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GFX Tool is a free utility launcher for specific games where you can fully customize the game graphics to get beautiful pictures and smooth gameplay.
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GFX Tool for PUBG – Many games is currently supported by most smartphones. There are some games that can be too heavy for your phone to run or cause lag when you play. GFX Tool is an effective tool that can help you resolve this issue.

About GFX Tool for PUBG Apk MOD

You must decide what purpose you intend to use any app. You also need to decide which tool will best suit your needs. GFX Tool can be used in many situations. This tool can be used if you are passionate about a game, but the graphics are too slow or too heavy. You may also use it to improve the graphics of games with low graphics.

This app is essential for all players. Mobile gaming is now a common way to entertain yourself. It is also very easy to use. To adjust the graphics stats of any game on your smartphone, simply tap the screen. You can then re-enter your game to enjoy a smoother experience with no lag. We believe this app is the best for you at the moment, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from users.

What is GFX for PUBG Apk MOD?

Now, I will be talking about GFX Tool PUBG. This application allows players to “unlock” full HD graphics at 60 frames per second or other settings in the PUBG mobile game.

GFX Tool PUBG accomplishes this because it can drill down into the game’s program to modify PUBG Mobile texture files. Users can choose the appropriate level of images for their phone and enjoy smoother gaming with less lag. The game makers do not allow this intervention. It is considered a cheating and bypass game. PUBG Mobile’s representative has been holding a press conference since 2018 to announce a ban on the use of this application GFX Tool for PUBG while playing their games.

Features of GFX Tool PUBG Apk MOD

Before I go into detail about the main features of this app, there are two things I need to clarify. Firstly, GFX Tool For PUBG is not manufactured by PUBG Mobile but is a product from a third party. Second, installing and using GFX Tool PUBG can cause errors, or worse, your PUBG account could be deleted. This is why I will discuss it later. Before downloading the app, it is important to check that it is compatible with your phone.

If you are determined to use GFX Tool PUBG to enhance the PUBG Mobile experience, then let’s look at the main features.

You should carefully consider the download before you make any decisions.

Customization of game stats

How can you optimize your game configuration? To begin, go to “About” and view the configuration of your phone. Next, customize the following indicators as needed:

Resolution: This index measures the sharpness and detail in an image. The higher it is, the better. Users must set it lower than their phone’s resolution.


There are 7 levels of graphics that you can customize. However, depending on your phone’s configuration, there are different levels. For a smooth, good-looking level, the lowest level is So Smooth. HDR is the highest level for sharper images.

FPS is a metric that indicates the frame rate in seconds. It is a measure of how responsive and smooth the game’s image movements are. Users should not set it lower than the phone’s FPS.

GFX Tool also offers many customization options such as Shadow, Graphics API, Style, and others. You can save your customizations and use them for multiple games, without the need to modify them again.

Simple interface, simple to use

GFX Tool’s sole purpose is to adjust the game configuration to the phone of the user. All indicators that can be customized are displayed on one screen, in the “GFX” section. Click on any metric to select the level. To save the settings, tick the appropriate box. You can view your phone’s configuration by going to the “About” section, located next to “GFX”. There are very few operations that can be done. Users only have to customize the game for a few seconds before they can start playing.

You can customize the game graphics for beautiful images and smooth gameplay.

PUBG mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a must-know for anyone who plays mobile games. It’s the most intense online battle royale arena today. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to download the game. PUBG Mobile is a popular mobile game for gamers who don’t want to pay too much and need sound and graphics.

The stuttering and lag that PUBG Mobile can cause is not just a problem with mid-range phones, but also on high-end smartphones. The good news is that there is now a tool that can help you customize the graphics settings for your mobile game so that it runs smoothly without lagging. GFX Tool is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the graphics settings of your mobile game for PUBG.

You can adjust the resolution to 1080p

The original requirement for PUBG Mobile’s fps is very high. Only high-end, modern, large-capacity devices can meet this requirement. This means that you can download and play more games on high-end and mid-range phones by reducing the graphics standard requirements.

GFX Tool PUBG allows the phone to “pretend” that it has a high frame rate of up 1080p. This makes the game more aware that your phone meets the requirements.

GFX Tool For PUBG allows you to unlock HDR graphics on low- and mid-profile phones. This improves image recognition. While this is great for temporary gaming, it can also be detrimental to your phone’s long-term health.

Anti-aliasing and shadow features

These important motion and visual effects have made PUBG Mobile a major player in the mobile graphics market. GFX Tool can be used to actively control these features while you play PUBG. This will allow the device to recognize the movements, visual effects, lighting, and explosions more easily.

Optimize optimization for Battery Efficient modes

PUBG Mobile can cause lag and drain a lot of battery. This is what everyone who has played this game knows. GFXTool for PUBG allows you to adjust the Zero Lag or Battery Efficient settings on your device to reduce frame lag and battery consumption.

GFX Tool PUBG uses a variety of methods to interfere with the game and machine to provide the best possible experience while playing PUBG Mobile. However, the long-term effects of this intervention are not known.

Download the GFX Tool to PUBG MOD & APK for Android

This application is currently used by millions around the globe. It’s free to download from Google Play or From You can also download the MOD APK file from here to get the Pro version.

This app offers many customization options to enhance gamers’ gaming experience. The basic customization options of the app will suffice for those who don’t need to customize in great detail.


What is it? This allows you to optimize your game configuration so that it is compatible with your phone. You can then play games on your phone seamlessly so the fun never stops.

There are still cases where GFX Tool is not too severely interfered with the game and some devices that are downloaded to PUBG. In these cases, it can still be used to enhance the gaming experience, even without the need for a report from the game manufacturer. To be sure that you are downloading the right version, read through the details.

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