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Mud. Dirt. Rocks. Multiplayer. Trucks. Customizations. Drones. MAP EDITOR. Diesel swaps. Quads. Crawlers. SxS. Free. It goes on and on. Stop reading, just download now!
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Offroad Outlaws is a great 3D racing game, with great graphics. It will be a game that brings you a real racing experience.

In this game, players will take part in many different races to win trophies in many locations and race tracks through many different events. You will find extreme driving conditions with many natural obstacles such as swamps, rocks, snow, and sand.

No other sport has such a wide range of off-road sports cars, including old SUVs and trucks, and other models specifically designed for off-road driving. Race cars can also be upgraded to make them more dynamic and adaptable to different world conditions.

What is Offroad Outlaws MOD Apk?

Offroad Outlaws is built in an excellent environment for 3D photography. The underside of the car works like in real life. You will experience a car crash in the dust, and they will stick to the car and the tires and touch your steering wheel in a realistic way.

Offroad Outlaws is an off-road driving game where you will find many different levels with completely different locations. The situation in each country presents a challenge for the player as he will experience the winning difficulties that arise. At the same time, the game offers different game modes to help players have fun in their own way. You will definitely be impressed by the number of off-road vehicles that appear before your eyes.

General information

Offroad Outlaws is a cool racing game for Android games that gives you the opportunity to experience the joy of driving Monster Truck, desert trucks, and real four × four off-road riders right on your phone.

Not only is the game impressive, but the Offroad Outlaws video game and sound system give players a unique experience, which attracts many people who play Offroad Outlaws racing games.

Various racing tracks and a music world with obstacles full of obstacles will enable you to play the Offroad Outlaws game once you have downloaded the game. The Off-Road Outlaws game is common in the android game series.

In the game, we will run with a variety of vehicles, from standard to combination to real ULTRA4. The career mode allows players to run in circuits that grow into a challenge, remembering the entire first calendar area without leaving details as the first sponsors. There are many options like Nitto Tire, GenRight, Re Shocks, Bestop, Spidertrax, Trail-Gear, and MetalCloak, players who can customize their car.

There will be visible keys displayed on the screen, including a speed button, a right or left rear button to elevate the car or lower the car that sits safely on steep roads.


If you want a driving game to change the feel, you should choose Offroad Outlaws. This game will give you a fun driving experience, not on freight roads but in many different places. It is a point that will attract players and create difficulties for those who are forced to win. Clearly, each place in the game has its own variety of locations.

Game locations that you can easily find all have one feature: a variety of locations. At the same time, you may be swept along by it and may not be able to keep going. In addition, with the exception of sandy or muddy roads, rocky hills make players suffer from headaches because they do not know how to climb, and it will take time to find a solution.

Various and attractive car systems

The first thing the game brings is the difference in car models, various maps, complex locations,s, and good visual effects. The game promises that you will not disappoint fans of the game.

Unlike the Torque Burnout, which usually features world-class vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Audi, Offroad Outlaws will bring us Monster cars, space, and vehicles. Multi-purpose sports and muscle car. They arrive in a state of tranquility and strength and are ready to run in the race as a god.


In Offroad Outlaws, players will experience two important game modes: Single Player and Multiplayer. Each of them has similarities and brings its own exciting experience for players to experience.

For one player, you’ll find places to log in, and you need to have resources to unlock the next map. In addition, the gameplay of this model is straightforward: going to a selected destination, collecting items, and earning cash prizes when it’s all over.

You will see an arrow on the screen; try to follow it and touch the checkpoints. After passing through many checkpoints, the item to be collected will be notified, and you need to conquer the rugged area to reach it. It will certainly be a long process that any player will not be able to take his eyes off. Next Mode Multiplayer mode, which will allow you to feel comfortable with your friends or challenge yourself to shoot a flag game.

This mode allows you to move freely in the previously mentioned location with other players. You will defeat them and try to go to the farthest place to show your control skills. At the same time, a single-player game is called Capture the Flag. You will see columns of light, and you will move there in front of the other players. Each level has only a certain number of flags. Certainly, the above game will make you feel happy.


When you start Offroad Outlaws, you will be able to visit the store and see a variety of vehicles. You will see these cars and their features to choose from. Once you have the right information, you will start to choose the car you want and it will be worth the money you have. In addition, over time, you can also upgrade your car and make it more personalized. They all require a certain amount of money you earn.

A new map system, an attractive feature of online racing

With the cars above, the tracks are not as good a road as in a bustling city, but deserts, industrial parks, and abandoned dangerous places. There are famous places in the world, such as the cold island of Svalbard Island or the dangerous Nile valley.

For each item in the series, there will be seasons when you have to complete each cycle at the best level to have the most money to buy a car or “equip” a car at the top of a monster track machine.

Alternatively, you can also purchase boxes containing car enhancement items. But it is expensive. If you are confident in your ability to fight enemies, online racing with people all over the world will help you quench your thirst to be king on the road rather than fight alone with boring machines. But the race is going to be fierce.

Premium graphics and special effects

Regarding the graphics of the game, we say we have nothing to criticize. With virtual reality scenes with collision scenes, arrival scenes, or swimming streams combined with vivid sound, the game sounds like a real guide.

However, due to the high configuration, limited stopping machines will cause slowing down when playing. You can also lower the image quality to a lower level in the options section for better information.

In the options section, a lot has been customized. But you should only pay attention to Audio & Display to adjust the audio and image quality by following the machine configuration and Control section to set the controls correctly.


Offroad Outlaws MOD APK is a game to play as you did not follow the old Torque Burnout method. Instead, there are changes in the type of vehicles, and the location map is dangerous and difficult to swallow for runners.

With over 100,000 downloads of the beta version of the game taking months, Offroad Outlaws is finally coming to Android and iOS for official release.

The first accurate off-road simulation based on the first annual tournament held in the United States, especially popular with all fans. What are you waiting for, download the Offroad Outlaws MOD APK now to play with friends?


What's new

- Character system
- Guns/Targets
- Night Mode
- Paintable Suspensions
- Zoomie Exhausts
- Adjustable Drop Hitch
- New Engine Sounds
- Slick Tires
- New Rims
- Optimizations


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