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In this free action-packed defense game you help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend his homeland from wicked lumberjacks! Discover, set free, upgrade, and evolve your minions to the ultimate animal army!
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Lumberwhack – Lumberwhack The game Defend the Wild is the perfect game that will take you into the lush green forest. This action-packed game is unique and attracts the player, and it’s you who will help the monkeys. The habitat of the monkeys is being slowed down by a growing number of dangerous foresters and hunters appearing.

Your job is of directing the leader of the monkey to attack and stop the appearance of these people. While doing this you will also require support from your friends.

About Lumberwhack Apk Mod: Defend the Wild 

Oh no, bad Loggers have made use of lots of forests. What can you do to protect forests from being destroyed? Cornelius was a wild monkey who tried to save his home by using the help of a Hammer. Follow Cornelius and his battle against Lumberjack and his animal pals who will fight for their forest to be saved with Lamborghini: The Gift of Colosse Interactive, Save the Wild.

Lumberwhack: Fight for The Wild is an original defense game. The role of the players is to guard the forest from stones. they’re attacked by stones and an army animals are sent to battle the stones.

Utilize Lumberwhack to defend your Wild app to get unlimited leaves and Acorns. With unlimited Acorns, there is no need to get lost and purchase the necessities of hungry monkeys directly. You can purchase things from Unlimited Acorn and start collecting food items and drugs.

MOD Features of Lumberwhack

Unlimited sheet

Unlimited Acorns

You’ll need root

Install apps directly onto the phone

SSL encryption upon request

Features of Lumberwhack Apk Mod

  • A complete strategy as well as defence game packed in a wild package!
  • Join in with your fellow players on Google Play Leaderboard!
  • Make it one last time in the ever-lasting existence mode!
  • More than 60 achievements can be earned when you earn in the game! Are you able to complete it all?
  • Zootopia is a colorful world of graphics and entertaining animations!
  • Diversity of nature from tropical Madagascar to mountains, swamps and snowy seasons.
  • Protect the forest kingdom by bringing in your animal minions with a ferocious force!
  • Make use of Coco the monkey king of the jungle to move like Tanzan or battle bad lumberjacks and rangers in a battle underground!
  • Make your own video of your gameplay using Ever Play and send it to your family and friends!

Simple user interface

Install Lumberwhack Defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD Unlimited Acorns) Apk

Hi! Lumberwhack Defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD Unlimited Acorns) Apk Lover’s if you want to download the latest Lumberwhack Defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD Unlimited Acorns) Apk Congratulations, you’ve come to the right spot.

This page you’ll learn about is the speciality in Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Acorns) Apk and its Mod Version Apk can provide users with one direct link to download, which means you can download Lumberwhack to defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Acorns) Apk.

  • Get Lumberwhack for download: Defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD Unlimited Acorns) Apk for Android
  • Navigate to “Settings” and toggle on “Unknown Sources”.
  • Get Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild v5.6.0 (MOD Unlimited Acorns) Apk for Android.
  • Select the file you downloaded.
  • Click to “Install” by giving all the necessary permissions.
  • Allow the installation process to finish.


The forest of green is becoming smaller and smaller due to the obstructions of hunter and foresters. Players must decide what their most important task: to travel to these areas and provide directions to monkeys. In thiscase, you’ll be the one who gives your solution for the monkey who is leader, and also the most sturdy monkey. Attacks are also something you need to perform during this game.


Hunters and foresters are constantly appearing throughout the course of play, but you have to be aware of the goals. In order to make the monkeys on ground engage in a frontal assault while the monkeys inside the tree will strike from the top.

The primary thing you should be aware of is to extract large amounts of health from these workers. The green line on top of each worker’s head represents their energy level; trying to get them to the lowest point could destroy them.


It is also important to seek assistance from your friends in the forest, as they will assist you to pursue the workers. Each level you’ll face a variety of difficulties, and it’s the challenges you face that will allow you to grow older. The most exciting thing is that you will also have to gain upgrades and build up your abilities to become a notable person within the world right now.

The fight to defend the forest’s old fashioned

The purpose of Lumberwhack mostly revolves around the battle to defend the forest that was once home to the animals in this. In joining the game players will be an insecure leader by using the correct choices in every game. The goal is simple and is to stop human attacks in the shortest time possible.

In essence, the gameplay of the game isn’t changed too significantly when compared to other strategy games on the market. The games will be played on a horizontal screen which means that you must press the icon of every animal to summon the animals to fight. As such each animal will pay an individual cost for participating in the fight and will significantly enhance the strategy of Lumberwhack. However you must spend your money prudently to ensure that your win rate is always at the top rate.

More than 350 levels

At first, players will be able to feel the ease of playing through fairly simple levels. However, I assure you that this is only the beginning to familiarize yourself with the way Lumberwhack operates. The difficulty of the game will get more difficult with each challenge, which is evident in the appearance of more enemies , and being equipped with modern weapons.

In the end, you can expect to play over 380 different levels with numerous appealing contents. Are you sufficient to protect your animal soldiers defend against human attacks with force?

Explore the world, unlock and upgrade

Each stage in Lumberwhack will allow players to go to various locations to explore. It could be a lush forest , a snow-covered forest or rainforest, and many more. In addition, the sight of animals that have names like Smashback Gorilla Punchbag Panda, Rock’n’ Roar Lion Swiftpaw Tiger, or Snowtail Leopard is sure to cause you to feel happy.

The animals that play have special abilities and talents to allow players to diversify their tactics throughout the game. Additionally, you can make use of the cash you earn to improve the abilities of the animals. This will allow them to have greater resistance to attack or damage during the next game.

Discover new accomplishments

Completed certain levels of Lumberwhack can earn you many different things. Additionally the new achievements of this never-ending adventure will be unlocked. The game currently has more than 60 accomplishments that players can achieve during the adventure. Additionally, you can challenge your friends to this game via Google Play leaderboard.

Fun graphics and vibrant colors style

Even though it’s a sport featuring tactical elements and an attractive style of defense the graphic style of Lumberwhack is extremely popular. This can help it gain the attention of a broad range of gamers for the moment. In particular, the battles of the game play out clearly through fun and vibrant images. However the motion effects of the game are fluid and stable on a variety of different gadgets.

SOME Key FEATURES of Lumberwhack Apk

  • Get to the highest point of the monkey worlds and then take on the job of protecting the vast green jungle.
  • Find more assistance from your jungle companions and let them deter assaults.
  • Make use of the terrain, and the terrain surrounding the monkey’s spot to provide the most precise instructions to avoid collisions with heavy force.
  • Do your best to fend off the foresters and hunters as much as you can so you can be content in the beautiful woods.
  • Get a variety of amazing bonuses and enhance your skills to make you an influencer.

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Build your own team of heroic animals! You'll find tons of action-packed fun, Updates:
Fixed Google Play Games connection issues. Viewing Leaderboard and Achievements should now work again.
Fixed crash issues that could happen on some devices.


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