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Game Booster + Launcher MOD APK is a popular game developer or GFX that has many features, such as temperature and fps monitoring. A real GameBooster app for 2009 that gives you as complete information as possible
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About Game Booster MOD Apk

It controls the volume, and performance of each game so you can play games smoothly, quickly, and without lag. In addition, it will provide you with information about storage, ram, CPU, and your battery; you can adjust these limits logically to improve the gameplay speed. In addition, this app provides convenience for those who play shooting games; you can get better things than your competitors while playing the game.

What is a Game Booster Pro?

Game Booster + Launcher MOD APK is a popular game developer or GFX that has many features, such as temperature and fps monitoring. A real GameBooster app for 2009 that gives you as complete information as possible. Automatically configure CPU, RAM, and many other items for games and high performance. This launcher is yours for both root and non-root, root has many features.

Game Booster Pro Features

• You can see the device temperature.
• You can see the FPS Monitor.
• Smooth gameplay.
• Apps Booster Available.
• One Tap Boost.
• Also See About Chipset And More Of Your Android Phone.

Advanced Features (roots required)

  • Use GameBooster modes to upgrade your device to make it more efficient.
  • Play games without forgetting.
  • Increase benchmark points (Antutu, Geekbench, Quadrant).
  • Use App Booster to get performance.


If you want to start a game, you just need to access that browser and select it to play it. It will save you valuable time, so you just need to focus on playing the game.


Game Booster provides information about hardware specs. It tells the free ram, the use of the ram, and the perfect ram. It also provides information about the device models, internal storage, and battery levels. Besides, it identifies the CPU as a CPU model with CPU cores. In addition, it displays information about on-screen resolution, such as the Open GL version, adjustments, and congestion. All of this will come from the FPS monitor.


Users can provide feedback about app usage in the menu bar. You can upgrade this app to the pro version and you can share the link with your friends wherever you want. Additionally, you can also log in to set personal settings such as personal privacy, upgrade, or delete ads.


Game Booster provides a crosshair extension, which is especially useful and important for people who play shooting games. This feature helps players understand and shoot easily. Otherwise, the player will not be moved during the shooting when fitted with a crosshair feature. In addition, the player can easily adjust the crosshair shooting center parameters such as length, thickness, and frame while aiming and shooting.

For people with low-power devices, you are trying to install this app to help control the device to the best parameters. If you play games, there will be no interruptions. When you install new games, the app automatically updates itself and follows it. You must not get the device details or the size of all the games you downloaded. So you do not feel anxious when you play this game. This app will control all of this to make you feel better.
Enhance game performance with a series of large and small moves.

Game Booster 4x Faster Pro

After using it for a week, I have to admit that the review is true: we can increase game performance with just a few taps in the app. In many ways, Game Booster 4x Faster Pro will integrate all the means to achieve the ultimate goal of speeding up the game. Each method is accompanied by a small app feature sometimes users like us do not have to understand it in depth.

  1.  Ability to customize RAM in RAM-Free Tweak.
  2. Integrated AI to improve game configuration intelligently and appropriately for each device configuration, based on VULKAN and OPENGL 3.1+ delivery options.
  3. Ability to turn on HDR automatically and add HDR image quality and special effects during gameplay.
  4. The ability to increase the fps level as high as possible to make the game feel smoother so that the action scenes take place faster and smoother.
  5. Ability to change image style settings, such as software on Nvidia video cards.
  6. Supports Zero Lag mode to bring all connectivity delays to the lowest level possible, reducing slowing down while playing games.

You can disrupt key game acceleration features

Consistently, there is a sequence of additional features, especially tracking to continue to customize interventions from players. It can be said that the System Performance Tuner function can monitor performance, check device durability, and fix various problems. Or in the Resolution section, you can go here to change the game resolution at various levels from 960 to 2560 up at the top of the screen.

Or whether you want to, you can decide if you want the app to focus on improving what part of the game. For example, dive deep into image quality using Image Graphics Mode or configure a GPU with custom OpenGL.

If you do not want to name each feature individually or you do not know or do not have much time, you can select the Quick Launch / Quick Boost feature. There, Quick Launch is the game’s automatic launch. Quick Boost automatically increases the game speed with just one touch. You just need to press a button and wait for the app to handle it automatically in the best way possible.

Phone monitoring 

And if you want to monitor closely to determine the cause and fix it, you can use the device status indicator before and after using the app. The indicators showed before and after including the amount of RAM used, the level of storage chips, device temperature, network connection delays …

After doing all of the above, I figured the Game Booster 4x Faster Pro would take up a lot of space and be very hot when in use. But the truth is different. The game runs very fast, but the phone is not overheating, and the software is also simple.

There is only one small note when using it: if you want to speed up any game, you must turn on Game Booster 4x Faster Pro before opening that game, to make sure the settings are applied throughout the system first. You also need to turn on storage access to your Game Booster 4x Faster Pro device, otherwise, it will do nothing to touch the device. If the background image is removed, it will increase the memory of the game download process.

Improve Your Game Performance!

You want to see how your machine works. Or your video games may be delayed, running slower than you expected, and you may wish to see where the problem lies. Monitoring FPS games can help you identify and fix the problem.

FPS describes how easily the game you are participating in works on your machine. The more frames add a second, the game will be smoother. Physical costs lower than 30 FPS will make you feel sleepy in the middle of sports and reduce your enjoyment in sports.
Thanks to the FPS Monitor Recreation Booster, you can monitor the FPS of the game you are participating in (Not supported by all video games). Recognizing your level of independence can help you ensure that you participate in sports in the most efficient way.

Be One Step Forward To Different Game Players!

We seem to hear you pick up a sniper rifle and say “I want a sniper rifle to have Crosshair!” in the first-person shooter video games. Now we have your answer!
No matter what weapon you have in video games, you can always use Crosshair. Look for your competitors without breaking the bank, and do not miss out.

According to our survey of paid athletes, the winning fee for players was 71.3%, while the winning fee increased to 82.7% when the same participant used crosshair. This rise they say is due to the fact that they act faster than their opponents with crosshair, without wasting time opening the scope.

Unlock More Power on Your Gadget

Recreation Booster unlocks the power of your machine with its advanced options and can help you play video games with high efficiency. (The options listed under this heading require root.)

  1. Recreation Booster improves game technology by managing apps and companies that say nothing in the background.
  2. Unlocks full CPU and GPU power to prevent leaks and reduces system delays with a single tap.
  3. Improve benchmark points (Antutu, Geekbench, 3DMark)
  4. With Recreation Booster modes, you do not risk efficiency by locking your CPU to the maximum capacity allowed by your machine.
  5. With Auto Enhance, whenever you start a game from or out of Recreation Booster (from launcher), the game detects a robot and starts the first lesson.
  6. Play Bubble will show you how to host your play session and manage advanced options on the go.

Why should I use Machine Booster?

  1.  All your video games in one place with Recreation Launcher!
  2.  Introduce the precise FPS of your machine and measure the efficiency of your machine.
  3. Your video games are robotic and listed within the Fun Launcher.
  4. Use Crosshair in first-person shooter video games and never miss a beat.
  5. Monitor your machine temperature.
  6. Keep an eye on how much of your RAM is used.

Recreation Booster detects video games on your machine and lists them in the most active areas with Recreation Launcher!

What you need to do is start and play any of your video games. There is no such thing as a personal add-on to video games.

Required Permissions and Privacy Notes

Permission for User Statistics: To find the video games you are participating in, we would like to have the ability to see the latest operating system. For this, we ask for your “Use Statistics” permission.

Overlay Permission: We are requesting permission to “Display with Different Applications” so that we can launch the Automatic Impact display, FPS meter, and Crosshair App listing: We send anonymous installation packages to find the video games that you have uploaded via robot. We do not upload this information to our servers.

you can also Download Game Booster From the Google play store or you may like:


What's new

• Open Mode.
• Pro Unlocked.

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