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Octopus is software that supports the connection of external devices such as controls, mice, keyboards, and applications on the phone. Now you can easily create smooth communication between these devices and your phone without worrying, in particular, about comfort or inconsistency.
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About Octopus MOD Apk

Octopus is software that supports the connection of external devices such as controls, mice, keyboards, and applications on the phone. Now you can easily create smooth communication between these devices and your phone without worrying, in particular, about comfort or inconsistency. Even with unsupported applications, with this app, you can still connect and control that app with peripheral devices at a very fast speed.

What is the Octopus MOD APK?

Octopus MOD APK is a customizable app that lets you connect or set up your game tools on an Android device. Now, people can play video games with a keyboard, mouse, game controller, and more. Also, users can control different apps with the keyboard and mouse as well. Overall the Octopus MOD APK is a feature pack and comes with all the features of Pro for free.

Enjoy Map Set Key

If you add any game or application to the Octopus Mod app, you need to make a keymap. It is a very time-consuming process that you need to do completely.
But the developer has already done some important reset for 30+ popular games.

Therefore, you do not have to waste your time making a map to play the game. If your game is available with a pre-set then choose to reset the game and enjoy the game immediately.

Find Many Ways To Play Different Games

In the Octopus app, you get two basic game modes namely Gamepad and keyboard. All normal games can be controlled and played in those game modes.

But some advanced games like shooting, or other games can be controlled by other advanced game modes. So, no need to worry about anything, just install your favorite game and set the game to Octopus and play the game.

Fully Customizable Map Map And Elsewhere

Octopus already offers a preview of the keymap and you can customize it as well. Ideally, the whole game can customize the touch controller and if you change it you will also have to customize the key map too.
Also, the app offers 20+ different types of control components for the best gaming experience.

Record Video Game Video

People like to watch new game videos and live gameplay on various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. To do that, you need to install a third-party program to record video playback. But if you are using Octopus Mod you do not need to install any other apps you can do.

It has an integrated screen recording program that can easily record your play video. It works great and you can upload a video to the web.

External plugin for Octopus Download

The developer also designed a plugin to sync your game data. Supports Google Play Store account login and you need to download the plugin and sign in to save your game data.

 Clean the RAM

Some of us have low smartphone rams like 3GB or 4GB. But we play big games in it. Therefore, we need to clear the RAM often in order to take full advantage of the RAM during play.

Here Octopus provides a RAM-cleaning feature for your device to get smooth and stable performance. It is a very useful feature.


It could be any app or game; Octopus can support connections with peripheral devices. However, only 30+ games and pre-installed apps connect to this app, which allows you to not need to reset the keys; just download the app to connect and use it immediately. Other common applications can be mentioned, such as Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, and Logitech, …


For different games, the app will suggest different support modes, be it keyboard or controller, which are the border-related features associated with these apps automatically. However, for certain games or applications, there will be special modes offered in it, such as the top delivery mode for MOBA games, and advanced shooting mode for FPS games.


Another useful feature of this application is that it supports screen recording. Now you do not need to download any other apps but you can still record your battles, the best highlighting situations you can show off to your friends, which is very important. The recording will be visible and full of matching audio. In addition, the app also supports electronic waste filtering tools in RAM. This not only protects your device but also makes connected games smooth, and unobtrusive, contrary to popular belief.

Octopus is a powerful mobile game 

Octopus is a key application for mapping gamepads without Root, based on the principle of mapping around the touch screens. This app is compatible with many current gamepads including the latest models. The keymap effect is very fast, not less than the PC mapping keys. In addition, this app also helps you to convert both keyboard and mouse to play other FPS games on your phone. In short, it can fix everything, from the gamepad to the keyboard and mouse.

A quick summary of the steps to use Octopus

Using Octopus is so easy, I think anyone who wants to know and has ever played mobile games with a gamepad will be able to do it. In particular, it includes the following steps:

Then set the key location to your liking, especially by following the following instructions:

Key: Do buttons on the handle -> press this button, the app will be set automatically depending on that key

D + pad: This is the up and down key, left and right

Play stick: Usually placed on a moving surface

To adjust the keyboard and mouse keys, do the same thing above.

What peripherals does Octopus go with?

As I mentioned above, this Octopus key-mapper is compatible with almost all generations and types of mobile gamepads today. And Octopus Gaming Engine has great support for many apps and games. If you want to, just press “+” to add the game you want to fix buttons (up to 30 games at a time). This app is also compatible with all types of keyboards and mice from brands such as Corsair, Razer, Logitech, SteelSeries… and Xbox, PS, and IPEGA game consoles.

In addition, there are many different modes for different types of games such as advanced FPS game shooting mode, and intelligent MOBA game streaming mode. Depending on the game you want to switch keys to, you select the appropriate modes for special support.

In the app, which is compatible with each game mode, there are also some suggested key structures available. But if you want, you can completely “reset” to your liking.

And there are some cool features added

It can be the same recording each, for example. Because in Octopus, there is a built-in Screen Recorder that records the screen with high-quality image levels and repeats it at will.

If there is a lot of memory on the phone, which hinders the speed of the game, Octopus also has the task of “cleaning up the myth” of the phone’s RAM to help keep everything clean and gentle before the game arrives.

Octopus can also sync. So, just download the app and access it. It can then be used on any phone without having to re-install it.

How does this work?

First, users need to download and install Gamepad on their device via Google Play or via the APK link below. Then, turn on the Bluetooth device to connect to external controls. Not only that, this app allows users to connect their devices to a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Lastly, choose a game you like to enjoy a new style of control. In addition, there are still two popular ways to do this: Root and use a PC to grant permissions. However, weed corruption sometimes brings a lot of risks, and PCs will sometimes not be available when you want to play. So, Octopus is a really effective solution in the modern era.

Good compatibility with many peripherals

There are a lot of questions from users, they doubt the correlation between Octopus and peripherals yet. To answer questions related to this, we may confirm that “Yes, the app fully supports the tool”. From standard devices such as gamepads, keyboards, and mice, it also supports prominent manufacturers such as Xbox, Gamesir, IPEGA, PS, etc. All in all, you can use border controls.

Connect with various games

Not only compatible with peripheral connected devices but this app has also been launched to connect multiple games on mobile platforms. It would be great if you use peripherals to enjoy FPS or MOBA games on mobile devices. This will increase the player’s win rate because borderline performance is obviously much better than the built-in touch system.

Besides, Octopus has many different genres suitable for different game types. For example, the FPS version will have an advanced shooting mode, or a smart buy-in mode will be available in MOBA games. Depending on your needs, you can use the appropriate modes for this application to support deep sensitivity. Of course, if you do not want to hear the support options available, users can return to the default settings.


However, during use, depending on the player’s preferences and habits, you can also adjust to create your own keyboard. The app has over 20 different details that you can customize to suit your wishes better. With the same handles or controls, you can easily customize operating keys to suit your usage habits.

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