc ... are waiting for you to find in the app.
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In the life of each one of us, everyone will ever hear, focus on music, and enjoy it to the full. And to continue enjoying your favorite music quickly and easily, come to the PLAYit mod apk. This is an Indian music player app that integrates everything online and promises to bring you many great experiences. Many cool features like video player, music player, video downloader, music downloader, etc … are waiting for you to find in the app.

What is Play the APK for MOD

With faster internet access for everyone, music and video entertainment become the necessities of life. Who doesn’t listen to music and watch videos online? When online, audio and video content is 90% online. There are so many audio and video streaming apps for beginners in the Mod Apk field, and choosing the right Apk for them is a daunting task.

Download Play the APK for MOD

Playit Mod apk is a modified version of one of the official Playit apps where you get many free premium benefits. Yes, you read well without spending even a single cent. You will find an Unlimited MP3 converter, unlimited skins, open VIP memberships, and many more to consider. You can enjoy this mod Apk everywhere, including a portable computers, desktops, smartphones, and various apps, windows, apple store, and google play store.

Enjoy the premium features of the Playit Mod Apk online and offline mode. You don’t even need to root your phone while installing it. In addition, this mod apk is virus-free and anti-blocking. Besides enjoying this app, you can download videos from other social networks in this excellent Playit Mod Apk because it is also a popular video downloader on the market.

Download videos from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, TED, Whatsapp, and Vimeo. You need to copy the link to the existing video and paste it into the download section of the Playit mod apk. After a few seconds, you have the original video on your phone.

Enjoy the classic theme and UI

Theme and background are very important when working with any app, especially if you use it every day for a long time. PLAYit has two main pieces, which are often used as default by most users Black Color and Light Color. However, there are many paid themes such as black marble, blue sea, and many more.

Luckily, you get a Playit Mod Apk with unlimited open themes and even the developer of this mod Apk keeps you informed of the latest features. Moreover, the user interaction of this mod Apk is impressive with a fast, quick, and smooth touch. You can choose any theme without spending any of your precious coins, get it for free and enjoy it.

There are no ads with unlimited skip

Ads are annoying when you are watching, listening to, and using anything online. Ads often ruin our good way of having fun with their unnecessary mergers but thank god for the Playit Mod Apk, which provides a free ad service without spending a single cent. Listen to your favorite podcast, watch any video you want, and listen to any song without ads.
There are so many exciting music apps on the market like Savan, Spotify, and many more. Often the biggest problem a user faces with these apps is overcoming restricted songs. However, Playit Mod Apk gives you unlimited skipping, so just listen to your favorite song, create your favorite playlists, and access it even offline.

All floating + play format is supported.

There are many good audio and video applications on the market, and the problem is widespread unsupported formats. However, with the Playit Mod Apk, all formats will easily support a variety of objects without having to change the configuration, including WAV, MP3, MP4, Video: 4k, 1080p, MKV, FLV, 3GP, M4V, TS, MPG, AAC, etc. Even pixel quality will not suppress conversion, so always enjoy the best original content.

Playit was founded by one of the most advanced technology companies Yuvadvance Internet Private Limited. The company recently introduced one of the latest smart integration functions, which helps the user to integrate audio and video in an instant. They even offer one nice feature of this floating play window that helps you enjoy two things at once. For example, chat with your friends and run videos in the background.


You can also see from the name of the app that the manufacturer has confirmed that this is an all-encompassing app. In the PLAYit mod apk, you will find online video players quickly and at the highest level. Many videos with different titles have been uploaded to the program and are available for download at any time. The video player will let you choose different features that suit you, such as 4k video, 1080p video, MKV video, FLV video, 3GP video, M4V video, TS video, MPG video,. .. Plus, for someone who loves music, the music player in this app will bring you to your music paradise.

Your job will be only basic functions on request and give your wish; everything else, the PLAYit mod apk will help you do it. Many different genres of music, up to the music albums of famous artists, are uploaded to the app for you to experience.

HD Video Player

  •  Browse all your local video files & play movies, trailers, status videos, and any other videos stored on your Android device, in all supported formats.
  •  The background playback feature allows the video to continue playing in the background while switching to other applications or locking the phone screen.
  •  The floating playback feature allows video to play in a floating window and you can use other apps at the same time.
  •  Use the touch controller to change playback speed, volume, and brightness. Automatic video play from smart storage.


In addition to the fact that you will find many different video formats or many different types of music online, the PLAYit mod apk will also support you with other features. One of the features of this app that we have found very good for users is to let them feel it anywhere. The user’s task will be specific so that he can use the application offline. You will be allowed the app to download your favorite videos or great music.

Or even videos from prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. can be downloaded very easily. If you are watching a video or music clip that should pause for a specific activity, download it first and save it for later viewing.

The next time you sign in, you will be able to continue hearing the last interrupted video or music, even if your internet connection is incorrect.


If you want to watch any video, please search and select the video you like best. Then press the “download” button. After a few seconds, the video will be saved directly to your phone’s gallery. You have the right to easily download videos from social networks and install them on your device if you want to save them for later viewing. Feel free to download the one you wish to recommend peacefully.


PLAYit will enable you to enjoy any video or movie in HD with great brightness, bringing the audience to focus on the most beautiful and sensible moments of relaxation. Here, you have the right to control the screen brightness of the playback speed and adjust the volume to suit your needs. Besides, you can also watch the video in a very interesting way and find interesting and meaningful content in each video.


On PLAYit, the videos you watch will be formatted with clear and direct audio. Additionally, you can use other apps while watching videos or listening to music. Not only that, you hide your private video items in the most private folder. This app will protect your privacy thoughtfully and securely, so you do not need to worry too much. All your folders are moved to a newer and safer place.


PLAYit will offer you a wide variety of different foreign movies and novels. You can search for subtitles online and download them to enjoy a film or video in a very simple way. Alternatively, you can choose to convert videos to audio with just one click. Everyone wants to enjoy great music or popular movies, please find this app and follow it in a very fun way.

Beautiful Joys

After joining PLAYit, you will receive many different benefits. All your sorrows will pass away suddenly; instead, you will find many new and beautiful joys. In addition, you are immersed in a very comfortable recreation.


The PLAYit mod apk has important features that allow you to work on your videos and music files successfully. Customize your favorite gaming settings and enable an enhanced gaming experience thanks to the enhanced app.

We hope you enjoy the content presented to you. If you are thinking of any new and important tips – please email us and we will do our best to include you in the next version.

Download PLAYit from our website or from Playstore & Many other apps.


What's new


• Private video folder is now available
• Face-to-face transmission is supported.
• Screen capture in video playback is very accurate
• some bugs are fixed.
• Support multiple site downloads.

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