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Muslim is one of the most popular religions. Thanks to its faithful adherents and faithful followers, these religions are also accepted across the globe and accompanied by an extremely strict set of rules of prayer and respect for their god.
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Muslim Pro Premium MOD Apk – Muslim is one of the most popular religions. Thanks to its faithful adherents and faithful followers, these religions are also accepted across the globe and accompanied by an extremely strict set of rules of prayer and respect for their god. This is why the majority of Muslim people will find themselves with a set calendar for eating and sleeping, as well as working and even praying.

About Muslim Pro Premium MOD APK

But, it’s not always easy to able to keep the correct time or remember the various prayers. Thus, a lot of Muslim practitioners are getting assistance from this helpful mobile application from Muslim Pro Limited. You will receive notifications about the appropriate time at which you should begin to pray, notifications about what you must complete honoring your God, and many more.

In essence, you can say that by using Muslim Pro you’ll be able to have an entire guidebook for any business that is related to Islam. From studying the history of Islam to examining the various aspects of religions to obtaining your scheduled schedules that specify the precise hours that you must be practicing the faiths. In turn, you can become a devoted religious follower.

Features of Muslim Pro Premium MOD APK

The amazing mobile application that is part of Muslim Pro is going to let you participate in every Muslim event with precise timers that are available to users around the globe. You will be entertained by the engaging and interactive content that includes voice-guided instructions. Access the helpful app in all of the languages you prefer as well as others.

Always get your prayer times right

A very crucial aspect that Muslim worshippers must adhere to is to ensure that they always have their prayers at the right time. And that’s exactly what you’ll receive from Muslim Pro, as the application provides precise prayer times for every user.

With carefully planned and calculated prayers that are more appropriate to your specific location, you’ll know precisely the moment to begin praying. In addition, it even has muezzin voices that immediately start playing prayers when it’s the right time. Most of the time you’ll be unable to ignore their messages.

The entire Holy Quran for all Muslims

Most importantly, for everyone Muslim, there’s always The Holy Quran available in this application. Explore it in the form of a text. Also, listen to the audio version that is accurate in reading and phonetics. To make the reading experience more enjoyable, you will also get interesting translations of The Holy Quran, which will clarify all the complicated parts for you.

Enhance your pronunciation by using Colored Tajweed

Additionally, if you’ve struggled to read or understand your Quran previously, Muslim Pro will help the majority of Android users practice their faith with precise pronunciations of the more difficult terms from the Quran. Simply make use of its built-in Colored Tajweed options as you learn how to read the holy book as a genuine Muslim worshipper.

It is a useful tool to calculate your Dhikr

If you want to count your dhikr faster and more conveniently, Muslim Pro will provide the helpful Tasbih option that allows you to precisely track your dhikr every when you enter your moment of prayer that is focused.

Find Muslim establishments in your area

To help Muslims across the globe, this fascinating mobile application provides users with a map of the world of Halal places to eat and mosques that are near you. It allows Muslim practitioners to easily find their most preferred Muslim establishments. You can also join your colleagues as Muslims and be able to honor Allah.

Always point your eyes towards Mecca

While praying when they pray, many Muslims want to point their attention to Mecca which is the holy place for all religions. It’s not easy to accomplish since you’re not always able to determine the right direction. That’s why you’ll definitely find this fascinating application from Muslim Pro Limited quite useful. Through the animated Qibla Map and compass, you’ll know precisely where you are and the direction you should take to complete your prayers.

important Muslim dates by using the built-in calendar

Most importantly in order to enable people to be able to carry out their rituals, Muslim Pro now provides Android users with a full Islamic Hijri calendar for smartphones. This makes it easier to use after you’ve got your own calendar with reminders about what you must do in the coming days.

This is where all important dates, including Eid-UlFitr and Eid-Ul-Adha, will be marked on the calendar and sent on your smartphones. Therefore, you won’t forget the dates. Additionally when it comes to the Holy Ramadan that all Muslim followers must observe their own specific fasting hours. This app, which is quite interesting, Muslim Pro will set up your own schedule.

Get the various names of Allah

If you’re curious, you can find out more about the all-powerful Allah as well as a wealth of details about his life. Most importantly the 99 names he has will also be recited by Muslim Pro, which will let new followers quickly discover them all.

Make yourself a set of Islamic greeting cards

If you want to send Islamic wishes and greetings to your friends and followers It’s also feasible that Android customers use stunning Islamic greeting cards that come with numerous appealing designs. It is possible to purchase any of them and then send your best wishes to others.

Join the fun internet community, and be a part of the prayer with us
Here, in Muslim Pro, Android users can explore the incredible online Muslim community that has over 70 million active users. Use the app to pray with each other and for fellow members. Get the most interesting mobile application that is Muslim Pro, where you’ll be able to connect with others Muslims across the globe.

Use the app in any of your preferred languages

Last but not least should you encounter issues with this Arabic application, you can use the Arabic version. application, Muslim Pro now offers many different languages to users across the world.

This means that you can use the fascinating mobile application available in Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, German, English, Spanish, French, and numerous other languages. With impressive localizations, this app provides complete versions of its features as well as its Quran collections.

Free to use

Even with all the thrilling capabilities, Muslim Pro is currently free for all followers across the globe to use using Android devices. Therefore, it is available within the Google Play Store. You are free to download and install the application without paying anything

Download Muslim Pro Premium MOD APK

To increase the fun of the app to make it more enjoyable, you are able to also choose the modified version of Muslim Pro on our website. With completely unlocked content and ad-free user experience Now, you can enjoy Muslim Pro to the fullest. It’s all it takes to install your Muslim Pro APK on our site. Absolutely for free, of course.


For those who practice religion, the application Muslim Pro will certainly come useful for the majority of Muslims. Even if you’re not one, the extensive information will also let you learn more about the religion. In addition, with the application being completely free and accessible on our site and Google Playstore, you’ll have every reason to begin taking advantage of the app.

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