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Nine – Email & Calendar mod offers an exciting experience combining a variety of information related to your work and health in one place to make it easier to manage. All actions in the app are recorded and guaranteed to be done immediately. The ingenuity of the compiler is good for users most of the time for other tasks. You can control the performance of the entire system with just one app, which is the best solution for the device.

What is Nine – Email & Calendar mod?

Today, e-mail has become a popular way of communicating with many people, especially when it comes to business matters or important personal matters. You need emails to chat faster and resolve issues. And secure and simple email forums allow users to work effectively on their social networks.

But with multiple incoming emails from different sources and forums, you will need to integrate them into one application. And Nine: Email And Calendar are certainly one of those best work apps. Here, the app allows you to work with its fully integrated email tools, allowing users to easily sync their emails with Microsoft Exchange Server using the enhanced Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. At the same time, check out other features to improve your communication with email.

What does Nine – Email & Calendar mod do?

Here at Ninth: Email and Calendar, Android users will have a fully integrated app to manage their emails, tasks, and integrated calendar, which will allow users to enjoy working with their well-organized businesses. Feel free to use the app to have effective ways of communicating with friends, family members, coworkers, and others.

Use in-app features to improve your use of emails, contacts, calendars, activities, and notes on your mobile devices, so you can make better use of them. Enable app notifications to receive new updates on your social networks. Use the built-in Calendar and Contacts to work with tasks, emails, notes, and other features in the app. The list goes on.

Awesome features of Nine – Email & Calendar mod


After launching, Nine received a lot of feedback from users and decided to change some of the default Microsoft library settings. You will enjoy more space, more document types, and simplified verification settings. Regarding the relationship between the app and the Chromebook, the system quickly fixes problems that arise when you can’t access your document source.

We care about the progress of sending and receiving email messages. Errors detected during launch will be reviewed, and performance will be improved soon. Now, connecting and reading texts will be the easiest and fastest way.


The app connects to your mailbox, supporting basic email-related functions such as reading, receiving, and sending mail. With just one interface, users can enjoy the many exciting experiences of information management.

Specific requirements are determined by the number of kits per day, the amount of information transmitted, and the weight of the file to be provided. You will check your inbox by selecting any message. Additionally, users can write messages and send them when they have completed the content they want to transfer. Notifications with audio settings will help you not to miss any important content.

Protect your data on your servers

Here at Nine: Email and Calendar, Android users will have their own servers, which they can easily operate and store their data securely. The application itself does not have servers to store your data. Instead, all received updates will be transmitted directly to users’ servers, using Direct Push Synchronization. Also, app data can only be stored on your devices.

Fully integrates Calendar and Contacts

To make it easier to work with your tasks, notes, and emails, Nine: Email & Calendar users can simply customize it with the Calendar and Contacts menu. This will allow you to have a clear view of your upcoming and related businesses on the built-in interface of your Calendar built-in.

Easily organize your emails

Feel free to work on your receipt and send emails in Nine: Email and Calendar using the built-in Rich-Text Editor, which will enable you to have many simple and advanced editing options. This should allow Android users to always enjoy the full experience of text editing. Therefore, to make it possible for you to manage your professional emails in the app.

Many advanced and useful features for your email hub

At the same time, Ninth: Email and Calendar also offers a variety of features, from basic to advanced, to enable the fully embedded email hub in your system. Here, Android users can enjoy working with S / MIME, IRM, Global Address List, Full HTML for both inbound and outbound, Secure Sockets Layer, Client Certificate, and more. All of this should allow you to work more confidently and easily in your business decisions via email.

Support multiple online servers

With Nine: Email and Calendar Android users can easily connect to multiple online servers in their emails. Here, the app allows you to quickly connect to Hotmail,, Gmail and G Suite, Cloud, Office 365, and Exchange Servers, as well as many other servers from Yahoo, IBM, and so on. As a result, it is always possible to easily manage and make full use of your email resources.

Easily manage your email collection

And speaking of it, Nine: Email & Calendar will provide many useful options to let you manage a large email collection. Here, users can choose to split emails into folders and enable different settings for each folder to manage them easily. Get started using Hybrid Email Search to quickly integrate the app with local instant and online searches on your system. Feel free to select folders to push your emails using notifications found in each folder.


Message items are controlled by Nine at work and in health. The user connects it to the device to automatically enter information related to the user with whom you will connect. The distance between people is closer when you talk to each other.

The system will design a separate area from other sources to help the connection process without problems. However, users still have to tighten the security of information so as not to reveal the meaning of their conversation. We will test the app for free for the first two weeks, and you may decide to pay an additional fee to continue using it.


As a tool for connecting multiple contents together, Nine would be a good choice if you wanted to control all the information in just one app. Simple designs help you differentiate multiple features and make changes to fit the operating mode. The interface is a blank space with many different files, and you can separate them by name or color. Generally, the creations are to control the operation of the system in the simplest and most accessible way.


Nine will bring you even more exciting new content for your activities. Each item in the app is focused on the task of helping users easily manage information, ensuring that the amount of work that needs to be managed will be controlled.

With just a simple operation, you can get acquainted with much interesting content and quickly control it with just a few taps. In addition, the amount of information stored in files is considered unlimited and untouched by the cloud. We will continue to review exciting content in the following versions. You will be charged for this simple operating system two weeks after the trial launch.

KEY Features of Nine – Email & Calendar mod

  • The app brings new information to users as they build a basic system for better information management. Users will be able to access more information when interacting only on a common interface.
  • Find out what changes you can expect in system updates. You will have the opportunity to receive additional incentives for information management, develop control features, and master basic requirements.
  • With an information management application, linking to an email address and easily integrating common tasks into a single file saves you a lot of time. In addition, emails can be answered directly in the app.
  • You will connect with more users as you hear the app, especially the online messaging feature. Users will have the opportunity to interact with more people and easier manage and balance work and health.
  • Manage all the basics of connectivity, get the latest information, update instant social media, and many more job functions. The app includes many functions to see.

Final decisions

Now, along with Aqua Mail, Android users will have another great mobile app for managing their emails, notes, calendar, tasks, and reminders. Also, with the free and Latest version of the app on our website, you will have better reasons to enjoy it.

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What's new

* Optimized certificates management
* Fixed other bugs and implemented some performance improvements.


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