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Meet Lumi anytime and anywhere with just the tap of your finger. N0va Desktop is an immersive live wallpaper application featuring the adorable virtual character, Lumi. Stay up-to-date with all of Lumi's latest content, experience immersive live wallpapers, and take Lumi together on your device wherever life's adventures may lead!
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Jun 16, 2022
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N0va Desktop MOD Apk – N0va Desktop is a wallpaper changer for Android and desktops. It was created by miHoYo from China. The mobile version was released recently on December 17, while the PC version was released in early August. This app allows you to use waifu videos for your wallpaper. The introduction to this app will provide more information.

Waifu: What does it mean?

Waifu is a familiar name to anime fans. It’s not something you know. Waifu can be described as a bogus woman, who appears in anime and manga. Waifu is composed of the English word “wife”, which is the wife. Waifu can be understood to be a female character in manga and cartoons. You can also create a beautiful wallpaper of your virtual wife in N0va Desktop.

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Unique wallpaper application

N0va Desktop works in the same way as any other wallpaper app. You can choose animated wallpapers for your computer or phone from a variety of videos. You will be “adopted by” a beautiful virtual wife through this application. This girl is also bursting with eye-catching outfits.

If you’re single, the main character of this application can be considered your wife. Set the wallpaper as your wallpaper and you can meet your wife whenever it suits you. Sometimes just looking at her can help you relax and relieve stress. Download N0va Desktop to view the gorgeous “wife” in all her glory.

There are many wallpapers to choose from

N0va Desktop currently offers many options regarding animated wallpapers. There are two types of wallpapers in this application. This background image can be used with or without sound. These wallpapers are not sound-based and can be used as normal wallpapers. The background image will have sound and can be opened to listen to the music. Both wallpapers can be customized with a variety of themes.

Go to settings and select your preferred wallpaper. There are many wallpaper sets that you can download to make your choice. In future updates, the developer will add many new themes and beautiful videos.

Definition of Waifu in anime

Waifu is a name that appears in anime series and movies. If you enjoy anime, it will be familiar to you. Waifu, which is derived from the English word “wife”, is a bogus woman. Waifu is loved by many, and the Waifu girls are irresistible. It would be wonderful if N0va Desktop could provide you with a virtual spouse right from your home screen.

Meet Lumi

N0va Desktop will allow users to meet Lumi, a Waifu girl. This girl is a Waifu girl with very unique interactions and activities on the main screen. These will make you excited. Lumi is very attractive and thin, so try to get her to look at it every day to relieve stress.

N0va Desktop functions in a similar way to other wallpaper apps. The video can be selected as the live wallpaper, and the desktop will instantly change. You must set Lumi’s desktop to meet her. Lumi can be dressed up by players to keep her looking beautiful and fresh.

Two platforms supported

N0va Desktop currently supports only Android and Windows. iOS devices will need to wait for this application to be downloaded and used. Android users can download the APK file from the article below to immediately install the application. It is 100% free and will not cause any harm to your device.

N0va Desktop is recommended for high-end Android devices and PCs. Live wallpapers that are not compatible with your device will not function properly, which can lead to lag.

You can also download N0va Desktop videos online. It can then be used as your device’s background, making everything much easier.

Simple and colorful interface

N0va Desktop is a minimalist interface that does not include too many icons. This allows users to be more efficient when using the application. This is because the application only uses the video available as wallpaper for mobile devices. This application also has a beautiful color scheme. You will feel more intuitive from the very first use.

Unique wallpaper application

N0va Desktop APK works in the same way as other wallpaper apps. You can choose from a variety of videos to make your animated wallpaper for your computer or phone. The application will allow you to be “adopted by” a beautiful virtual wife. This girl is also bursting with eye-catching outfits.

Singles can consider the main character of this app their wife. set it as your wallpaper to see your wife whenever and wherever you want. Just looking at your wife can help you relax, and even relieve stress. Nova Desktop is available for download. choose from many wallpapers to view your “wife”.

There are many wallpapers

N0va Desktop APK has many options for animated wallpapers. This application offers two wallpaper options. use this background image with or without sound. These wallpapers can be used as regular wallpapers, even though they aren’t sound-based. To hear the background sound and image, open the music. then customize both wallpapers with many themes.

To change your wallpaper, go to settings Multiple wallpaper sets can be downloaded so that you can use them wherever and whenever you want. The developer will continue to add new themes and videos in future updates.

Download N0va Desktop MOD APK Android

N0va Desktop, a wallpaper application that is unique for anime lovers, can be clearly seen. The application is especially popular with single men. now download N0va Desktop to Android or to your computer.

This application is compatible with laptops with high- and mid-range configurations. The app may not work well on a weak laptop. You can also download N0va Desktop videos from YouTube and use another lighter tool to set the video as your desktop background.

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2.Improved application stability and resolved some compatibility issues with certain devices


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