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InnerHour: anxiety self-care – If you have psychological problems and anxieties that are causing you distress, do not worry; InnerHour: Self-care therapy will be your friend and guide you to the best of the best. Join the experience of this app; you will improve your symptoms, sleep deeper, and be happier mentally.

What is InnerHour: anxiety self-care APK MOD?

In addition to fitness and the most popular physical health apps, mental health apps also hold a certain amount of attention. InnerHour is also one such product. Physical health must always be linked to mental health in order to be effective. There will be many times in life that make you feel tired, lonely, and anxious. The treatment from InnerHour will make your spirit feel refreshed. Peace of mind will lead to significant improvements in work and life activities. Sometimes you have to give yourself time to relax with this app.

It has been developed based on mental health research by many well-known doctors and psychologists. InnerHour is inspired by expert opinions and ideas on spiritual healing processes. Helping users relax and not think too much about everything around them. The app includes a lot of exercises based on different things. They are all important and greatly influence the healing process and mental stability.

Features of InnerHour MOD Apk: anxiety self-care


Coming to InnerHour: self-care, you will be able to participate in 6 lessons depending on your needs to treat your problems. The app will bring you a more comfortable environment with the task of caring for the most attentive and dedicated users. In it, you will learn how to overcome your fears, reduce your stress level, and suppress your emotions. With this, you will improve your self-care skills and focus on the best things, develop many good habits and eliminate serious mental problems.


You do not have to worry so much about bad things because InnerHour: taking care of yourself will be a place for you to express your grief through meaningful messages. Your mental health will be better enhanced by different health monitoring tools in less time. You also have the opportunity to practice many skills to deal with the symptoms of anxiety that lead to depression. Depending on the levels, you can clearly state your status from mild to severe so that the app can quickly find the right solutions and solve the whole thing.


Another unique feature that the publisher is reviewing to improve player experience is that you will be able to chat with Allie – a pre-set chatbot to answer your questions. In addition, it will list a series of actions to help you relieve stress and make you happy. Join now, enjoy new things, and learn to live positively and love yourself more because you are limited. InnerHour: Self-care treatment is the right and appropriate decision you can use.

First experience

The user will be given a four-week plan. In these four weeks, the process of learning about the problem the user has. Identify the symptoms that you are experiencing correctly. So, every day you will find many mental activities to reduce stress.

Attachments are specific day-to-day goals, which are listed and announced when you have completed them. After some time, you will be able to evaluate your own mood. If you feel more comfortable mentally, then this treatment may have worked. If not, you should consider seeing a doctor in person.

Learn about courses

Doing and monitoring psychotherapy alone can sometimes be tricky. From there it will not bring visible results or the opposite. If you want, you can seek the advice of experienced psychologists. They will talk to you directly about your problems. Add different methods or tips to make them work better. It is important to spend enough time doing these treatments. The more serious your problem, the more time you have to deal with it. Make sure things improve and elevate your character.

Helper to reduce stress

The InnerHour app has therapeutic exercises to improve mental performance and has an integrated chatbot program, which is Allie. This is a special feature of InnerHour. Allie will help you communicate and relieve stress by texting. You will post text about this character as you would to other people. Allie solves your problems quickly. Based on your judgment of the situation, there are ways to help you feel calmer faster. Although temporary, Allie is still part of your treatment. It makes you feel more secure in the face of your problems.

Key Features of InnerHour: anxiety self-care

  • Hear a variety of studies designed by most professionals to deal with psychological problems according to individual needs
  • Develop a science program for learning and mastering skills to overcome unseen fears
  • It contains many important and important messages that make you believe in life and think about the best things
  • Clarify your mental state so that the app can provide the most reliable advice to help you reduce stress and anxiety
  • If you need support, you can text Allie to better understand and create a complete self-care plan.

Download InnerHour mod – Feel your health and improve your mood

InnerHour includes six self-care courses. You will be trained to feel and develop your spirit in 6 different negative things. These include depression, anxiety, drowsiness, depression, anger, and happiness. It can be seen that these are very common traits that many people suffer from in modern life.

So the birth of an application for mental development makes perfect sense. No matter how serious your problem is, InnerHour will provide proven and cost-effective solutions. Links between mental health and physical health will be clarified.

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With over 500 different tools to help you with your studies, it may be unclear because you do not know where to start. Be sure because this app will guide you carefully, step by step. Start with the symptoms. Then there are the tests from basic to advanced to take care of yourself. The InnerHour interface is really bright for the best results for users. Fun icons and smart settings will keep you motivated to exercise.


What's new

Our latest update has a lot in store for you:

Get easy access to qualified therapists and psychiatrists from the Home screen of the app (available for our Indian users!)

Enjoy a new & improved onboarding experience, and find more self-care tools on your journey towards better mental health.

Check out our new "Bookmarking" feature to save your previously accessed activities from the personalised plan!

Reach out to us on [email protected] for any questions, concerns, or feedback.


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