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Fast, safe and private, introducing the latest version of the Opera web browser made to make your life easier online. Featuring a built-in Ad Blocker and VPN with a clean and user-friendly design letting you get more done online, in less time.
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Jun 1, 2022
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About Opera Browser MOD Apk

With an ad blocker that removes thousands of annoying ads and loads your pages quickly to optimize your browsing, as well as a built-in VPN to give you the best ads, security, comfort, ease, speed, and efficiency. It promises to bring users the best feeling and moments of relaxation.

What is Opera Browser?

Since the introduction of smartphones, Opera Browser has rapidly developed a mobile version to attract a large number of potential customers. Over the years, Opera has undergone many improvements with powerful features. In a recent update, Opera Browser officially integrated VPN technology, fast and secure. Let’s take a look at the new Opera browser feature after the upgrade.


– Fast and secure Internet browser, with built-in VNP and adblocker users can access the internet instantly.

– Users of light and dark modes can choose the model that suits them; when you access the internet you no longer have to worry about light problems.

– An app with information security features automatically replenishes and stores information, personalizes it, and recommends related topics.

– Allows you to read on any screen, can customize pages according to your liking, create a list of favorites, and suggest new topics.

– You can freely use private tabs to switch to incognito mode anywhere online without leaving a trace on the device.

Latest Features of Opera Browser

Blocking ads, web browsing is now much faster

One of the obstacles for mobile users is ads of all shapes and sizes appearing anytime, anywhere. Opera Browser is the first web browser to do what every user wants, blocking ads so you can quickly browse without any conflict. Just select Menu and activate Ads Blocks. Done, everything will clean up quickly from now on.

According to the information I have learned from the websites and the launch of Opera Browser, this application is implemented in the Java platform, combined with specialized data compression technology, so the web upload speed is faster.

Currently, Opera is the fastest browser, 72% faster than Google Chrome and 64% compared to UC Browser on mobile platforms. Now, it also has an ad-blocking feature, which sets it apart from most other browsers.

Free and unlimited VPN

For those of you who do not know, VPN is a virtual private network, a type of network technology that creates secure connections when accessing social networks. The integration of VPNs in the new version of Opera Browser has brought users a safer, faster, and more secure web environment than ever before.

Sync data

And these devices will sync automatically to have the same website in Opera Browser.
That means we can access bookmark websites and have the same updated results across devices. History, cookies, and passwords are also synchronized. This is an easy-to-use and time-saving feature for those who frequently browse the web.

Video viewing and download speeds are very fast

With the current Opera Browser, you can watch and download videos at an amazing speed. For easy operation, just select a video and press download. Opera Browser also provides a file download manager to help users manage all of these files easily and neatly. If you want to share any other channel or delete it, or edit the file name, you can do it all.

VPN is not enough, Opera Browser also has a private browsing mode

Web browsing is sometimes very sensitive, you do not want to reveal your browsing history and information. So in addition to the built-in VPN technology to ensure security, now Opera Browser has a function that allows you to browse the web in private mode, with higher personal security. This means that when in this mode, Opera Browser does not store your history, cookies, or any other traces of your browsing.

Protect user’s eyes

This is the effect that nighttime research brings. The sharp contrast between the green light from the smartphone and the darkness is very damaging to the eyes and sometimes brings unexpected results when browsing the web at night.

I do not recommend this practice at all, but if you have to work at night, be sure to turn on Opera Browser night mode. The brightness and light from the web browsers, when opened with Opera Browser, will be reduced, helping to protect the eyes from fatigue and ensure extra safety from the eyes. Combining this feature with light adjustment on the phone will provide the best protection.

Saving data

Web browsers always use a lot of data. The proof is that if you open multiple tabs at once, your phone may get stuck, forcing you to turn it off and restart. Or worse, it needs to install system settings to erase data from the machine. But if you use Opera Browser, you may not need to worry about this situation too much.

Also, thanks to a special compression technology Opera Browser can reduce Internet data 3.5 times compared to Chrome and by 50% below UC Browser, an astonishing number of times of information saturation.

Keep Data & Time

Are you annoyed when the connection is interrupted? Using data too fast makes you less efficient? A weak connection makes it harder for you to access the Internet? When you come to Opera, these issues will be solved and will help you have a better experience.

With the advent of Opera, you do not need to worry about connection problems or want to save data; you can switch to data storage mode to load pages faster and access them longer. Quick access time, uninterrupted, freely visit the website and view the programs you want without worrying about connection problems. Saving data helps you reduce costs and extend your useful life.


Quick, easy access: You can freely access any web page you want, zoom in or out, adjust text, allow text, images, and other content, increase or decrease the size to screen size, and convert light and dark. mode to fit your eyes. Automatically adjust the width of the webpage to fit your screen size and use privacy tabs in incognito mode, so you don’t have to worry about privacy and security. Opera promises to bring you the best of both worlds, instant access, instant gratification, and leisure.


If you are worried about connectivity issues between the devices you are using, which makes it difficult for you to connect, Opera is the right choice for you. The app allows you to connect photos, and files that you share appear instantly on all supported devices. Additionally, the app allows you to easily switch between your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, and computer and has the ability to sync all your Opera accounts across devices. Support in connection issues to bring comfortable and relaxing moments


When you start using the app, you must sign up for an account, and your details will be automatically saved. With a highly advanced AI news engine, the app’s feed feeds will customize your information and recommend topics, so you don’t have to worry about frequently searching for the information you’ve searched for.

Quick – Easy – Easy to use is what this app aims to do with the goal of giving users the best experience with a host of features that Opera only has. Do not hesitate; to download and use it to hear what this app can bring, a great feeling.

Opera Browser can sync facts across all more than one gadget

On smartphones or tablets, customers can install Opera Browser as the main web browser. And those devices will sync automatically to have the same website in Opera Browser.

That way we can access the bookmarks websites and have the same latest results across all gadgets. History, cookies, and passwords are also synchronized. This is an easy-to-use and time-saving feature for people who frequently browse the net.
Video viewing and download speeds are very fast

With today’s Opera Browser, you can watch and download movies at a fast pace. For easy operation, simply select a video and press download. Opera Browser also provides a document download manager to help customers manage these types of documents easily and efficiently. If you need to share all other channels or delete, or edit the name of the document, you can do everything.

Free and unlimited VPN

For those of you who do not know, VPN is a private digital network, a type of network technology that creates comfortable connections while accessing social networks. The integration of VPNs in the new Opera Browser system has introduced users to a safer, faster, and more secure internet environment than ever before.

Download the Opera Browser APK MOD 

In addition to the special features of this transition, router, Opera Browser retains its standard features that made its call, such as computer password storage, default garage for browsing history for quick browsing, AI queues regularly and showing sites you may be interested in over time, copying, saving and easily link links to social networking sites, check barcodes …

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What's new

Thanks for choosing Opera! This version adds support for our subscription-based device-wide VPN Pro service with support for over 3000 high-speed servers in 30+ locations around the world.

More changes/additions:
- Chromium 100
- Secure DNS
- Improved dark theme settings
- Swipe to clear clipboard suggestions
- Added support for duplicating tabs


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