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Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries with genealogical search tools and an intuitive family tree builder. Join our global community of users to map your ancestors and family history effortlessly.
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Aug 14, 2022
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MyHeritage MOD Apk – Is there any need in this world that mobile apps can’t fulfill? Must be rare guys. You know, the MyHeritage MOD APK also has incredible things to do (like viewing a family tree and restoring old family photos to animations), what do you think smartphones can’t do?

What is MyHeritage MOD Apk?

Before you start talking about the main features of MyHeritage, you need to prepare yourself mentally because I think you might be shocked. Then he can help you test your DNA with a few simple tests. Finally, MyHeritage helps restore old pictures from generations of our family.

Too many strange functions that few people think of can be done quickly only through a smartphone. Rare applications can fulfill the above needs. But do not worry, because now we have MyHeritage, where you can go back to your roots, systematize the relationships of distant family members or even rewrite the heroic history of the family…

Once you have ideas, you will have to spend a lot of effort without the help of an application that specializes in these matters, such as MyHeritage.
Now to talk more about each feature, I’ll start with the feature that’s easiest to understand: Restoring old family photos.

  • MyHeritage can do two things for you in this feature.

One of them is to create movies from old photos. Using this feature, you can find known movements of your loved ones and recover lost pictures from grandparents, parents, or relatives in the family.

There are many reasons why you might need to restore an old photo. MyHeritage can help with that. you can visit its official website

The technology works by learning from a huge database of millions of human facial expressions around the world, finding similarities with the images you input, and then giving animated expressions to match those lines.

Features of MyHeritage MOD Apk

You can see an unforgettable sight of a loved one in the family. It is not just an animated photo, but a gift from the heaven of emotions.

The second feature is that MyHeritage can help restore old, smudged photos to new colors. Photos that are old or only black and white or even lost some facial details can be restored as new in color. Specifically, you can:

  • Colorize your black and white photos and sharpen blurry faces with MyHeritage Photo Enhancer

This trio of smart features from MyHeritage is sure to help you create beautiful pictures for your family members, for better preservation and easier viewing for your descendants later.

MyHeritage helps you create family trees and easily check family trees
Just enter basic information about your family line and MyHeritage will quickly help you create a diagram of the branches of the tree called a family tree. Store information about grandparents and ancestors and tell them later to their descendants.

Discover your own roots or educate your children and grandchildren in the family about the history of your ancestors and roots. The family tree that MyHeritage has drawn for you has much more meaning than just a simple drawing.

And not only verbally, but the family tree also offers moving or static images of individuals in the clan, depending on the information entered. You should use the old Photo Recovery feature mentioned above and then add the image information to this tree, which will make the family tree more vivid and understandable.

But the magic of the family tree feature is that you just enter a few first names and MyHeritage takes care of the rest. Record Matches technology, which intelligently compares and extracts information from the app, will help MyHeritage automatically find new information for you through a collection of more than 81 million family trees created by users from around the world.

In addition, there is a huge database of 15.7 historical records from the application itself. Historical records include vital records (birth, marriage, and death certificates) from 66 countries; census and immigration records; tombstones, and burial records.

It will help you discover unexpected connections between ancestors and lineages. Who knows? Perhaps there are many unexpected things about your ancestors.

Help test DNA with simple tests

MyHeritage also offers a basic DNA test. MyHeritage collects more than 5.2 million different sets of DNA from 2,114 geographic regions around the world.

This feature is not completely accurate, but the results provided by artificial intelligence may surprise you because you can find people who are so similar to you, or even like your copy.

What's new

Photo Tagger identifies the faces in your photos and groups them together so you can tag all the photos of a person in one go. Tag hundreds of photos in minutes and enrich your family tree. Tap "Photos" from the home screen and tag away!



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