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HATSUNE MIKU: COLOR STATION! it finds your inner feelings. These feelings dominate the creation of the song lyrics. Band members will play a song, good or bad, depending on how you play and your pace. Miku will stand out on stage if the song is done well. Under the bright light, the performers will be immersed in a world of gentle and deep music.
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About Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!

HATSUNE MIKU: COLOR STATION! it finds your inner feelings. These feelings dominate the creation of the song lyrics. Band members will play a song, good or bad, depending on how you play and your pace. Miku will stand out on stage if the song is done well. Under the bright light, the performers will be immersed in a world of gentle and deep music. Popular and popular songs will be played at the hands of artists and members of the visual band. A clear and fresh look at the world of music featured in the game gives you a happy and close feeling.

This game is a type of rhythm game combined with a visual novel. It will bring 2 actors important content including playing songs and exploring the stories of the cast. It impresses with its diverse content and beautiful anime image style. Other than that, this game can also leave you with many deep memories with well-planted characters both in appearance and in their storyline. So Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! it’s not just a rhythm game, it’s more than that.


In HATSUNE MIKU, players just need to choose a song according to different levels. The song can be slow for beginners and fast if you are a master. The stage is ready; the player enters the room and starts the first tab. If the key slips down, look at the same thing you can tap further, holding that key.

Players can create songs with their emotions. With many of the softest and most popular songs, they will be immersed in the world of colorful music. By practicing your hands to control the sounds of a song to accompany the music, this game relaxes and challenges the reflexes.

MOD Features of Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage!


• No Injuries
• Easy mode (Manual)
• Automatic dance
• Combination of combination (Do not lose combination)
• Special% Note


– Can buy new songs, and beautiful emoji as well
– The stage is varied and colorful. Each section is a story with different characters
– The most difficult song is the disappearance of Hatsune Miku, with over 1000 keys
– Choose or make your own costumes for stage members
– Simple steps for playing by pressing, blinking, grabbing, and touching
– Many songs with different melodies depending on the level of difficulty
– The colors and pictures in the play are harmonious, and the female character with a soft voice reads the content of the story

Choose your character group and explore music

Coming to Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage !, you will enter a world full of music and mysteries. The plot of the game begins with the story of a song called “No Title”. Known as a magic song with characters that can open the gate to get to “Sekai” where people can find their true feelings. And the actor will take part as a follower of Hatsune Miku, the main character of the story, and accompany his friends. Their goal is to fill the tracks with high scores to collect points and unlock virtual performance. At the same time, it is also a journey to discover and experience the real feel of each character in the game.

The game will bring up to 20 characters and is divided into 5 teams. Players will select one of the teams they will join and develop their own story. As a fan, the actor needs to help the girls perform rhythmic songs and explore opportunities to participate in sports. Alternatively, they can read the story of each character, thus enjoying a smooth and logical story.

Play music with your fingers

Coming to the levels of classic game music, players only need to swipe their hands on the screen to complete them. However, the difficulty of the levels depends on the speed of the music. And the speed of the music will be faster or slower depending on the level you choose. There will be 5 levels from easy to difficult, helping players to choose and enjoy music according to their preferences. The goal for each level of music is to get a high score of 5 points from C, B, A to S.


In addition to 6 singing artists, 20 characters are divided into 5 groups: Band – Leo / need, Idol – JUMP MORE !. Each group has its own story and you can play the story mode to get their “real feelings”. In addition, you can also create characters in the group that will be played in “Sekai”. To own a character, you can make a demand or use a gacha machine.


In Display Mode, you can create a group of up to 4 members. You can choose the songs to play, each song has 5 levels: easy, normal, solid, professional, and master. The higher the score, the more you will get on that card, which is distributed from C, B, A to S. And each turn costs a certain amount of stamina, you can’t participate in Show mode if you’re not physically fit.

You will have a certain amount of life and you will be deducted if you miss a note, if life reaches 0 it means you have lost. The game needs speed and accuracy to get to the top of the song. In addition, you need to upgrade and improve your character to unlock new skills and build a smart team to get high scores.


In “Sekai” there are many souvenir shops where you can enjoy shopping. You can purchase costumes and accessories to decorate the characters before the Visual Exhibition.

Play with friends

The main version of this game is Rhythm but the developer is also very talented. In addition to the gacha, it is a visual novel, and they make a multiplayer mode. You can create a private room and gather up to 4 friends to enjoy a song together.

About Hatsune Miku’s pictures: Colorful Stage !, I rated 5/5 stars. They use Unity to design this game. The characters are well-formed and well-traveled. When you play Show mode, you can also watch the Visual Display of your band character. The developer also uses the Piapro Studio NT engine to compose the characters’ voices. So, whether in the Viewer mode or the visual novel, the characters have their own words.

Difficulties may arise if you experience them

What makes this game different from other rhythms is that you need an internet connection to play it. Therefore, you need to have a strong wifi connection to experience it, avoiding the charge of playing delays and losing combo. The machine configuration should also be in the middle range if you want to enjoy Visual Display. You can also turn it off by setting the graphics to Lite to avoid giving birth while playing.


HATSUNE MIKU has many feelings like hope, trouble, love, and happiness. Each emotion will be found in a different Sekai chosen by the player. Many special categories like wonderland Sekai. It happened in a park where flowers were singing on the street. Sekai School is built for genuine feelings. Empty Sekai and Sekai school are attractive themes that can be played.


The player can select the default songs in the system and start playing on HATSUNE MIKU. Alternatively, it is possible to select a level and select the song in it. In addition, you can also purchase your favorite songs with the achievements of the game.

Well-planted personal stories

The second highlight of Hatsune Miku: The Stage Colored! are stories about the characters.  They are mysterious girls who have a lot of secret thoughts without high singing skills. Other than that, and they have a close relationship with each other, they create harmony in the group.

Find out more about them so you can stay motivated to improve the team. You can collect tickets for your girls to take part in live performances on stage. They look great when they shine through their guitars and artistic movements. Besides, do not forget to develop the characters to get their new skills.

Beautiful graphics after 2D

A fun and lovable anime style does everything on Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! more attractive than ever. In particular, the image of the character is carefully refined, bringing a unique and rich beauty to both the look and the mood. The context of the game is also very different and combined with many positive effects, which creates a colorful experience space.

Download Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! APK and MOD for Android

Singing artists developed in Japan, and they are slowly gaining popularity in today’s world. Best of all, Sega and the Colorful Palette created an exciting game like Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage !. Not only in gameplay, an interesting storyline but also very eye-catching graphics. Now you can watch live songs on your cell phone. Do not hesitate to participate in the game to join Miku and his friends to get the “true feelings” of the people on “Sekai”.

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage! is the best mobile music game you can play all day on your phone. Not only entertaining music levels with beautiful effects but also unique stories of excellent actors. You can play music and unlock mysteries, and enjoy historic live shows. Asamblea.

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