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Call blocker, fraud detection & phone number lookup - meet Hiya, your reliable protection from fraud numbers and spoof calls, with integrated caller ID. Block spam calls for good!
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Jun 1, 2022
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Hiya Apk MOD – Currently, the issue of network security is high because there are so many types of fraud and impersonation or telecommunications. Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID provides security and helps you avoid being harassed by unusual phone numbers, or fraudulent numbers. Having this app on your mobile device, you can be absolutely sure of the calls you receive.

Hiya (MOD Premium) is a service for those who do not want to suffer from unknown numbers and want an application that supports the blocking of spam calls. Users can be fully verified because there is no time spent on calls or advertising messages.

What is Hiya MOD Apk?

Hiya is a small and useful app with features that help find spam calls and block them. Besides, the simple interface helps users to easily feel its features. Users can create their own block list of phone numbers and easily add any number to this list.

When an anonymous phone number is called, it will identify and notify the user if this is a spam phone number or not. Besides, looking back at the phone number helps you to know exactly who the call is from and what the address is. You should not worry about missing important calls while avoiding unnecessary annoying calls.

Use your phone number to sign up for features

On the big screen, users need to select the telecom code of the country they are in and enter the phone number they are using and then click Next. At this point, Hiya will send a 6-character verification code. To make the app more efficient, click the Give Contacts option to allow it to reach your contacts or press Not now to hide if you need help.

Next, go to Settings and select Call and click Call Blocking & Identification (Call barring & ID), and activate the option. With the above settings, you have completed the setup task step.

Block spam calls

It does not work at all to know which is the standard call, which is the most important call, and what is a spam call. Even when the setup is successful as above, from now on, whenever there are messages or calls that signal spam, it will automatically block and display alerts.

Each time a call is received, the identity of the phone number and alert will be displayed on the Home screen. Sometimes some minor interruptions do not receive service alerts but all work effectively. Users can make it easy to think about listening to that call or not. As a result, you save more time and are less distracted.


Hiya also supports dialing, data updating, and blocking abusive phone numbers in the Block section. If you have to receive too many messages, the phone provides insurance for unusual phone numbers, which the user can report to prevent the request.

You are fully involved in adding a phone number to this block list. To see this list, let’s take a look at the big screen, you will easily see the Block item. Summarizes all phone numbers that you have blocked with specific information including your name. It is also easy to remove these people from the list.

Identify the ID number of the caller to call

In all cases, you will see the caller’s phone number and notification. Therefore, it can help you to identify callers and senders of anonymous messages. Caller information will immediately be visible in other users’ reports. You will receive a notification whether this is a marketing call or a spam call. In case of doubt, take a moment to report to the app. It also supports caller ID security.

See the contact details for a call

Not only does it help you to block spam calls, but it also allows you to get information about any phone number called Identify. It resets the phone on an unknown number to see if it is a scam or not. You can turn on the default alerts to let you know if you do not want an incoming call.

In case you do not know the caller and want to confirm it, let’s take a look at the search area, select Identify and enter the phone number that needs to be searched. However, you may not always find results in your search.

Full tool interface

The interface is designed to be easy to use and easy to find features. It also provides a full set of tools to its users. You can see Identify, Call, Protect, Block, and Incoming Options. Under each category, you can easily access your favorite list or search.

Call alert

When calls arrive on your device, the app sends incoming notifications. Hiya always has call alerts for users. Also, check the source of the phone number, and contact name. Hiya, as a multi-featured tool, users will know the information of all incoming calls.

It does not take much time and is guaranteed to be done as soon as possible. Hiya will be an app that alerts all spam calls. Required and easy-to-use jobs. This is one of the few features that some apps have. Always send all appropriate notifications for immediate processing.

Manage contacts

Hiya also has a useful function to manage contacts. If the device saves too many contacts, it also makes it harder for you to manage. Hiya will have user support tools, organizing contacts into folders. Search and make faster calls. Block all false calls, and protect user personal information. Safety and efficiency when used are what Hiya brings. Any fraudulent numbers will no longer appear. Go to users to report those phone numbers. Manage your contacts and contacts you save on your phone. Download Hiya mod to block calls, and protect user privacy.


Sometimes you will have to receive annoying messages or calls every day without useful content. They not only consume time but also make you feel uncomfortable. This app will help you find spam phone numbers and provide reminder alerts to pay close attention to that phone number.


In addition to the warning, in case of need, or if you are not working manually, the app also helps you automatically block phone numbers that are of great concern to you.


Enter a phone number in the search box, and Hiya will help you to show all related information about your call history and phone number, including call time, call duration, and number of incoming and outgoing calls.


Internet consulting and marketing are becoming increasingly popular. Apart from the benefits, it also causes great discomfort to those who have no need. This app helps you analyze phone numbers that are always available for marketing, sales, and consultation, … and will let you know.


Not only does it help you to avoid annoying calls, but Hiya also has the ability to protect mobile devices from viruses that attack via visible messages or anonymous calls.


For unknown phone numbers, the app will help you to view details and display their name so you can recognize them, even if you have never seen or saved a phone number on your phone. Whether it’s a business number, a salesperson, or a friend, the app is clearly visible and recognizable.


Although the information about incoming calls provided by the app is accurate, you can also adjust the phone number to personal preferences and save it to your contacts.

Hiya Premium Apk MOD

Hiya is a free app, but you need to pay for the Premium version to use the most advanced features. With this version, you will get an upgrade to automatic blocking so you do not hear calls. Alternatively, the phone number lookup feature will be turned on to view dialed phone numbers. A spam blocker has been developed to help you inform more about specific caller information.

MOD Features of Hiya Apk MOD

  • Premium Unlocked: All Premium features are unlocked. You can access and use them at no cost.
  • CPU Supported: armeabi-v7a arm64-v8a x86 x86_64

Download Hiya mod Apk- Block non-contact number

Focused on solving a task or learning. You do not want to turn off your phone or ringtone, so you do not miss important contacts with your device. But phone numbers from advertisers or unknown numbers often call. It takes time and affects the quality of the work. The app will be the best solution for the user.

Bring efficiency and you can no longer make users feel uncomfortable. Hiya will show you this complete selection. Fix any problems you face every day. Make all incoming calls free of charge. Complete peace of mind and bring many functions to users.


Don’t let spam calls and services bother you, download Hiya now. You will not have to worry about phishing scams and wasting your time on useless calls.


What's new

Hiya! This update contains bug fixes and performance improvements.


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