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Mango Live MOD (Unlock Room, Allow screenshots) is one of the best free live streaming applications available online for smartphones.

Mango Live is one of the most well-known Livestream applications currently available, and it operates on mango. live with over 1 million loyal users all around the globe. The majority of them reside in Thailand and the other regions that are in close proximity.

About Mango Live MOD – Go Live Streaming

In comparison to other apps which share the same genre of Livestream such as bingo, Azar, or tango, the mango lives mod is a great alternative that offers a lot of delights. Mango Live offers all the necessary features on a must-have live streaming platform. There are even unique and innovative features that you’ve never experienced before. You will now have the possibility to experience them through the mango live application.

The functions you can experience in mango life offer you the best entertainment experience. A world that offers multiple entertainment channels, including singing and playing games, chatting and dancing, as well as interacting with idols, and everyone that is on the internet in one room.

Instead of stressing about your job, why not attempt to get involved in this thrilling entertainment industry!

Mango Live APK Overview

With so many additional features, the option of inviting friends has made this version even more thrilling. In the end, if you live stream, you have the option of inviting your buddies to join you.

You can use live chat, exclusive face effects, and the possibility to apply stickers to photos and videos, for instance. Additionally, there are various variations of the function. There is a range of stickers, such as love stickers, and many more.

If you live stream you can use the stickers that are already in place to express your feelings. First, you must replenish your Live Mango account. But, you are able to use the stickers available if you have recharged your account.

Additionally, there is a messaging option and the possibility to connect with friends and use stickers. The features for messaging are identical to the ones you’ll see in WhatsApp as well as Telegram. It allows you to communicate with other users on the mango live app in real-time. What makes people happy with mango live is the HD resolution and high-definition display.

These are just a few reasons that led numerous users to download the Mango Live MOD APK version of mango life. Additionally, there’s an unlocked room available in the application. The unlock room feature allows access to or opening an unlocked room without having to pay for it. The benefit isn’t discussed within the live mango app that is official. This locked area is clearly visible on this APK mod that’s an exciting thing, isn’t it?

Latest Version of Mango Live Mod APK – Premium

If you’re in search of an alternative to Boom Live, then you’re in the right place. Boom Live app, you’re on the right track at the right moment. Today, I’ll tell you about an application that has almost all of the functions that are available in that Boom Live app. It is available to download and use at no cost.

It’s a live streaming and dating application that allows you to meet new friends from all over the world. It provides broadcasters with an opportunity to show their talent across the globe and to become famous, for free. It is possible to view everything at no cost.

The app provides you with the possibility to chat with your favorite channels as well as make new friends across the globe via video chat. You can also show off your talents by uploading videos. If people enjoy your video, they will follow you on social media and even send virtual gifts to you that could easily be turned into real cash.

Through this application, you can earn money by exposing your talent on the internet. Create interesting and unique video clips and then upload them onto your account. If your video is liked by people then they’ll give you a gift you can modify

With real cash. If you’re talented the app is designed specifically for you.

Alongside these functions in Mango Live, in addition to these features of the Mango Live app, it functions like any other streaming application that requires coins. You will require coins to send out gifts or stickers. When you purchase coins, you are able to purchase unlimited coins with just a couple of dollars.

The key attributes in Mango Live MOD app.

Mango Live MOD app

  • Video chat with a face-to-face
  • Earn money through the purchase of virtual gifts.
  • Video chats in private with friends from around the globe.
  • To use this application, you must sign up.
  • Live boards feature cast selfie stickers and rock buddies are familiar with you.
  • Chat with your friends from all over the globe.
  • Simple easy, unique, and easy to use.
  • There’s no advertising. Ad-free app.
  • Bugs, bugs, and other bugs solved.
  • Watch videos on various channels from around the world.
  • Hello Mango Show, Let Mango Show make your dream a reality. With Agency & Streamers, you’ll enjoy the following benefits that are incredibly bad:

Affordable income is contingent on the possibility that you will earn anywhere from six to 100 million in one month. At present, our system holds a record of 300 million per month.

A POSITIVE streamer is sought from an agency. The agency will design the well-known PR strategy used by the streamer, without losing any cash.

Deal to Mango show Agency

It’s a good thing! mango show is offering new opportunities for outstanding agencies to be hired to become part of our group and earn up 50 percent of the revenue. What are you waiting on sign up now and join us today!

How do I get an income?

  • Invite selected streamers to join and then become mango shows.
  • Downloads and registrations as mango show.
  • users and begin broadcasting.
  • Agents collect information about users and then submit the user’s information forms to mango to show the official employees.
  • Staff members of the mango show officials will perform an audit. following which hosts who pass will be allowed backstage and host.
  • Commissions will be announced at the beginning of each month.

How do I determine commission?

If a host is approved, when the host’s data collection for each month exceeds the initial number of days > 25 days, and the effective broadcast duration is greater than 55 hours. The agency will be paid more than 2000 diamonds worth of talent commissions every host will only be eligible for search commissions only at a single time.

If the host earns a diamond and salary the agency will receive an amount equal to 5 percent of the amount and beans gathered by the host

For every host that achieves the goal, the agency will receive 2000 dollars in commissions for talent. The more successful hosts are, the more commissions you receive.

How do I determine the host that is the most preferred

  • Find your friends who are into online broadcasting, and who have achieved good results to host
  • Post ads for recruitment in this Facebook Group to locate more streamers and recruit them to host
  • Find streamers and invite them to host in the Ranking.
  • Advanced Features
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free Coins
  • Video calls via chat are a great way to connect with other users.
  • Anti Banned
  • Room unlocking feature for VIP rooms
  • Unlimited Money
  • Online Free Game
  • Unlocked Room
  • Unlimited Gold
  • New Version is on the way

Mango Live Mod APK Advantages

One of the advantages of using the app mangolive is that it has the option for the featured VIP. It is important to know that obtaining VIP access on the official app can be a bit difficult and once you’ve done you will need to purchase diamonds. But contrary to mango’s modified APK VIP features are offered without the requirement to purchase diamonds.

Apart from that this app also has many other benefits, including:

Live Streaming Anytime

Live broadcasting is possible at any time and from anywhere. With this Mongo Live Mod Apk software, you’ll be able to travel wherever you like. Some features are totally free to utilize. You can show your talents in front of other people. But, it’s not difficult to show your skills.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

Another benefit to be aware of is how easy to use the application mango live. The creator of the app has made easy menus that are easy to navigate through and find what people want to find a particular feature.

Most users like the editing option because it’s easy to use and has amazing effects and all the effects to make editing more advanced. In addition editing videos is quite simple and the editing process is quite fast.

Watch Live Streaming for 24 Hours

Live casts can be viewed at no cost on the Mango LiveMod application all day long without having to sign up with a VIP account or pay a top-up since the app unlocks all doors that are closed and permits users to watch live broadcasts at no cost.

In addition, you can view live streaming videos from around the world regardless of whether they are Asian, European, or American. If no one streams from Indonesia it is possible to watch live streaming videos from different countries.

Highlights of Mango Live Mod APK

  • No Banned
  • Find virtual gifts and get them to redeem with money
  • You can view all live videos either from the local or international market.
  • It comes with an interface that has an easy and straightforward design.
  • Everything is unlocked
  • Meet and have fun with your friends from all over the globe
  • Can fix hidden bugs
  • Live stream videos are available in diverse parts of the globe


In the midst of the pandemic covid-19, the authorities have issued bans on movement everywhere it is illegal to participate in outdoor parties. In mango life, things are distinct, you can take part in online parties at any time, from anywhere provided that your mobile phone has access to the internet.

Mango Live Apk gives you numerous live rooms, each with a lively and fun ambiance. Enjoy millions of stories featuring various themes portrayed through the clever storytelling of mango idols that are beautiful. The stories you hear will delight you and make everyone more content!

Explore the music rooms at mango Live, where you can get the latest, most trending songs and most popular songs across every online music platform like Pandora, AudioMark, and Spotify. These songs will be performed by the adorable voice of idol mango live. Additionally, you may also request idols to sing songs that are of any genre. They will sing and respond for everyone to listen.

Particularly, Mango lives also allows users to interact with their most loved idols. As idols show off their skills, users are able to interact with them and other people through commenting, liking, and sharing them on social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter and many more.

Send one of the luckiest gift boxes, such as fancy you luck mango, lucky star unicorn, ring, supercar cake, cupid’s heart, and happy new year speedboat, or speech replacement emoticons friend. In this way, you’ve made it possible for the mango idol to earn enough money to pay for his expenses for the rest of his life. They’ll be spending time with you and other people.


Mango Live app isn’t just a basic live stream application it’s also one of the best money-making apps online available on mobile. You’ve got something to offer, but are you looking to make money from it? Make yourself a household name on the mango app on social networks to earn extra money in the present, and your everyday life will be enhanced.

For those who are talented at singing the mango live show is an ideal venue to showcase your talents and make money. You’ve got a beautiful voice and are able to laugh in conversations. Make your channel and showcase your talents to the world of viewers. you’ll be given a lot of gift boxes from viewers.

Do your best to get as many followers as you can Your earnings will increase by a factor of or triple, and more. If you’re satisfied with the money in your bank account you can pay the amount to transfer the funds into your account at mango live staff.


Through the mango Live application users don’t have to be a specialist about anything, regardless of whether you’re someone who isn’t sure how to operate a smartphone or if you’re a kid or an older person. simple to follow and can take advantage of a variety of online video shows presented by beautiful idols.

Mango’s interface for users is easy and user-friendly The features and layout are clearly visible through three primary colors: white, black, and pink. The mango app’s user interface is not disappointing.


Making an application for an account with mango live is simple, you do not have to complete steps such as entering your telephone number or password, birthday, gender, or even submitting the required documentation. The sending of documents to prove your identity isn’t acceptable as the details in your documents could be stolen and exposed at any moment.

The Live Chat on Mango is entirely distinct, and you can make an account with a link accounts with Facebook, Google, or Apple account. Be aware that each device is able to create two distinct mango accounts. ensure your account is secure in order to prevent regrets later.

In the mango account management section the mango live account management section lets users change details on their accounts, such as name gender, country, and gender. alter avatar. Additionally to that, more balances (beans diamonds, beans) as well as likes, present boxes as well as vouchers. The number of followers following their profile is displayed clearly.


I hope this article can convince users to install the mango Live Mod new version for free. Simply click the download link and experience the many features available in the application.

Download mango lives on Android, IOS, and PC You can stream hundreds of channels that broadcast diverse and original videos.

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