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Instantly identify plants. Accurate, fast and content-rich! In addition to description and plant care tips, enjoy beautiful plant pictures around the world.
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Jun 15, 2022
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PictureThis MOD APP – There are so many plants out there that you don’t even know what each one is or how to care for them. With PictureThis, Identify Plant, Flower and Weed, and More, you can better understand the plants in the world. You may not have even seen them in person. This application allows you to quickly search for the names of plants. With just one photo, you can instantly identify the tree’s name.

About PictureThis MOD APK

PictureThis MOD APK – It is easy to identify plants. It’s fast, accurate, and packed with information. Beautiful plant photos from all over the globe, along with descriptions and care tips. PictureThis MOD APK helps over 30 million people identify, learn about, and enjoy various kinds of plants.

You’ve probably seen a beautiful flower while out on a sunny day and wanted to know more. Are you a parent who has had to answer questions from children about plants? Do you need advice on how to care for your garden plants? Take a photo of the plant. Here you will find all the answers to your questions.

Key Features of PictureThis MOD APK

  • It is possible to instantly recognize thousands of flowers and trees using powerful artificial intelligence.
  • See beautiful photos of plants taken by our users around the globe.
  • Get advice and tips from a network of horticulturists.
  • You can get the best out of your plants with these helpful tips and reminders.
  • A simple-to-use interface with helpful suggestions will help you make the best possible photo.
  • You can quickly and easily share your photos with a growing group of plant lovers.
  • Make a list of all the plants and trees you find in your backyard.

Features of PictureThis MOD APK

PictureThis MOD APK machine can correctly identify 10,000+ plant species at a 98 percent accuracy rate. It outperforms most human experts. Its cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine constantly learns from professionals and experts, which allows it to identify more and more information every day. It’s right at your fingertips now! Take pleasure in this plant.

PictureThis MOD APK has been downloaded thousands of times. It is suitable for many users because of its educational and entertaining functions. Photographers, garden planners, and students are all people who love plants. People who love gardening need the help of a plant nanny and an identification specialist.


There are thousands of new species of plants and flowers in the world. It is impossible to name them all. This application, however, has been able to help more than tens of millions of people identify the species thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence. There will be beautiful and rare plants in different places and countries.

This application allows you to learn more about the many flower species around the world, even though you don’t have the chance to travel to every place. The growth of these plants is a major reason why the world is becoming more beautiful. Although many plants are very successful, you don’t know how they grow.

You will find all the answers in our application. It’s amazing that you can live in one location and still enjoy the stunning landscapes created by rare flowers. They are taken by our users, who live all over the globe.


When you are out walking, you come across beautiful flowers. You don’t know their names and want to learn more about them. PictureThis is fast and easy to use.

You can find out more than 10,000 species worldwide, including cactus found in deserts or cactus. It can be identified with near-perfect accuracy. This application can also be used to determine the growth and function of plants.


Our horticulture experts verify all information that is updated on PictureThis about plants, including the name and care instructions. If you feel your plants are in danger, or you realize they are in danger, then you can post information about them and their problems.

You will get many helpful tips from others. Your “friends” can save their lives.


PictureThis is a friendly space where you can learn how to care for plants from experienced gardeners. You can also find flowers in vibrant colors and even those that live in remote areas of the country.

This application allows you to share your tree photos and the plants that you are interested in planting with the community. You can make friends and have a chat with people from all over the world through this application.

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What's new

Our new and improved version incorporates the following updates:
- Enhanced ‘Diagnose’ function that makes it easier for users to diagnose their sick plants and take action to improve their health
- A few minor bugs have been fixed for a smoother user experience.


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