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Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill is the must-have app for all Mandarin Chinese beginners. This app includes 500+ fun and engaging mini-lessons that will teach you everything from Pinyin to Chinese grammar and train your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
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ChineseSkill - Learn Chinese Mandarin APPs
Jun 12, 2022
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ChineseSkill MOD APK  – There are many applications for languages that allow people to access them and learn them in the most efficient way. Mandarin is one of these languages, which is widely spoken by Asians and Chinese. It is a complicated language. This article will explain the ChineseSkill app which is the best way to learn the language and be fluent in it. The application is also very entertaining and provides entertainment as well as basic language knowledge.

This friend may be a great resource for you if you’re a beginner in Chinese.

Features of Learn Chinese MOD APK


Mandarin is a complicated language but users can learn it with fluency and standard pronunciation. Users will feel energized from the moment they start using the app, with friendly greetings and introductory lessons. The app will have different levels for each lesson, so users can learn about the history and culture of Mandarin. It will also integrate with many teaching methods such as games and interactive live activities.


ChineseSkill’s unique feature is its ability to allow users to learn directly while having fun. All content will have simple lessons that they can use to move forward. The lessons are simple and users can access the previous knowledge to unlock new content. The game’s difficulty level varies with the person’s learning ability.

This allows them to continue learning and having fun while also gaining more rewards or improving their learning quality. The application will provide users with more entertainment and allow them to show their basic knowledge of the language.


Users will need to learn how to write special Mandarin characters using a special ChineseSkill mechanism. It will provide a writing toolkit for all users and integrate with an AI to evaluate each user’s writing skills. It also offers several levels of perfection and allows users to practice writing short paragraphs or words with their knowledge or ability.

Users will be able to go further with many effective teaching methods, such as writing special characters and creating complete sentences.


ChineseSkill offers a chat function that allows users to directly test their communication skills. Although everything is recorded, users can still communicate with other people and begin texting or video calling. The application’s functions require that the user learn Mandarin and the app promises to provide impressive results.

Users can also choose to focus on specific topics or genres, which helps them increase their cultural capital and communicate more fluently.

ChineseSkill is a versatile and impressive application that will provide users with the best functions and lessons to learn Mandarin. You will also find more unique content like games, entertainment, and live communication with native speakers. The application has been reviewed by experts and includes the best methods to improve your knowledge of the language.

Many people desire to learn Chinese, but it is not easy.

Chinese is a foreign language that many people would like to learn, but it is very difficult. It is very different from other languages around the world. It is also the birthplace of an ideogram, a language with many branches and varieties that vary depending on where they are spoken and their ethnicity. Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Tieu are all spoken.

Most learners feel overwhelmed at first, not knowing where to begin or how to proceed. Even those who have been studying for a while still face difficulties learning a foreign language.

If you find yourself in any of these moods, then you will probably need the companionship of ChineseSkill. It is a simple, straightforward, effective, and dedicated Chinese learning app.

ChineseSkill’s content design 

It is easier to learn Chinese if your mother tongue is an ideogram language that has been influenced by China, Japan, and Korea. It will be more difficult for those who speak the Latin language. This app will help you learn Latin without any assistance.

Soon, you will see the advantages of ChineseSkill. The lessons are short and sporadic. It will encourage users to use the application and allow them to absorb the information quickly and succinctly. Before you start, you will be guided through the categories and how to read the Latin pronunciation for a Chinese word.

The spaced repetition system is an effective tool for learning new vocabulary quickly and retaining it longer. This is the most used technique in Mandarin Chinese teaching programs.

A host of additional features are also included.

You can also compete against friends from around the globe through the Exchange program. Once you have a solid foundation of self-study, this is a great tool.

Your package will contain 50 Chinese skills, 150 grammar samples and writing samples, 200 sentence patterns, 1000 keywords and phrases, 3000 common Chinese characters, and corresponding introductory videos.

Play mode can be used if you find the HSK exam too stressful or dry. Pinyin exercises can be used to help you improve your skills for the HSK exam.

don’t have to worry about forgetting your study schedule, because ChineseSkill has a Reminder function. receive a notification to remind you that it is time to study.

What can ChineseSkill do to help you learn Chinese?

Chinese, like any language, has many learning and teaching methods. The most effective and popular is the Spaced Repetition System, (SRS). This can also be used to help learners of ChineseSkill. Listen to the application and it will read the text (with the standard pronunciation in Chinese) and provide a Latin transliteration as well as a Phonetic transcription. This makes it easy for you to follow. visit its official website.

Each word you say will be assessed for its pronunciation and writing performance. It can even lead to another word if it is just wrong. The support of all four skills, Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking are provided at all levels. It’s easy to understand, clear, focused, and fun.

This design makes ChineseSkill a great helper for Chinese beginners. The reading, listening, writing, and listening exercises will help you practice your Chinese every single day, especially if you’re at higher levels. You can speak the language well, but you must practice it enough to be able to write it correctly and understand it.

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Video lessons for every unit of ChineseSkill are finally here to make learning Chinese easier than ever! Build your vocabulary, master Chinese grammar, and learn authentic expressions used by native speakers today.

P.S. We also updated our in-app Discover section! Give it a look ;)


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