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ABBYY FineReader PDF is your first AI-powered smart mobile scanner for any type of documents.
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FineReader PDF Pro is an application that helps increase user productivity from ABBYY Mobile publisher. They have many years of experience in the field of application development on mobile platforms. So you can be sure about this app. In the meantime, you can easily download this app to your device via Google Play or the App Store for immediate use.

What is FineReader Pro?

Experts will use a special application such as FineReader Pro, a tool that helps to convert PDF files or images into text with high accuracy. It has many other effects in PDF file formats that I will discuss later.

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Features of FineReader Pro

FineReader Pro has 5 complete features. And any aspect, in my opinion, is useful to office workers as well.

The need for translation of human texts is growing, especially in the current context of the covid-19 epidemic. There have been a number of online activities, where paper documents are gradually being replaced by online documents that can be stored on multiple devices. However, ‘digital’ texts often come in a variety of formats. For example, PDF, txt, name, excel, etc. Therefore, a conversion app like FineReader Pro will help you get the job done faster.

Supports converting PDF files

Why PDF files? It is very convenient because the PDF format is very powerful, it can save all the information from the original file. Although very easy to read, PDF does not include many tools for users to edit directly. This means you need to convert it to other formats if you want to edit it.

FineReader Pro will help you do this faster. This application allows users to convert PDF files to other formats such as names easily. Thanks to OCR’s built-in technology, user-converted files will be more accurate and completely unchanged in the original version. Then you can easily edit, extract data or copy the document as you wish.

Scan documents easily

Not only that, but FineReader Pro also supports users to scan all data and automatically convert it into standard text. This feature allows users not to need to enter data available in the app. You just need to touch the screen to scan the document you want to convert. After the scanning is complete, the app will automatically notify you and provide different types of modifications, you just need to select the appropriate ones to proceed with the next task.

Back up and share more

After conversion, users can make a backup copy of their documents to other forums for easy data exchange. The data sharing function in FineReader Pro is widely used. You can send documents anytime, anywhere via social media, SMS, or Bluetooth.

In addition, the data synchronization feature on many different devices will help solve your task faster and easier than ever before. Just log in once, you will use this app permanently on many different devices.

Smooth interface, easy to use

A key feature of this application is support for document conversion and image scanning. So its interface is built in a simple way. Many features will be available on the big screen, distributed in different categories. Basically, players just need to touch the appropriate icon to be able to use the feature they want quickly.

Convert PDF files to Office formats

FineReader Pro is a program that uses integrated OCR technology, which helps you to convert PDF files, image files, and scanned files into organized files such as Word, and Excel, … After that, you can refer, edit, copy and share information easily.

Let’s talk a little bit about OCR. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. it is a technology for reading text in image files. It works according to the principle: scan the image and apply optical display effects to darken the characters and image points in the original file and output as letters or images in sequence. As a result, we get organized files.

Why do you need to convert PDF to text files?

As you know, PDF or image formats are a way of storing and transferring information while maintaining the original format of the original file and can be customized to make it more compact. PDF is easy to read, but it doesn’t treat you well if you want to edit it, comment on it, or need to extract information, especially for work and study.

Maybe sometimes people face a situation where a very interesting PDF file is very long and contains complex information but they do not know how to convert the best name or file for use and use. Can we just cut or cut to PDF? No, experts do not.

Is the received file accurate compared to the original?

Although OCR technology itself brings many good benefits, there are still some problems. One of them is relying too much on original quality. If the original image file has many different tracks other than the letter characters or has complex strands, when you read the file via OCR, it will come with small black marks. Depending on the configuration of the phone, this number of black markings may be higher or lower. If the real is high quality and has good repairs, the output will also be clearer.

The built-in OCR technology is the latest update, so the translated text is usually quite accurate compared to the original (except in cases where the actual is worse).

In addition, the application is also integrated with ADRT technology, which helps to maintain the layout, structure, format, and re-touch of all files after the conversion process. Important items such as size, font style, tables, diagrams, image details, headings, footer, page margins, footnotes, table of contents, and numbers, … are all kept the same and displayed almost perfectly.

Currently, OCR can scan and view documents in 193 languages ​​(including Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), and provide 12 output formats (docx, Xls, pdf, txt…).

Is it easy to export and share files?

Once the conversion is complete, you can download the file in various formats such as DOCX, ODT, RTF, XSLX, PPTX, HTML, EPUB, and FB2. This is easily done with the export tool in FineReader Pro.

Next, after converting the PDF file to a suitable format, you can easily share the completed file with colleagues and friends using the Share button directly linked to the first registered Gmail account. Or can be stored in Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Dropbox, or Yandex.Disk …

The same method is used when working with scanned files and images. Everything is very simple. You can use the camera, or phone to take a picture of any document you are interested in, then use FineReader Pro to process the snapshot once to ensure the file transfer efficiency, and select the key feature to convert that file into an edited document. . Everything is quick and easy. I remember that in the old days, I struggled a lot not knowing what to do.

A special feature is set to PDF files

In addition to the basic function of converting PDF files to images, FineReader Pro also enables users to perform various tasks in PDF file formats, such as:

  • Create a new PDF file
  • Edit in an existing PDF file
  • Organize PDF files• Set a password to protect PDF files

Download the free FineReader PDF Pro APK for Android

in addition to converting PDF files into text files, there are many other features of PDF files such as sharing, editing, exporting, and archiving … If you do normal office work on PDF files, do not forget to install this application on your phone.

If you are a frequent person who converts documents because of the nature of your work, FineReader Pro will be the most appropriate option. Although it is an app on mobile platforms, this app really brings some very powerful features. Don’t you believe it? Test yourself by downloading the app using the APK link given at the top of this page.


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