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Like learning Duolingo or Drops Language, Memrise still allows you to learn many different languages ​​in the world, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. But they are limiting this mobile app to Korean, Chinese, and English. Maybe next time, it will review more. This issue puts Memrise behind Babbel and Duolingo's multilingual program.
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About Memrise MOD APK

Foreign language is an important skill in modern times, in school, and in health. Therefore, the emergence of additional applications for various foreign language learning activities is also understandable. But to find a truly efficient system, which satisfies all four basic language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing and satisfies a wide variety of language words and numbers in the world, there is currently no system that can be used. passing Memrise.

Of the four skills above, Reading and Writing seem to be the two most accessible and common ways in all foreign language learning applications. This is also a “good trap” for foreign language learners who often encounter it. When you think you really understand the grammar of the language, then you can not understand any words that come from the local people. Or if you say something, no one can understand it. In the meantime, if you do not need to communicate verbally, just write or read text, you will have a lot of difficulty with ineffective communication.

To avoid this contradictory learning and skills development, Memrise has many features to “rearrange” everything, in a complete, organized, and well-grounded way.

How to use Memrise Pro APK?

Like learning Duolingo or Drops Language, Memrise still allows you to learn many different languages ​​in the world, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. But they are limiting this mobile app to Korean, Chinese, and English. Maybe next time, it will review more. This issue puts Memrise behind Babbel and Duolingo’s multilingual program.

When we talk about Memrise, we can’t help but say we have a lot of documentaries that contains more than 200 lessons, and 20,000 videos of native speakers, that allow you to move from one egg to another. All Memrise platform systems are staffed by language experts or specialized members, ensuring quality information.

By coming to Memrise, you can connect and learn dozens of languages ​​from different countries in the world English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, etc. Only by telephone, anywhere, can you open the door to the world.

Besides, you may be surprised to learn that Memrise has mathematical content, art, science, history, geography, and entertainment. Although Memrise focuses on building students’ listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar skills, it is best known as an effective English vocabulary learning software.

Who should use Memrise?

Memrise may not improve your English skills directly, but with memory lists, the content is excellent. Remembering vocabulary is important when learning a language. The site offers a variety of educational courses such as SAT and GRE. And besides, users can also hear strategies with near-city themes, themes, cultures, arts, etc. These courses are free.

If you use the premium version, there will be chatbots that can help you learn by chatting, watching videos of native speakers, and streamlining the learning process. It means that the app changes the way it teaches itself based on your performance. And some statistics show how much time you spend studying and how much. The Pro account also has access to strenuous word tests, which you often forget while browsing.


The information you get from Memrise is about memorizing and remembering their spelling and using it in various exercises. The first type of exercise is multiple choices, in which students will have appropriate choices and answers. At the same time, you can include the information that the study requires, and this will require you to memorize the exact words and grammar that you are learning. At the same time, you can improve your skills by using pronunciation tests with AI for voice recognition.


If you access Memrise, you will find many languages. Therefore, the structure of the lesson in each language has a certain difference so that learners can easily understand new language words. You also have access to an amazing range of resources, from tutorials to videos captured by native speakers of your language. From there, imitating their pronunciation and sentence patterns will help you to progress faster.


Users can learn multiple languages ​​at once without problems, but it works best if you focus on one language you want to master. You will receive statistics for each lesson to let you know where you are and continue to complete. From there, you will be able to improve your progress by completing one or two lessons a day to maintain your progress and improve your language skills.


An interesting point when using the app for those who are busy with work is that the app supports the study of offline lessons. That makes it possible for them to use all the short time they have to learn new information. Also, you will need to do before using this feature that you will need to prepare to download these courses in advance to be available or offline.

Curriculum and language training program at Memrise

The talks in Memrise are divided into specific topics. Each lesson is a combination of different types of homework such as vocabulary, sentence structure, pronunciation, reading, and analyzing right and wrong. This curriculum leads to all four skills being developed, aligned, and matched. When you complete a course and pass a skills test for that course, your internal level of performance goes up. This exciting, uplifting feeling will be a great incentive for you to stick to the long term and learn with Memrise.

And not only do they have difficult and boring lessons, Memrise also has a variety of rules that follow the rules: play to remember, remember to read, learn to play. Of course, these games themselves are classified into many levels and topics that suit each person like vocabulary games, listening games, new word games, multiplayer games …

How does Memrise improve users’ listening and speaking skills?

Do not use the usual boring method of translating from Google Translate. At Memrise, you will have a series of video tutorials for uttering a native speaker, below with subtitles for easy tracking and pronunciation.

Comes with a microphone recording feature, the app detects your pronunciation when you have finished learning new words. If the word is read incorrectly, the app will vibrate to show, and if read correctly, common points will be displayed compared to the native voice. This method helps users to remember very new words and learn them from the beginning.

How does Memrise strengthen literacy skills?

When you read Memrise, you have a lot of exercises that remember lessons such as rewriting sentences, translating well-read phrases, choosing the right answers, comparing words …
Memrise currently has more than 100 languages ​​and plans to develop in-depth in the future. If you are using a free online version, you have about 22 languages ​​in hand. If you want more, you can consider a paid app policy. Today’s 22 free languages ​​to learn at Memrise include:

• Japanese
• Arabic
• China
• Korea
• Denmark
• Mongolia
• Norwegian
• Netherlands
• English
• Portugal (Portugal)
• Portugal (Brazil)
• French
• German
• Poland
• Icelandic
• Russian
• Slovenian
• Italian
• Garlic
• Spanish (Spain)
• Spanish (Mexico)
• Yoruba

What are the highlights of Memrise?

As shared with you, the language teaching method at Memrise is very different from other language learning apps. Therefore, the app has many features to help users learn effectively, such as:

• Changing skills in the same subject is smooth and logical. The user does not have a sense of frustration but goes through another aspect of the lesson.

• The video quality of native speakers is clear and detailed, especially the words with a complex keywords, which you can easily hear and understand.

• Mobile vibration mode where the user selects the wrong answer, as a simple warning for error detection and deep recall.

• Synchronize your reading status on both your phone and tablet. This means that wherever you are, online or offline, you can continue learning without interruption because you are changing the device.

Benefits of Memrise MOD Apk

After a month of trying to Memrise, I realized the following:

• Many languages, subjects, and various levels.
• Teaches 4 skills in each language at a time.
• Great vocabulary and learning of indigenous speakers.
• There are a variety of features that you can support in learning.
• The free version has 22 languages ​​and is probably packed with great features. I think that’s enough.
• Minimalistic interface that is easy to understand and use.
• Learn about fun games.

Download the Memrise MOD APK for Android

Of course, all applications for learning have their drawbacks. With Memrise, communication within the inner community is not available, there is no memory element for language practice, and the learning part is not very powerful. But for me, for now, an app where the free version offers many features to help you learn languages, Memrise is a good choice. You can’t expect any more. Download the Memrise MOD APK here!

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