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HandyGamePad Pro - HandyGamePad Pro is an application that allows you to connect to any device more effectively than before.
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Jun 8, 2022
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HandyGamePad Pro – HandyGamePad Pro is an application that allows you to connect to any device more effectively than before. With the many features, this application offers you can enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience. Additionally is that you can play multiplayer games within similar games. What’s to be afraid of? getting it now and reaping the countless benefits it provides.

About HandyGamePad Pro MOD Apk

It connects HandyGamePad Pro to any device you own or wish to play games on. If you’re looking to play classic games on your TV as well as your computer or on your smartphone it is the ideal software to assist you with this. If you connect this app to any device you wish it will be displayed as the gamepad, making gaming more comfortable with an intuitive control due to the on-screen buttons.

HandyGamePad Pro MOD APK is widely regarded as one of the top gamepads available on Android devices currently. This application can turn your Android phone into a joystick or gamepad for devices such as Windows PC, Android TV, and many others. In this post, we’ll help you get to know the best functions of this application.

Features of HandyGamePad Pro APK MOD

Transform the Android smartphone into the gaming device

For those who have played for a long time playing for a long time, the gamepad is an essential device for playing games. It can make your game easier with the physical buttons built into it. You can now turn the Android device into a fully-functional gamepad by using HandyGamePad Pro. From there, you’ll be able to take your gaming experience to the next level by taking AAA games to a whole new level.

With this application, We believe that gaming will be much more comfortable. It is easy to play action games easily by using virtual buttons that mimic old gamepads. Particularly, the process to use this program is simple enough and anyone can get it quickly due to the comprehensive instruction manual. If you’d like to change the layout of the gamepad and modify the virtual buttons according to your preferences in gaming.

Connect effortlessly via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Connecting the HandyGamePad Pro is relatively simple. The most important thing is to ensure that they have their Android device, PC, laptop as well as Android TV connected to the exact WiFi. This makes it possible for the devices to use the same IP address each and facilitate this pairing procedure.

No time limit

If the standard version restricts users’ time spent using it, the HandyGamePad Pro version has completely solved the problem. With this app, you will be able to have fun without any limitations on time. You can transform the Android gadget into a gaming pad any time and anywhere. Additionally, you can easily change the layout of the gamepad using the stunning themes that are available. It is recommended to alter the layout frequently to ensure that you are always feeling excited playing with the gamepad.

Deleting ads from third-party sites

The experience for the player of the game will be better because of the built-in feature to disable ads. HandyGamePad Pro affirms that there are no ads from third-party websites that might disrupt your experience when playing the game with this app. Blocking ads directly impacts the revenue of publishers. However, at the same time, it also increases the quality of gaming for players to the highest level.

Simple interface design

Simpleness is what simplifies the process and makes HandyGamePad Pro more attractive to users today. The application has a simple layout with features placed in a very sensible position in the interface. This means that it is easy to interact and utilize the features you like beginning with the first session.


After you download HandyGamePad Pro, I believe that your gaming experience will be more enjoyable than ever as you are able to play action games without difficulty with the help of the buttons that we have simulated on our gamepad.

Particularly, anyone can play with this app since there are clear instructions for every aspect. Users are also permitted to alter the layout of the application, and obviously, the layout of the buttons can be altered through the use of the application.


If you choose to use the pro version, you’ll be at ease knowing that the experience is pleasant and doesn’t limit the time you use it. Additionally, you can use it any time you’d like and wherever.

Additionally, the app provides users with a variety of layouts, each with a beautiful theme. The layout can be changed frequently to refresh your gamepad every day. It’s also a factor to help gamers enjoy a full gaming experience.


You can be sure that there’s not a third advertisement that can disrupt your gaming experience thanks to the help from HandyGamePad Pro. We have removed any irrelevant ads in order to provide our players with the best experience. In addition, the app comes with a unique joystick that is similar to the controller that is similar to the Xbox controller. It’s similar to its older versions prior to.

KEY FEATURES of HandyGamePad Pro Apk

  • The app allows players to play games with other players on any device, with two principal modes: single-player and multiplayer.
  • You can enjoy the convenience of the Pro version, with unlimited usage and experience it wherever and at any time you’d like.
  • It’s wonderful when gamers aren’t stung by ads. This can make for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Anyone can utilize this program, mostly by altering the layout and moving the buttons around to provide more control.
  • The layout is able to be altered and, even more, it comes with numerous themes that you can customize your gaming pad every day.


With HandyGamePad Pro, you will have the ability to communicate and connect to different Windows operating systems, including win 7, and win 10. After clicking, you’ll be able to connect and make everything accessible for playing games or performing other purposes. Additionally, you will be able to utilize a USB to connect your gamepad to your smartphone or computer. In this case, connecting your tablet to your phone is not a problem for you, as you are able to effortlessly connect your devices.


This program will meet all your desires while playing. You can have great, seamless gameplay without any difficulties or having to deal with complicated promotional videos. Furthermore, you’ll be able to play at your own pace, without limitations in terms of time or space. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to select the players who play along with you. You can join with many players or play it on your own, based on your preference.


HandyGamePad Pro gives you an extremely detailed layout of the interface and allows you to be permitted to alter and modify the layout of the buttons. Additionally, it will allow you to install the app to your server using the various links it offers. Additionally, you can benefit from a variety of high-quality themes and content which gives you the option of choosing which one you like the most and utilize.

Download HandyGamePad Pro MOD APK

If you read this article, you’ll get a better understanding of the features HandyGamePad Pro brings. It’s a fantastic application that can transform Android gadgets into gaming devices ideal for all kinds of requirements. If you’d like to use the application for absolutely free then get the MOD edition on our site right now.

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What's new

- fix for xbox dpad vibrations
- some fixes for buttons double-tap problem
- new scalable vibrations for some devices
- new dialog: select bluetooth mode


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