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With Magic Call Mod Apk, you can change your voice during calls without using other apps to change the tone. You can also model background sounds with different special effects. An excellent entertainment app for those who love pranks.
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About MagicCall MOD Apk

With Magic Call Mod Apk, you can change your voice during calls without using other apps to change the tone. You can also model background sounds with different special effects. An excellent entertainment app for those who love pranks.

Audio can be re-recorded and shared via email or social media websites such as Discord or Gaming Trolling. With a basic interface, you can easily change your voice in real-time using a variety of effects.

Most voice-switching apps cost money, but Magic Call has many free features, and we have unlocked all the premium features. Magic call mod apk is a great way to have fun or stay anonymous when you make a call. With this app, you can apply different effects and change your voice gender, and age.

It’s a great way to get your friends to do the same, even if you’re not good at it. Your voice may not be loud enough, or without laughter, you will not be able to get a call. Either way, the voice recognition app can let you do tricks with your friends and loved ones to your heart’s content.

What is Magic Call Mod Apk?

Magic Call Mod Apk is an Organization in Nursing app that lets you change your Voice while queuing without the added voice control application. The sounds inside the local backcloth unit mistreatment of the various camera functions. this is usually an amazing entertainment app for people enjoying the branches.

It also uses log audio and shares it with various users via email or social media, such as Riot or troll. This app provides a simple interface that will quickly change your Word with various effects over time.

Most of the magic voice modifiers of the line applications do not seem free, however, this visual crack solution offers several accessible functions, and all the premium capabilities in this mode have no units. A magical decision can be a great way to have fun or anonymity while in line. With this app, you will use various effects; adjust your Word, gender, and age.

How to use the magic call Mod Apk?

To change your voice in all of your conversations, you may want to install an app, select your chosen Voice, and then press the Contact button to change your Voice during your decision.

You may choose from several voice effects during this program that turn your speech into a cartoon, feminine, or dream girl’s voice. will adjust background sounds like rain, car noise, party noise, etc. in addition, you will play sound emojis for the kind of kisses, clapping, etc.

Because there is nothing wrong with your voice changing so you can have fun with your family and friends, use voice apps to shut down online bullies, and earn self-esteem.
The magic resolution app can also help you to change the tone of voice and maintain anonymity when you are in contact with foreigners. The app has many tone changes. we will add and advise you to play Vortex Cloud play which is likely to be a professional Autobots game.

Features of Magic CALL Mod Apk

Change Your Voice – we all know that movies and programs use the voice converter package. are often used, especially in horror films when there is a desire to change the Word. In the past apps were nothing, people were used to packing and writing programs to change their voices. Today, thanks to a magical decision, you don’t need to! This package allows you to change your voice from medium to anything like a shot. many functions you will do a lot with this app! you will press contacts, stop unwanted calls, etc!

There are so many words to choose from – surprisingly not just 1 Word to talk about, but there are so many different voices! Here you will transform your Word into feminine, masculine, animated, or standard. give this app to your relationships with friends and make them believe that someone does not decide for you! This package offers a large number of options and is slightly removed from you.


once you have decided on a person here, you will fix your Word! this allows you to transform your Word into something completely different once you have decided to create an even more realistic joke. this enables you to do all sorts of funny things and speak in a meaningful way. although you do not need to use it for entertainment, you will use this app to create anonymous annoying callers.

You can also change your original sound {to create | to create | to form} it looks like you are in a very special place! The background changes and adds icons within the area; you will make it even more concert, transport, wetland, and much more! you will play icons such as clapping, kissing, or more to add humorous moments to your decision.
Easy to use – Even the most unbelievable is that the package can go up a notch.

MagicCall is a fun app

MagicCall is a great choice if you want to have a little fun with your friends. By pressing a button, it makes a lot of funny and interesting sounds.

The Call Voice Changer app is interesting because it allows users to adjust their voice tone in real-time. And there are a variety of words to choose from such as the voice of a woman or a cartoon. This application has a user-friendly interface.

Download Magic Call App

Magic Call was developed by BNG MOBILE, and this app allows you to change your voice during a call within minutes. You can change your voice during a call by opening the application, selecting your preferred voice, and pressing the call button on the contact you want to change your voice for.

Also, you can change background sounds, such as rain, traffic noise, party sound, etc. Additionally, sound icons such as kisses, clapping, and more can be played.
There is nothing wrong with changing your voice to have fun with family and friends, and it is not wrong to use voice-switching apps to eliminate online bullies and gain some self-esteem.

Magic Call allows you to change the tone of your voice and to remain anonymous when speaking to strangers. Provides a variety of tone settings.

Features of Magic Call MOD APK

  1. Inform real-time voice converters as needed. Use women’s voice switches, children’s voice switches, animated voice switches, etc.
  2. Switch between sounds during a call
  3. Examine your voice before making a decision
  4. An inexpensive way to make an exciting call
  5. Play audio, introduce emojis as a kiss on the phone, and much more

Mod features of MagicCall

  1.  Menu mode
  2. Kill hit
  3. The position of God
  4. Free purchase
  5. Unlimited gold and gems
  6. No skills ladder
  7. Corrupt Matipillar


  • The app is safe and secure.
  • Third-party ads are not available.
  • Free to download and use.
  • No need to sign up for the app


  • They will not update automatically.
  • Google does not always guarantee.
  • There is little innovation in construction
  • Not suitable for slow internet


It is always our goal to share with you high-quality apps and video games. On this website and on our website, you will be able to find other apps and games for free, without spending even a dime. When you are ready, you can download the new version of Magic Call MOD APK to your Android phone when you are ready.
We would like to point out that we will only provide the unique and free APK model of the Magic Call MOD APK without any changes.

It does not matter if you do not have an Android phone or tablet suitable to use this MOD APK for Magic Phone, because in APKLUST, we offer some of the safest and most accurate methods. On our website,  you can download the latest version of Magic Call MOD APK.

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