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Messenger MOD APK is an excellent in-one communication app for Android and iOS devices. Make a live chat in the app with everyone. Quickly sync messages to start chatting with app users — there is no limit to text and unlimited text sharing without limit. Share any media files with the app. Inbuild music, a video player, and plays media files shared in the chat section.
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About Facebook Messenger Apk MOD

Messenger MOD APK is an excellent in-one communication app for Android and iOS devices. Make a live chat in the app with everyone. Quickly sync messages to start chatting with app users — there is no limit to text and unlimited text sharing without limit. Share any media files with the app. Inbuild music, a video player, and plays media files shared in the chat section. Sync contacts in the app to chat with your contacts. Connect the Instagram and Facebook friends app to the app. Chat with all your friends using this messenger. Vanish mode is available, and this feature is fun for everyone.

Features of Facebook Messenger Apk: –

1. Text messaging and calling
2. Vash mode
3. Privacy Settings
4. Custom Response
5. Conversation themes
6. Watch Together
7. Merge Groups With Rooms
8. Free video calls to stay connected
9. Unlimited Free Text & Calls

12. Show Yourself With Stickers, Gifs, And Emoji
13. Post Files, Photos, and Videos
14. Plan and Make It Happen
15. Send Money Safely And Easily
16. Talk to Businesses
17. Bring SMS to the messenger
18. Compatible With All Platforms

Application messaging and calling

Messenger MOD APK now supports the cross-app feature. Alternatively, the user can chat with both Instagram and Facebook friends. Mark Zuckerberg buys the Instagram app from a real developer. After purchasing Instagram, Mark changes a lot of things with their product. Yes, their released products contain an integrated messaging feature. But now, all Facebook products have removed the integrated message feature. Now they will change the message feature in this application. All message sharing is done in this app.

Disappearance mode

Vanish mode is a unique feature of all communication apps. Sometimes we talk about private communications from the app. So forget to delete the connected messages. This is a great reason to provide a disappearing feature in the Messenger MOD APK. You need to open this feature to everyone. Set the disappearance mode to users. Then all messages and texts are deleted after closing the app — no longer need to use chat to highlight current chat history. After leaving the app on messages it was automatically deleted.

Messenger MOD APK allows multiple messaging applications. So additional privacy settings were required to control messages. Everyone is texting at any time. So manage messages with a privacy policy. When an anonymous user has a conversation with you, the user cannot respond to all the people to whom the messages were sent. So turn on message control and auto-response system. Additionally, set to stop anonymous chat to avoid anonymous user text messages.


Today, all communication apps come with emoji features. That feature is no longer appealing. Also, it will not make it even more attractive when discussing normal emojis. So the main reason Messenger MOD APK is made with a new sparkling response. When a user sends emoji into fashion, they will automatically convert the animated response. Most emojis are converted to animated emojis. In the coming days, the app development team will turn all emojis into animated stickers. This is the best feature of this app. And it will make it interesting during the chat.

Conversation themes

Messenger MOD APK introduced themes for chat users. Every user can set a favorite theme for their favorite people. Each negotiating nation also introduces new colorful themes. For example, when chatting with someone you love, choose a valentine’s theme to chat with. And the conversational style has been transformed into romantic designs. Many multi-theme designs are now available for use. You do not have to pay money to use colorful theme designs.

Free video calls

Some of the communication systems require the amount of video call time per person. Yes, many apps require purchasing a premium subscription to make video calls. But the Messenger MOD APK allows free video calls to all users. No more needing to pay for video calls. Invite anyone to a conference call by sending a link. Each user can add additional participants to the conference video call. During a group call, no one is experiencing a problem during the call.

Watch together

When a user starts a group video call in Messenger MOD APK, they can play their favorite video during the video call. Joining members can watch videos without interruption. The Internet needs to complete the video call. Easy to capture the real-time moments from the app. The developer also adds room features to the app. Making meetings or important issues shared from the room meeting. Use this room feature to invite your contacts via the room link. There is no time limit following in-room calls.

Different Modes

Messenger MOD APK offers two types of weather-based modes. Light and dark mode is now available. Select mode at any time. Choose the default mode into the light and dark mode switched from time to time. Use black mode at night and use daylight mode. Use black mode to save mobile battery life.
The main function of Facebook Messenger Mod Apk

First of all, you should know that this social networking app is free for all of you but in a few low-cost countries (Philippines, Cambodia, Guinea), it may be the cause of the pro version of the pro.
Although, in the free version, the features are limited, in the premium version the advanced features are included as you can make a messenger video calling a group of 50+ people at a time.

Features of GB Messenger Apk

  1. Privacy settings (protect your account)
  2. A great messaging and calling app
  3. Fast && Easy to use the messenger app
  4. Chat with friends using custom themes
  5. Watch together with a video call
  6. Unlimited free calls and text
  7. Express your feelings through emojis, stickers, and gifts
  8. Use the bright Facebook Messenger mod to relax your eyes

MOD Features for FB Messenger Apk

He knows it is high trend and uses land use. Therefore, the developers think that the use of the app is simple and easy to use, it is better for users.
Yes, the features discussed below are also available in the free version and are limited. But, here we are discussing a few modified features one by one.

Create a Chat Room

However, the amazing feature of this app is to create a chat room of fifty different people and more and talk together in a video call at the same time. You can also make close friends using the Messenger app.

Obviously, you have few friends and may want to meet every day.

Form a Family Group

Most people use this feature and create a family group as cousins ​​and relatives, so, they all share your photos, working status, and health information.

Creating a Pool

And another very interesting feature of this social app is to do POOL, which means you have a total of 10 friends and want to go see a movie but do not decide which film to watch? Then one of them creates a pool of final decisions.

Sending and Receiving Money

Yes, you can send and receive money to family, relatives, and friends, or any other business purpose with PayPal and prepaid accounts. But European countries (USA) are working on this aspect of the business, not the world.

Used As A Business

After all, “Business Messengers” is also used for your people or international business. It is widely used in online business, and communication between customers and sellers.
You can create your own “Client Group” and add unlimited people to this group and advertise your product or service anywhere and anytime.

Keep an eye on each other

If you use the Messenger MOD APK to establish a group video call, the user can play their favorite video during the video call. Joined members can watch videos without interruption. Video call must end online. With your connected friends, watch videos, TV shows, and movies. It is now easier to capture real-time video in-app. Having meetings or exchanging important information from a room meeting. Use the room feature to ask people to contact you with a link in the room. An existing room can accommodate up to 50 people. In-room calls have never been below the time limit.

Modes Messenger MOD APK offers two types of weather-based modes. Now there is a light and dark mode. You can change the mode at any time. The default mode is switched to light and dark mode within a set time. At night, use black mode, while during the day, use light mode. To save battery life on your phone, select black mode.


All in all, we have compiled all the detailed information about the Messenger MOD APK. This is the best communication app on Android with many new features. Use the disappearance mode to delete all conversations after leaving the system. Switch to light and dark mode based on your mood. From the original version, the user needs to view unwanted ads. Use our MOD version to remove unwanted ads. Download our MOD version from below the title available links.

You can also download other apps like Messanger from our website

Frequently Asked Questions About Facebook Messenger Apk MOD


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