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Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries with genealogical search tools and an intuitive family tree builder. Join our global community of users to map your ancestors and family history effortlessly.
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MyHeritage is an online birthplace platform with web, mobile products, and software and services. The company is based in Israel and was founded in 2003. After almost 20 years of development, MyHeritage is the best and most reliable online forum for building family trees, DNA testing, and discovering other genetic material.

The MyHeritage mobile app was created and published by Available on both Android and iOS platforms, free download. In the Google Play Store, MyHeritage has reached over 10 million downloads and has also received over 100,000 positive reviews from users.

What is the MyHeritage app?

The MyHeritage app helps you restore old photos, build family trees, find loved ones in millions of records around the world, and more.

About MyHeritage premium

MyHeritage is a free app, but really, if you want to use all the features in the app, you need to upgrade your account with the paid package required by the developer. Currently, there are 4 different premium packages available to choose from to suit your needs. They are Premium, Premium Plus, Data, and Finished. There, the Complete Package includes all the benefits of the remaining packages. Of course:

  • Create a family tree without limits for members
  • Essential customer support
  • Unlock advanced DNA features
  • Open the Instant Discoveries feature
  • Access to all 13.1 billion historical records.
  • Keep records on your tree
  • Record the same
  • Tree Consistency Checker

Is there a need in this world for mobile applications to meet? It should be rare, guys. You know, even the most unbelievable things (like looking at a family tree and restoring old family photos in photos) can be found in an app called MyHeritage MOD APK, what do you think smartphones can do?

What is MyHeritage MOD?

  1. Before you talk about the main features of MyHeritage, you need to prepare mentally because I think you might be shocked. First of all, MyHeritage is an app that helps you view family genealogy. It can then help you to test your DNA with some simple tests. Then redraw the family tree based on the list you entered. Finally, MyHeritage helps restore old images to our family generations.

Many unusual features that few people think of can be quickly realized with just a smartphone. Unusual applications may meet the above requirements. But don’t worry because we now have MyHeritage where you can trace back to your roots, edit long-distance family relationships, or rewrite family hero history … Once you have ideas, you will have to spend a lot of money. of effort without the help of an app that focuses on issues such as MyHeritage.

Features of MyHeritage MOD

Now to talk more about each aspect, I will start with an easy-to-understand task:

Restoring old family photos.

  • MyHeritage has a unique ability to restore old images.
  • MyHeritage can do two things for you in this activity.

One is to make animated images from older images. With this activity, you will get the normal movement of your loved ones, and return timely photos from grandparents, parents, or relatives to the family. There are many reasons why you may need to restore an old image. MyHeritage can help with this. This app is equipped with the technology of Deep Nostalgia ™, which has a field of artificial intelligence that helps to create movement from old images. This technology works by learning from the vast web of millions of people around the world, thus finding the similarities in the images you upload and giving the animated expressions that accompany those lines.

You can see the normal smiles of your dead loved ones. Or see the memorable look of a loved one in the family. It is not just a vivid image, but a heavenly gift of emotion.

The second feature is that MyHeritage can help restore old, dirty images to new colors. Only old or black and white images or those that have lost

some of the facial expressions may be restored to a new color.

Specifically, you can:

  • Repair scratched or damaged images by adjusting the image
  • Color in your black and white photos and sharpen your dark face with MyHeritage Photo Enhancer
  • Download stories behind memorable family photos with Photo Storyteller ™

These three smart features from MyHeritage will surely help you create beautiful photos of your family members, so they can be better preserved and easily viewed by your descendants later.

Key features of the MyHeritage app

For the past 20 years, MyHeritage has been a source of inspiration for you and your family.  So what does this service really offer? Let’s check it out below.

Deep Nostalgia Technology

One day, you discover an old picture of your loved ones. Unfortunately, the image is too old and low quality makes it look bad. MyHeritage is here to help. This app uses AI technology to quickly enhance your images and resize their colors with just one touch. All you need to do is upload the photos you need to enhance them in the gallery, or Scan the document, and MyHeritage will help you retrieve them with the best pixel and color quality.

Not only that, but an engineer also introduces a special Deep Nostalgia technology that is only available on MyHeritage. This technology allows you to create moving facial expressions in photos. It means MyHeritage can transform your image into a short video with realistic facial expressions.

Build your own family tree

Today, we seem to be so interested in technology and other pleasures that we forget about old traditions. Have you ever wondered about the existence of your relatives? How many members of your family? What is your relationship with your ancestors? It really is something your parents want you to know. So, what are you waiting for besides building your own family tree with MyHeritage? This app helps you to quickly build a family tree in just a few simple steps. You need to include your family members according to the templates provided by MyHeritage, and then the app will automatically launch the family tree based on additional information.

You can now research your family history, relationships, and more. MyHeritage also allows you to easily add and edit details in the family tree.

There are three different ways to display your family tree in this app. Family Views, Descendants Views, and View lists.

Check your family history

Sounds weird, but did you know that your family has a close relationship with a random family in the world? Try searching for the answer on the MyHeritage website.

MyHeritage collects records of more than 4.4 billion people worldwide. The developer also has a list of millions of family trees for families. By analyzing the data you have generated from your family tree, MyHeritage will compare it with other samples around the world looking at “Matching” results. From there, you can learn more about yourself and your ancestors. MyHeritage offers the best and most accurate technology to help you find relationships between family trees. In particular, these are:

  • Smart Matches ™: this technology allows you to automatically connect family trees with similar properties.
  • Record the Same: Easily find information about someone based on the huge data MyHeritage provides over four billion records. You need to enter information such as name, age, gender, address, and more to identify the audience. The more detailed information you enter, the more accurate results will be returned.

DNA testing by MyHeritage

According to Wikipedia, DNA represents deoxyribonucleic acid, made up of nucleotide units. DNA is an important molecule not only for humans but also for countless other living things. DNA contains genes and genes – that is what makes us unique.

That is to say, only DNA samples from people who share the same blood have similarities. Based on DNA Kit Comparison, we can determine relationships between 2 people.

MyHeritage owns DNA data for millions of people worldwide. o start the search, you need to download the DNA Kit to the app. After that, MyHeritage will analyze your DNA data and compare it with other records in the Database. You can quickly find the same.

SuperSearch ™

In line with its name, SuperSearch is an incredibly powerful search engine provided by MyHeritage. According to the developer, they currently have more than 13 billion records from people around the world, including the living and the dead. My MyHeritage records are all verified with the accuracy of the information.

They give you all the personal identification information including birth, marriage, and death certificates, military records, census records, court records, acquisition records, yearbooks, autopsy, funeral records, etc. You need to enter the required information into SuperSearch. , then the app will show the same results.


MyHeritage is a cross-platform breeding experience. Log in to the MyHeritage app and sync your family tree with photos to access MyHeritage on any popular platform including smartphones, tablets, web browsers, or Family Tree Builder – MyHeritage desktop software.

MyHeritage helps create family lineage and easily update family trees

Just enter the basic information related to your family list, MyHeritage will quickly help you create a tree branch diagram called the family tree. Save information about grandparents, and tell their children later. Discover your roots or teach your children and grandchildren in the family the history of your ancestors and roots. In addition to the simple drawing, the family tree that you drew for MyHeritage has many meanings.

And it is not only expressed in words, but also in the family tree and, depending on the information you enter, we provide moving or still images of certain people in the family. You should use the old Photo Recovery feature mentioned above and add photo information to this tree, making the family tree clearer and easier to understand.

Family Tree Feature

But the magic of the family tree feature is that you only need to enter the first few words, MyHeritage will do the rest. Intelligent comparison recording technology and extracting information from the app will help MyHeritage automatically find new information thanks to a collection of over 81 million family trees created by users worldwide. In addition a large database of 15.7 historical records from the app itself. Historical records include important records (birth, marriage, and death certificates) from 66 countries; census records and migration; tombstones, and burial inscriptions.

In the process of creating a family tree, you can easily compare it with other trees thanks to the Smart Matches ™ technology built into the operating system. It helps you find unexpected connections between ancestors and family lines. Who knows? There are probably many unexpected things about your ancestors.

Help test DNA with simple tests

MyHeritage also offers basic DNA testing. So, you can test your DNA and find people everywhere who have very similar identities to you. MyHeritage collects more than 5.2 million DNA sets from 2,114 locations worldwide.

This feature is not accurate, but the results given by AI may surprise you because you may find people like you or your copy.


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