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Moon+ Reader Pro - Looking for the best app for reading your files or eBooks on the Android platform? Are you looking for a smooth and satisfying experience to enjoy your reading? And so on.
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Varies with device
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Moon+ Reader Pro – Looking for the best app for reading your files or eBooks on the Android platform? Are you looking for a smooth and satisfying experience to enjoy your reading? And so on.

However, we do have an app for you, Moon + Reader Pro – your ultimate eBook app in the mobile space. With simple and smart controls, you will find yourself easily navigating the various features offered by the app while enjoying every part of your book.

In addition, it also has many features that you may be interested in. Feel free to read the entire book without the distractions of advertising. Save your reading to specific pages and reopen it whenever you want. Make well-marked pages so you can quickly navigate through them. And more.

What is Moon+ Reader Pro Apk?

Moon + Reader Pro is an eBook reading app for your mobile devices. However, with all the amazing features it offers, the app is more than that. Having said that, with Moon + Reader Pro, Android users can access most of the currently available file formats. Easily read PDF, Doc, EPUB, HTML, TXT, RAR, and ZIP file formats easily.

Features of Moon+ Reader Pro Apk MOD – Latest Version

Customize your reading links to get the best experience possible

First of all, Android users will be able to access more customizations with your Moon + Reader Pro. Choose between different settings to bring the most satisfying feeling.

Once mentioned, you can choose to change the line space; adjust the font and size; convert text into italics, bold, or underline; or change colors to ensure the most enjoyable reading experience. The Learning Web function is also adjustable as you can choose between multiple uses.

Feel free to apply your favorite reading themes to Moon + Reader Pro with over 10 different themes. Switch between Day and Night modes to get the best reading experience. Or customize the viewing effects with 5 different animations and more.

Not to mention that with the Pro version enabled, you will be able to access many beautiful themes, backgrounds, and fonts. Feel free to customize your learning links until you are fully satisfied.

Easy learning and editing options

And to allow users to read their files with a good understanding, the game also has many learning and editing options that can help you.

First, we have a smart role that automatically reverses categories and removes unwanted spaces. In addition, it also enables text alignment options, allowing you to read freely.

In addition, you can also find yourself reading carefully in two-page mode with flexible screen conditions. Not to mention that you can also highlight keywords, look up annotations, or search the dictionary easily. This is especially important when digging down a difficult topic.

Simple and easy control options

Along with learning and editing features, having advanced and consistent controls is also an essential element that you should have in your learning app. Having said that, with Moon + Reader Pro, users will be able to access a wide variety of that and more.

Choose from the many pairing options and find the one that suits you best. Use all available features from the touch screen, volume keys, and even your camera or back keys. Feel free to choose your preferred settings.

Additionally, you are also allowed to choose between 5 different default scrolling options if you wish to enable the feature. Choose to turn blind, using pixels, lines, or pages. Adjust the brightness of your pages with just the touch of a swipe.

To make things more appealing, users are also allowed to use the buttons on their headsets to do more things, start browsing pages, and more. If you want, you can even move the phone to unlock some useful features.

With 24 different controls including simple touch controls, virtual volume buttons, touch, and more, you will find a fully customizable app for you to enjoy.

Protect your eyes from extended reading

In addition, to protect you from eye problems after a long period of reading, Moon + Reader Pro also has unique “Keep Your Eyes Healthy” options that will automatically adjust links to give your eyes more protection. That being said, it will automatically change the brightness depending on the lighting conditions, or reduce the green lights emanating from your screen for safer reading times.

Customize your bookshelf 

To quickly get your books and files, it is important that you plan well in your system. With this in mind, the creators of Moon + Reader Pro have thought enough to provide users with user customization on their bookshelf.

With that in mind, you will find all the books and files in your collections organized neatly into many categories such as Downloads, Authors, Tags, and more. Therefore, you can easily find them with just a few taps.

Additionally, you can also delete your favorite book from the home screen and create shortcuts for quick reading.

As if that wasn’t enough, the app also has a simple widget that you can create on your smartphone screen. Here, you can add all your favorite books and organize them neatly. You do not need to have an app icon to start reading, you must check your favorite books.

Fully supported file readings and enabled multimedia content

The app has amazing compatibility with many popular formats currently available. With that in mind, you can easily open EPUB, PDF, MOBI, FB2, PRC, CBR, DOCX, ODT, RTF, TXT, HTML, WEBP, and RAR, your ZIP files easily. Not to mention that you are also allowed to view multimedia content in this amazing tutorial, which is not something you can find in other apps.

Amazing features of online cloud computing

And with your online cloud drive connected to the app, you will be able to access many useful features of the online cloud. This includes backing up your settings and reading data online for easy restart. Additionally, you can also sync the app to as many devices like your phones or tablets and read all the files you want.

Enjoy self-disclosure without ads

The problem with the many student apps currently available on the mobile site is the annoying ads that are constantly popping up. That being said, you will never have this kind of problem with Moon + Reader Pro. Just download this amazing reading app on your phone and you can enjoy a simple non-advertising experience.

Protect your privacy with secure passwords

Those who wish to protect their reading privacy will find themselves completely satisfied with the password protection in Moon + Reader. Here, you can choose multiple passwords for your specific books or files so that others cannot access them even on your phone.

Use the app in your favorite languages

Additionally, Moon + Reader Pro also allows users to enjoy the app in their preferred languages. That being said, you can choose between English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. Feel free to hear all the fun features of learning in this app while using your preferred languages.

Have a free Pro version completely with our mod

The free version of Moon + Reader is already useful and simple. However, if you wish to enjoy the best learning app on your mobile devices, it is recommended that you open the pro version.

But since Moon + Reader Pro is a paid app on Google Play Store, you may want to try out our stolen app to get it completely free. Once mentioned, you can simply download and install the Moon + Reader Pro APK from our website to start experiencing the full features.

Resize problems on low-end devices

Although it is a great learning app with many fun features, Moon + Reader still incorporates some bugs that may cause you problems, especially if you are using an older device by comparison.

That being said, most of the problems will happen with resizing operations in your documents. Since the app has been around for a long time, users may find the new version is no longer compatible with Android phones with low-resolution old days.

Not to mention that in some files, you may encounter lags or stutters, especially large ones. A good solution for you is to download an older version of the app instead.

Download the latest Moon + Reader Pro For Android APK

To read files, documents, and books, Moon + Reader Pro is one of the best apps currently available in the mobile space. Not to mention that with our version of the app, you can access Pro features completely free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download  The Latest MOD Apk version of Moon + Reader Pro.


With a fast and accurate interface, users will find themselves familiar with the features within the system easily. A clean and orderly design makes it easy to find your books. And most importantly, with advanced features, the app works well on most devices even those with low hardware.


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