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Jun 20, 2022
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Pizza Boy GBA Pro MOD Apk – In this day and age of gaming, it’s not possible to locate a handheld console that will give you a real-life experience. However, in this article, we’ll provide you with the exact link to download the most effective gaming emulator on your phone which is Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk.

About Pizza Boy GBA Pro MOD Apk

Pizza Boy GBA Pro is an outstanding application that emulates games of various genres and works with nearly all devices. It comes with a variety of impressive features like hardware joypads shading, improved settings, a more efficient controller, as well as many more.

One of the things that I love about this program is that it offers users the top FPS even on devices with low configuration. The application also has support for the use of touch controls, as well as extensive customization to provide a comfortable playing experience even on small mobile devices.

The program is focused on giving the best control and performance in each game, without a lot of battery consumption. You are free to enjoy an advantage by using this emulator’s OpenGL function of this emulator, which eventually improves the performance of video games to the highest level.

Features of Pizza Boy GBA Pro MOD Apk

It’s not necessary to download any additional software or create an account to access it. Download the modified version from this post and you’re set to go.

If you’ve played games in the emulator, I’d like to introduce you to a different and innovative emulator unlike anything else. Pizza Boy GBA Pro – GBA Emulator is one of the most popular emulators available and is well-known for its gorgeous games. It’s basically the emulator that runs on Android and allows you to transform your phone into a game console. The game is not just fun, but it also allows you to reminisce about your childhood.

Highly customizable

Pizza Boy GBA Pro has various options for customizing the gaming controls you use conveniently. Like DraStic DS Emulator and DamonPS2 Pro, it comes with everything you require to get the most enjoyment from your games, with custom buttons and triggers which are simple to access in the intense fights of games.

Because it’s extremely adjustable, players can choose different game settings which gives them more freedom and comfort, regardless of whether they’re using a touchscreen device or not. With its elegant appearance and user-friendly interface, there’s no reason to not add this useful application to your smartphone.

You can alter each aspect of the app including button mapping to feel like playing with the console. There are hundreds of combinations that are available on Pizza Boy GBA Pro. Pizza Boy GBA Pro so that every player can have their own personal controller.

Fantastic graphics

Pizza Boy GBA Pro offers an array of features that will enhance your gaming experience more than ever. Every aspect including graphic optimization and the ability to customize your controls is enhanced by the app, with no manual actions required. There will not be any boring moments and you’ll feel as if the game is tailored to your preferences.

The application was designed to be compatible with different devices, which means you will be able to use it no matter the kind of display and input method you use. It enhances the graphics of games to provide the best experience in high-resolution, as well as anti-aliasing that improves the smoothness of games.

The menu for enhanced settings

Every user has different needs and wants the best configurations for the emulators they use. In the professional version, you’ll receive a more advanced settings menu that lets us alter the settings for the emulator.

You are free to improve your gaming experience with this feature and increase your gaming abilities. You can also go to the default settings at any time simply by clicking the default option in the menu.


In the past, gamers have a myriad of memories from their youth to the present. Have you ever worked with an old-fashioned game console in the past? Or just enjoy playing games of the past? Maybe the games created on the emulator are stunning and addicting. It’s left many memorable memories. Returning to the main subject, Pizza Boy GBA Pro can bring you back to your nostalgic memories on your phone.


Pizza Boy GBA Pro allows users to link their accounts to Google Driver, automatically save games, and also provides a fast save mode. Furthermore, you explore the advanced settings and the hardware features of this emulator like the tilt sensor and light sensor. Additionally, the emulator is compatible with GBA ROM. In the end, when you play the game, you’ll never be bored.


The game, Pizza Boy GBA Pro, is a breeze to understand and utilize fully, similar to emulator games. A compact design that has full functionality that allows you to use highly comfortable game controls for character movement. In fact, the game quite accurately reimagined the functions of an item of hardware.

Additionally, players will enjoy speedy game forwarding that is double the speed. But, it’s dependent on the game’s GBA which adjusts the speed. It is also possible to skip unnecessary openings and slow down the game to allow you to complete the tough levels.


In actuality, the game offers numerous themes to make them compatible with your touchscreen. Pizza Boy GBA Pro gives players a user-friendly experience throughout the levels. You can create levels in the game more unique by using various colors by selecting the color palette within the section for customization.

In addition, The layout editor has been made more flexible and lets you specify sizes and positions. The key to moving the primary can alter them vertically or horizontally. It is well-known that the game was modified and upgraded many times. Now, it’s the most recent version to allow you to play with the intriguing content. In addition, players can create shortcuts to help you access and play your games with ease.


Pizza Boy GBA Pro offers an array of famous games that you can spend hours playing directly from your Android phone. To run the game’s programming you need to have the game files saved on your phone, then download the game of your choice. One of the greatest advantages of this program is it can be saved throughout the game and allow you to return to play the game you played.

The games that are included in this simulator include Tile, Contra, mushroom collecting as well as bananas, and Pacman. When you begin playing you only need to select your preferred game and theme to begin playing. Would you be interested in using Joysticks to go it up and down, and then play it?


The best part is that it has provided numerous famous functions that allow players to take on the challenges with this emulator. Users can modify the controller support as well as physical controls for their devices. More than 60 FPS is guaranteed on both new and old hardware.

Additionally, you are able to benefit from OpenGL and the OpenGL as well as OpenSSL native libraries to enhance audio and video quality. In particular, you’re completely created in C and assembled to provide outstanding performance and not overly high battery consumption.


Similar to many other emulators, the game is updated with 3D graphics that are two times the resolution of the initial. With the game’s interface, you can personalize and select your preferred themes for joining the game. The sound, it’s much more impressive than you thought. The melody is displayed on various screens that play different sounds. Be sure to listen to its tune; how many childhood memories are flooding your mind at the moment. In short, this emulator is extremely useful for people who want to go back to the past and experience handheld gaming consoles.

Mod APK Version of Pizza Boy GBA Pro

Pizza Boy GBA Pro Apk is an unlocked (patched) version of the official Pizza Boy GBA Pro – GBA Emulator where you will receive all features that are unlocked in the premium version of the application.

Mod features of Pizza Boy GBA Pro MOD Apk

Free Download – It’s an expensive emulator that costs about $7 on the Google Play Store. From this post, users can install the pizza boy GBA pro apk to take advantage of all the features that are premium without spending a penny.

Download Pizza Boy GBA Pro MOD – Latest Version

This blog post has inspired you to download a Pizza Boy GBA Pro for no cost and gives you more details about what it can provide for gaming enjoyment. If you’re seeking a quick method to play classic games with your phone This app has everything you require. You can also get it from the Google play store.

This application was designed for people who wish to experience the joy of old-fashioned gaming on Android smartphones. The developers of this app invested a lot of effort and energy into ensuring that the emulator worked flawlessly with the most flexible controls. You can enjoy all the options of this powerful emulator at no cost by downloading the pro version.

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What's new

- Home screen shortcuts
- Fixed .zip shortcuts
- Fixed long press on floating quick load/save
- Fixed crash when ran from frontend
- Fixed dma sound reset
- Fixed import/export of cheats


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