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The Package Disabler Pro app is designed for Samsung users only. After Apple's most popular and valuable mobile phone, Samsung is probably the second choice for most of us.
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Varies with device
Varies with device
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The Package Disabler Pro app is designed for Samsung users only. After Apple’s most popular and valuable mobile phone, Samsung is probably the second choice for most of us. As it came in various stages. But there is one common problem that all Samsung users face while using it. To overcome this problem the only solution is to download the Package Disable Pro app. This application solves the backlog problem and provides unrestricted filtering and uninterrupted mobile usage.

What is a Package Disabler?

This is the digital age and almost everyone is using a smartphone these days. No matter what job you do, you can always do it using your smartphones. From watching movies to playing games and reading books to ordering food, anything can be done using cell phones and tablets.

In so many ways, evil also comes. It is true that there are many applications on your phone that are not really needed, but they cannot be removed with the Freedom APK. Many such apps come pre-installed on each device which makes the device slow down after a while, and if you are a strong user, you can easily disable it by rooting your device.

This feature can only be used on Android devices because it is the most flexible operating system used by more than 86% of smartphone owners worldwide. Yes, it is clear that some apps and services are needed to keep the device running, but there are many useless apps as well.

MOD Apk Package Disabler PRO 

They always work in the background and slow down your device. If you want to get rid of them, you might consider using an amazing app called Package Disabler. This app will help you to disable the Android device packages that you do not want to use or even want to make your device work faster.

Most apps keep running in the background whether you use them or not this causes RAM overload due to frequent Bloatware issues that prevent you or limit you from playing games or doing other work on your device.

As the device grows this problem grows bigger and makes your phone more powerful and harder to use. This app helps you to get rid of these problems and save a lot of device resources by smoothing and freeing up RAM which also results in less battery usage.

Benefits of the Disabler Pro MOD APK Package (All Open)

  • Simply disable your Samsung system applications without rooting the device. By using this application any unwanted application or package that comes pre-installed with your phone can be easily blocked, disabled, or permanently enabled.
  • The deleted program will not be updated or removed using any other means such as google play.
  • Not only can you disable your system apps but you can also disable other apps such as the play store, Facebook, and more.
  • You can use this app to control parental and business charges as this app allows you to block the app/package.
  • Protecting you from abuse gives you a password and an option to remove it
  • Restore your disabled apps anytime in your external storage using their export function.
  • Get rid of all bloatware using a list of export packages.
  • To view all installed applications, disabled applications, and system packages use the filter feature and by using the search function you can easily search or find any application available on your device.

MOD features of Package Disabler Pro Samsung APK

Disable Bloatware – One of the best reasons to download Package Disabler Pro Plus APK is because this app can help you improve your device performance and save battery by allowing you to disable your device’s bloatware.

While some of the apps that come pre-installed on the device are good to have, others are useless and do not use even 10% of people worldwide. By using this app, you can also get various information about each application such as permissions, functions, recipients, content providers, all libraries, signatures, and much more.

Use of Package Disabler

You must first install it after installing it and it will ask you to gain access to the system. Access is required because this app must perform the intended function. You do not have to worry about granting access which means that your personal and professional information will be stolen as this application has been carefully discarded in the past. After giving all the permission. The app is ready to use. Now users have to choose which app they want to delete or close.

Account of Package Disabler Pro MOD 

Delete all Google Accounts- To open this app you must temporarily delete all of your accounts after opening adds your account.

Enable USB-debugging with USB cable, connect your device to computer and open CMD information and run the command: adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.pdp.deviceowner / .receivers.AdminReceiver.

Easy to Use

You should always use the latest version of Samsung Package Disabler Pro because it has the latest features released. If you are going to use an older version, then there is a chance that the app will not work with all apps and may crash again. Using this app is very easy and each option appears on the home screen.

If you need help or want to enable all disabled packages you can check out the built-in FAQ section. Also, Package Disabler Pro does not require a rooted device to work.

Manage your apps

By using Package Disabler Pro on your device, you’ll be able to manage all your apps in one place. Whether bloatware, packages, installed applications, or system packages, everything can be detected and controlled using this application.

If you find an error like Package Disabler Pro does not work, use the latest version of this application from this page. You can also enable password protection in this application to save unwanted use of the app.

Import / Export

Another great thing about Package Disabler Pro for the APK app is that it allows you to extract all your settings from external storage and import the exported file. This feature comes in handy if you want to try something new with your apps, and in case something goes wrong, and you want to restore all settings, you can import a file.

We would recommend that you add the Package Disabler Pro widget to the home screen to quickly open and disable packages right on the home screen.

100% Free & Safe

Because this app provides disabling bloatware features, it cannot be listed in official app stores like Google Play Store. So if you want you should buy this app from its official website ( but before doing so you can download Package Disabler Pro paid APK on this page to try this app.

Many users have reported that this app has helped them with a 30% battery upgrade for their devices. After trying this app, if you like it consider buying it from the official website to support the developer.

Download Package Disabler MOD Apk

Now you know a lot about Package Disabler Pro Plus Samsung APK and it’s time to give you a link to download Package Disabler Pro premium APK. By using the link mentioned below you will be able to download Package Disabler Pro for the latest version of the APK, and you should keep in mind that this file needs to be installed automatically as the SB Game Hacker APK.

We will continue to update this post with the latest version of Package Disabler Pro APK so keep visiting the latest APK blog for MOD to find out about it. There are many apps like Package Disabler available out there and if you know of any other great alternative to Package Disabler Pro, just name it.

This is actually a paid version of the Package Disabler APK and not the Package Disabler Pro MOD APK, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Even after downloading and using it, if you like the app consider buying it from the official website to support the developer.


So this is about Package Disabler Pro APK 2022 and we hope you will be able to download Package Disabler Pro APK from this page. Note that there are many websites out there where you can find Package Disabler Pro APK cracked, but beware of fake websites as you may end up downloading malware or viral software on fake websites.

Some time ago this app only worked on Samsung devices, but now you can download Package Disabler Pro for the full APK version of any Android device.

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