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OfficeSuite is an app that helps you to open office type and PDF files easily and customize them with various features
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OfficeSuite is an app that helps you to open office type and PDF files easily and customize them with various features. You will be able to edit them as you wish or convert them into a PDF file or vice versa. At the same time, users can work with popular file types smoothly, and the backup feature is a reliable feature that allows users to work anywhere.

What is OfficeSuite MOD Apk?

With an integrated and simple mobile app like OfficeSuite MOD APK, you can work with all Office format files. You can also archive and manage files comfortably and effectively and connect to multiple accounts in the Cloud to save and share data. That means you have a cell phone office with you

Why do you need a mobile office application?

Who works in an office without using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF files, etc.? Nothing. Without this divine Office program, we would not have been able to imagine what the world of work would be like. These files are probably the basis for basic information, transfer tools, and end-to-end office work, from simple to advanced. They are so popular that anyone

who knows how to use a computer should know how to use them.
OfficeSuite is an app that helps you work with office text formats directly on your phone easily. It integrates all files in various formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. And as soon as you read the 4 things below about OfficeSuite’s outstanding features, I guarantee you will not hesitate to download this app and use it immediately.

Features of OfficeSuite MOD Apk

Open, view, and fully manage files, sheets, and slideshows

Sometimes it is hard for us to work on our PC or laptop when we are on a train or moving to a new location or a short meeting or busy homework assignment. Some situations are urgent and should be handled promptly. However, these situations are common to any office worker.

What if you do not have the support you need in such an emergency? It’s scary! All you need is an app that will help you open, view, archive, download, manage, edit, and create… document files right on your mobile device.

Things no longer matter if you have an OfficeSuite program on your device.

Work with any office file

OfficeSuite will help you edit any office document quickly no matter what. OfficeSuite can handle 100% of all popular Microsoft Office files. Includes:

  • Excel: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV
  • OpenDocument: ODT, ODS, ODP, RTF, CSV, ZIP

It is also compatible with both features and the interface. This means, that if you have a PC / laptop, you can do anything with these files, with OfficeSuite now, you can do the same thing on mobiles again very quickly. Imagine if you were in a car going somewhere for business, you could see, and update any text by turning on 3G on your phone, so that the issue was resolved within minutes. That would be great!

Doing this honestly was the dream of many office workers some years ago. When I found out about OfficeSuite, I was very grateful.

Document files to PDF

OfficeSuite also helps you to do the most common thing convert PDF files into Word, Excel, and ePub files while preserving the original format and formatting. The reversal process of conversion can also be done quickly in seconds. You can switch forward without worrying about losing any structure or data.

After that, you can easily set yourself up for work. This is a small job, but you will find it very useful if you need it.

Edit, edit, manage and retrieve documents quickly and easily with File Manager

OfficeSuite will help you to organize and sync all Office data files in one place, thus giving you easy access to all files and performing various basic and advanced tasks like search, editing, name, rename, copying, pasting, submitting, and submitting. folders. . It’s as simple as managing files on a PC or laptop.

Online and offline storage systems

Just download and create an account to get started using OfficeSuite, and you will soon have 5GB of cloud storage on MobiSystems Drive. In addition, OfficeSuite also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Yandex Drive, Box cloud, email, and Bluetooth.

These are state-of-the-art, highly efficient data storage systems and methods for exchanging and sharing business information that everyone needs.


Today’s work is always done in reverse, so your work with Microsoft files will be more frequent, and it’s easier to thank OfficeSuite. With this app, you can read office files yourself easily without difficulty and verify the contents of each file. From there, if necessary, you can quickly fix it with a smartphone or tablet.

You can find the file and work on it wherever you want, and it is very good. If you are a person on the go, owning a smartphone or integrated tablet still meets many features such as a PC. You can edit or create a new file with these features easily. In addition, in addition to important office files, this app also supports editing PDF files. You can edit the most used file types in your work.


Similar to the Microsoft features above, users can easily view PDF file types and edit them quickly with OfficeSuite. This feature is suitable for completing existing file templates without modification with many different file types. At the same time, when all these features are in one app, they will no doubt have some connection, and users will benefit greatly from this integration.

If you are using a PDF file and want to convert it to another file to take advantage of the compatible editing file type feature, you will need to convert it. The app helps you to convert PDF files into office files and vice versa. In other words, you can convert Microsoft files into PDF for easy printing and sharing with your colleagues easily. Therefore, it can be said that this is the factor that makes the application reliable for most users.


Once you have finished editing with OfficeSuite, the next task is to select the storage and sharing method accordingly. One thing you will really like about this app is that it helps you connect with other users and even your colleagues when they use this app. From there, you can send them quickly and easily. The app also supports storage with an impressive manager that allows you to quickly update and find needed files.

In the process of working, then, cloud services are something everyone uses for sure. You will not need to go to cloud services and manually search for the files found on your device. The app will create a bridge with a variety of cloud services itself and make your sharing much easier. Undoubtedly, the version you download is complete and in the right format that you need to keep using or submitting immediately.

KEY Features of Office

  •  Ability to integrate cloud storage for quick and easy file access – Get 5GB of free storage in our MobiDrive cloud, or connect your Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox accounts for additional storage space.
  • Integrated cross-platform features that connect your Windows PC to all your Android and iOS mobile devices when using an office mobile package.
  • Compatible with a variety of common file formats, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, Apple iWork, and many more.
  • The UI is functional and easy to use and is open to the current version of Android.
  • A PDF editor that can be used to create and complete PDF files, as well as a PDF converter that can be used to convert PDF files into office documents.
  • The most powerful software available, each full of useful capabilities to manage any task with any type of file, including Microsoft Office365 documents, Google documents, OpenOffice, and more.
  • All the complex tools you need are included, including format artist, track changes, conditional formatting, formula, presentation mode, and more.
  • With our PDF converter, you can convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations into PDF format.
  • Advanced security features are available.

Download OfficeSuite MOD APK 

In short, OfficeSuite is a mobile office for busy people. You can view, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows within the note. It also supports the search and editing of documents or sharing of other archiving formats. With OfficeSuite on your phone, you no longer have to worry about peace while working on a cell phone.

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